We manage projects with agile methodology

We address the biggest risks your next software development project will face. Our custom agile process keeps your project on budget. We code to very high standards and test continuously, which creates easy to maintain, high quality software.

Our incremental development approach allows you to hit even aggressive timelines. Our deeply skilled UX/UI designers, Ruby on Rails developers, mobile engineers and product managers have a track record of delivering on strategically important initiatives.

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Results for Innovative SaaS Companies



Wellmatch needed a skilled agile development partner to turn their MVP into a mature product that combined dozens of disparate data sources into a simple, engaging user experience.

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Client Successes

Summer Paul

My team at Samsung loves working with Koombea because their front and back end code is clean, UX designs are fresh, and they can take on whatever work that you need.  I want them all to myself, but their amazing work ethic has earned my strongest recommendation. They have integrated backend technology that was super complex and in alpha states, made updates as technology evolved, and tested well.  Koombea is my go to team for a home run on pretty much anything I need.

Summer Paul Product Manager Samsung

Apps and Strategy for Startups

Green behind

Apps and Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies

If you are a SaaS company, you need to develop your idea or minimum viable product (MVP) into an innovative product while managing time constraints and constantly changing requirements.

Our expertise with Ruby on Rails, front end development, product validation, and agile development can help you ship a better product to your early market. Whether you need a mobile app, web application, or marketing site, we are the ideal partner for your journey from idea to growth.

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