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Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud solutions have changed the way organizations do business, but if you want to get the most out of cloud computing, you need the expert guidance and technical knowledge of cloud consulting services. In addition, implementing the right cloud environment to fully realize your organizational needs requires experience and technical expertise.

Koombea has been providing consulting services for over a decade. Our teams have worked extensively with all major cloud providers, and we are proud to be AWS partners. Are you ready to design and implement a winning cloud strategy?

Our cloud consultants will ensure that your organization is set up for cloud success. From cloud adoption and cloud migration to private cloud development, Koombea is here to guide you through every step of your cloud journey.

Cloud Consulting Services Company

Koombea is proud to offer consultation and managed services for all things cloud computing. We know how valuable and transformative cloud services can be to your business, and we want to make sure that your organization has the cloud solutions to set you up for success. Our consultants work closely with your business and our team of business analysts to design a cloud strategy that helps your business accomplish its goals.

Koombea is not like other consultancy companies. We take the time to truly understand your business, operations, industry, market, and target audience so that the strategies we design are tailored specifically to meet your needs. There are a wide variety of different cloud services available, including private and public cloud options. When you’re ready to work with cloud consultants that will deliver cloud success, Koombea is here to be your cloud partner.


The Benefits of Cloud Consulting Services

The business benefits of employing cloud consultants should be apparent. When you work with Koombea, we strive to ensure that your organization not only understands but sees the benefits of our services. Koombea’s services can benefit your business in the following ways:


Optimized Costs

Cloud computing can quickly become unaffordable if your business is not adequately using the resources you pay for. If you want to control your monthly costs and ensure that the cloud services you pay for actually get used, work with our consultants. Our team will help your business choose a cloud provider that best meets your unique needs. Plus, we will regularly run performance tests to ensure your cloud resources are always being used at optimal levels.

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Stronger Security

Data security is an issue that every business should be concerned about. Cloud services offer their customers a certain amount of protection, but it is simply not enough to completely protect your business in the event of an attack. Cloud services can help your business confidently secure your data no matter what cloud platform you use. Don’t take a chance with the reputation of your brand. If you want to feel confident that your business is taking every precaution possible with its sensitive data, partner with a cloud consulting company like Koombea.

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Simpler, Cost-Effective Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be a complex and costly process. Trying to handle cloud migration on your own can lead to significant errors and overwork. Working with consultants eases the migration process. Koombea provides in-depth migration strategies for every application and database you want to migrate. Our cloud services will help you migrate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Improved Development

Cloud app development is gaining traction because of its many benefits. If your business wants to use the cloud in development, our consultants can help you implement a DevOps approach and build a cloud environment best suited to your needs. Discover the power of cloud development, and spend more time writing the code that makes your product unique and less time working with boilerplate code.

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Cloud services are far more reliable than the alternatives. However, even the cloud can have reliability issues if the architecture is not designed properly. Cloud services ensure that your cloud environment is fault-tolerant. In the event that your cloud services go down, working with consultants ensures that your data and applications are recovered quickly to limit the potential loss incurred by your business.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Now that you are more familiar with the benefits of working with cloud consultants, learn more about the services offered at Koombea. We want to be your technology services partner.

Cloud Optimization

Is your business getting the most out of its cloud services? Our consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your current cloud computing services. We will review the IT environment architecture and design of your cloud to look for inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and other pain points. Our team of cloud experts can help your business reduce cloud costs, improve integrations with other systems, and ensure that resources are being used appropriately.

Cloud Migration

Is your business ready to migrate its applications or databases to the cloud? Koombea can help you through every step of the cloud migration journey. Our consultants will help your organization choose the cloud platform that best meets your needs and design a migration strategy for your digital assets. Our services will ensure that your organization employs the most cost-effective cloud migration strategy available.

Cloud Architecture

The architecture of your cloud services has a significant impact on performance and reliability. Our cloud consultants have years of experience designing and implementing winning cloud architectures. Koombea can review your cloud architecture, ensure all of your integrations are functioning properly, and make detailed cloud architecture recommendations based on our experience and your goals. We can also help your business design a cloud architecture for your app, database, or hybrid infrastructure.

Cloud Security

At Koombea, security is at the core of everything we do because we know breaches can be financially costly and irreparably damage your brand image. If you’re concerned with the security of your cloud solutions, Koombea can help you ensure that your organization is taking every available cloud security measure. You can’t completely rely on the security measures provided by your chosen cloud service provider. Work with Koombea’s consultants and rest easy knowing that your business is protected in the event of a cyberattack.

Some of the Brands that Trust Us

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007, including cloud-based solutions. We have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as an industry leader and top software development and design company.

Is your business interested in taking full advantage of everything cloud computing services have to offer? We would love to learn more about your business, operations, and current cloud environment. Contact us today to speak with an experienced cloud consultant about your needs. Koombea wants to be your business’s cloud consulting services partner.