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World-Class Software Development Consultants

World-Class Software Development Consultants

Software development projects are multifaceted undertakings that must yield a product that complements business processes. In addition, the software development process can be lengthy and require significant financial resources.

As a result, businesses must partner with a custom software development company they can trust. How can software developers build trust? Transparency, honesty, and above all, quality software development services.

At Koombea, we proudly offer software development consulting services to help our partners make informed software development decisions. Our consultancy services are informed by our nearly two decades of experience as a software development company.

We intimately understand what goes into software and web development. So even if you don’t choose us to be your organization’s software developer, Koombea’s software consulting services will ensure your company makes the right technology decisions.

Our Software Development Consulting Services

Our Software Development Consulting Services

Koombea is more than just a software consulting company. We are a software and mobile app development company, which separates us from the other top software consulting companies. Our software consultants are intimately familiar with the software development life cycle.

Your company needs a software development consultant that not only has extensive knowledge and experience but also actively works on software projects. At Koombea, we assure you that you will get a world-class software consultant to explore your organization’s software and discuss technology options and software solutions most aligned with your business goals.

Take a closer look at the software consulting services Koombea can offer your organization:

Software Development Consulting

Is your business considering developing custom software? At Koombea, our consultants will work closely with your business to determine what solutions best meet all of your business needs and goals.

In addition, our team of consultants can help your organization assemble the right development team for the project and develop a detailed budget and timeline. Of course, if you choose to work with Koombea to develop your software, we will seamlessly transition from consulting to development.

Our team can help your organization navigate through all the complex decisions that come with software development, always using your business goals as the guiding principles for every decision and technology recommendation.

Software Architecture Assessment

Just because your organization already has software doesn’t mean software consulting services cannot be of value to your business. At Koombea, we can help your organization assess the architecture of its current software solutions.

Flaws in the architecture of your software can cause security and performance issues and limit your software’s scalability. The software consultants at Koombea will analyze the architecture of your software to find flaws and other errors that adversely impact your software.

We will develop a thorough plan to address the flaws and errors we have identified and walk your business through the benefits of correcting each issue.

Technology Stack Assessment

Is your current software and technology stack meeting the needs of your organization? If you are unsure if your needs are being fully addressed, they are likely not. However, Koombea’s software consultants can perform a thorough technology audit and analysis of your software stack.

Our consultants will create a detailed plan to address the issues found. For example, software migration, modernization, or even refactoring might be suggested to improve the performance of your software and ensure that it is fulfilling your organization’s needs in the most efficient manner.

Unless you have extensive experience with business software, creating an optimized software stack for your organization is difficult, especially since most solutions are added at different times as needs arise and technologies improve.

Our technology stack assessment will help your organization optimize its software and technologies to ensure they complement one another.

Business Process Assessment

Software and business processes are often closely related. A big part of software consulting is offering guidance on the business processes that are directly related to software. At Koombea, our skilled business consultants can take a close look at your processes and software to find inefficiencies that can be improved with the right software.

By implementing new software tools and workflow automation, your business can improve processes and operate more efficiently. However, it can be difficult to untangle all of these considerations while also running a business.

Koombea is here to help your business ensure that it is operating at its most efficient. Our software and business consultants will thoroughly analyze your software and business processes while you focus on the core competencies that make your business one of a kind.

Software Modernization

Software modernization is often a critical service for organizations with legacy software. However, if modernization efforts are not carefully planned and carried out, disruptions to critical business processes and operations can occur.

Our software modernization consulting services will help your business plan every phase of the modernization process to ensure that business operations are not disrupted during the process of modernization.

Software modernization can help your business maintain the value of its legacy software while positioning for the future. Our expert software consultants can help guide your business through every detail.

Software Solution Selection

Choosing the right software for your organization can be difficult since most of the top options do a good job of selling themselves. Koombea will handle the complexities of evaluating features and pricing plans from software vendors so you can feel confident about the software you are choosing.

In addition to evaluating the products offered by software vendors, we will also offer our expert opinion on each option and how closely it meets the needs of your business. Koombea is here to be your software consulting partner.

We will use our industry experience and knowledge of software to help your business choose the right solutions.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Cloud technology has revolutionized business processes and given organizations greater flexibility and control over computing costs. However, choosing the right cloud provider and services can be challenging, especially when you need to choose an option that works well with your current software and processes.

Koombea has expert cloud consultants that can help your business evaluate every cloud option and make a decision that is best suited to your organization’s software and IT infrastructure. Trust our industry experts to help you thoroughly evaluate and choose the best cloud options for your business.

