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Koombea - New York

Mobile App Development: New York City

Mobile App Development: New York City

Start spreading the news: Koombea is the New York City mobile app development company that has everything you need to build an iOS app or Android app through a custom software development process. However, we excel at more than just Android or iPhone app development.

At Koombea, our skilled mobile app developers are capable of building a vast range of mobile solutions, including cross-platform apps, Progressive Web Apps, and hybrid apps. No matter what your app development project calls for, we have the app development talent for the job.

Most mobile app development companies specialize in a specific app development area such as Android app development. Koombea is more than a mobile application development company. We are a full-service custom software development company.

To find the right app development company in New York, NY, look for a team of app developers that can build any custom software your business needs to delight users and outpace the competition.

Web and Mobile App Development in New York

NYC isn't just the city that never sleeps. It is also a dynamic place where many startup ventures take place. Whether you are looking for the right product manager for your project, a strategic business partner, or an experienced app developer we are fully prepared to take on the challenge.

Our team of experienced app developers is capable of building a powerful digital product to surpass the expectations of even the most demanding audience. We offer a full spectrum of web and mobile app design and development services in the New York area. That's why we are fully prepared to meet your app's demands.

If you want to build digital solutions using the latest technologies, Koombea is the best app development company in New York because we have over a decade of mobile and web development experience. Plus, we offer project management and post-launch support services for all web and mobile applications we build.

App Development Services

We understand that software development is at the heart of any ambitious business endeavor. No matter the industry you are in, you can make use of our Agile app development process to satisfy user demands.

Our services cover the entire product lifecycle:

Cellphone with Mails

Mobile App Development

No matter the industry, make use of our mobile app development services and offer your users an engaging and seamless experience across a number of devices. The best mobile app developers build more than successful apps. They help craft a thorough digital strategy through mobile app development.

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Website Design and Development

Build a fully customized and easy to use website or web app that reflects your brand. Deliver a powerful web User Experience (UX) and improve your key business metrics. While mobile users are dominating the Internet, web design and development is still vital to any organization that wants to develop immersive digital products.

UX Icon

User Interface (UI) Design

Whatever your digital product is, it will surely need a powerful interface that ensures a memorable interaction with users. Through our UI design process you can be sure that users will be engaged. If your organization wants to create digital products that delight clients worldwide, UI design is critical.

App in Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Cross-Platform Development

Building an app for iOS and Android will guarantee you reach a wide audience. Find out more about our React Native mobile apps and learn why they might be what you are looking for. Don't limit your mobile app to just the App or Google Play Store. Cross-platform development ensures that your app can reach anyone with a smartphone.

Desktop with Shopping Cart

Custom eCommerce User Interface

All great sales platforms have one thing in common: a customer experience tailored to your target. We understand this, that's why we first understand your business requirements and then we build on that to reach your audience.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Automation is the key to the future. Implement powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms and gain in efficiency and productivity. AI features are trending in custom software development. You don't need to be a technology company to utilize this modern technology.

a Bug

Quality Assurance (QA)

Address bugs before your users come in touch with them. Through our continuous testing and prevention-first approach you will save time and money while avoiding many headaches. Our QA services can help your organization find and eliminate bugs and errors before they lead to costly issues and a poor User Experience.

Infinite Cicles


Optimize your information architecture through our DevOps best practices. This will help you build a cloud-based app that is both secure and uses computing resources efficiently. DevOps is a vital part of our app development approach and it promotes greater efficiency.

Staff People

IT Staff Augmentation

If you are just looking to expand your existing IT team, you've landed in the right place. We are fully prepared to give you a hand with your project through our collaborative team members. Sometimes your project requires additional talent. Koombea can help your business find the talent it needs to complete its projects.


Other App Development Services

Don’t see what you are looking for? Visit our services page or contact us. One of our experts will help you find out how you can build that amazing app.

About Koombea

We are a top NY app development company with over 15 years of experience and more than +1000 projects in our portfolio. Thanks to our custom Agile development methodology, we are fully prepared to take on your project no matter the industry you are in.

Don't worry about finding the right programming languages or development technologies. Our team of technology agnostic software developers is fully prepared to take on any software requirement you have. Together with our award-winning designers, we are ready to build the digital product you envision.

Partnerships and Certifications

One of Our Partnerships and Certifications, CAT

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