DevOps Consulting

If your business wants to work more efficiently and remove barriers between development and operations teams, DevOps is an effective approach your company should consider. Implementing DevOps can be tricky if you don’t have experience with this methodology.

At Koombea, DevOps is at the heart of every project we develop. Our team of expert DevOps consultants can help your business understand the underlying principles of DevOps and illustrate the most effective ways to implement this approach in your business operations.

DevOps Consulting
IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Your business utilizes an array of technologies to get the job done and deliver high-quality services and products to its customers. All of your business’s software, devices, and technology solutions are interrelated. Therefore, optimized solutions are critical to the efficiency of your business operations.

Koombea is here to be your organization’s IT consulting partner. No matter what your technology needs are, Koombea has a team of experts that are ready to help your business address its IT needs.

From migrating databases to modernizing software and everything in between, at Koombea, we take the time to understand your business and its goals to ensure that its software, devices, and technology solutions are all contributing to the success of your organization.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain technology has made a significant impact on the modern technology landscape. Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrency, but there are several other use cases for this technology that businesses should consider.

If your organization is interested in utilizing blockchain technology, it needs an experienced partner to help guide it through all of the technical aspects. Koombea is here to be your blockchain consulting partner.

We will help you evaluate blockchain networks, smart contract code, the best business strategies for blockchain, and more. Blockchain is changing everything. Now is the time to start considering how your business can utilize this impressive technology. When you’re ready to implement blockchain technology, Koombea is here to help.

Blockchain Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting

Big data analysis is giving organizations greater insight into internal business operations and external market conditions. By implementing Business Intelligence tools, organizations can take the data they collect and draw actionable insights from it to improve business performance and outcomes.

Choosing the right Business Intelligence solution and implementing it into your existing data processes requires technical expertise. Koombea can help your business revolutionize its data processing efforts and help it improve the decision-making process with intelligent business tools.

If your business is ready to unlock the potential of its data, Koombea can help you choose the right Business Intelligence solution and implement it into your organization’s data processes. Discover what the power of intelligent data analysis tools can do for your business.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Is your organization’s IT infrastructure operating at its most efficient? Keeping all of your organization’s software, devices, and network operating at peak performance requires regular maintenance and optimization. Koombea has a team of expert consultants that can help your business optimize its IT infrastructure.

Whether your organization uses a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure, Koombea can help you ensure that it is operating at optimal performance levels. In addition, we can help you choose the best infrastructure approach for your organizational goals and needs.

Many businesses are turning to cloud infrastructure solutions, but maybe an on-premise or hybrid IT infrastructure better suits the needs of your business. Koombea will help you evaluate all of your options and optimize your current IT infrastructure to promote efficiency and performance.

Startup IT Consulting

Startups face unique technology challenges, and while many companies offer IT services to startups, many don’t fully understand the IT needs and difficulties startups face. Koombea is proud to work with startups to meet their IT needs.

We have spent nearly two decades helping startups get the technology they need to grow and meet their goals. Koombea’s IT consultants will work closely with your startup to help it implement the right IT infrastructure to promote growth and business success.

If your startup needs help with its IT needs, choose an IT consulting partner that has in-depth experience working closely with startups like Koombea.

Enterprise IT Consulting

Large enterprises face an entirely different set of IT challenges that startups and SMBs do not have to deal with. As a result, your enterprise needs to hire an IT consultant with experience at the scale of a large enterprise.

At Koombea, we have worked with large enterprises to help them optimize and update their IT infrastructure. We understand the complexities associated with enterprise IT, and we are capable of meeting these challenges and delivering expert advice and guidance to help your enterprise meet its IT goals.

Koombea: A Technology Consultant for All Your Needs

Technology Consultant

Technology is critical to modern business. If you don’t move fast enough or adopt the right tech solutions, it is easy to be left behind by the competition. At Koombea, we understand that you don’t always have time to focus on the latest technology advancements when you are operating a business.

We are here to help your business stay on top of all the latest advancements and tools, so you can focus on the core competencies that make your business special. No matter what tech needs your organization has, Koombea has an expert that can help your organization navigate the technical challenges and find success.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007. We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as an industry leader and top software development and design company.

Modern organizations rely on software for nearly every aspect of operations. As a result, choosing the right software solutions is critical to success. At Koombea, we have worked closely with businesses of all sizes to ensure that their technology needs complement their business operations.

If you want to discuss any aspect of your organization’s technology with an experienced development team and business analyst, schedule a free consultation with one of our software development experts. We would love to learn more about your business and walk you through our wide range of software development and consulting services.