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Optimize Enterprise eCommerce Experiences with Shopify Plus

Our expertise as a mobile and web app development partner allows us to set up, customize, and integrate your site so that it runs seamlessly.

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We recommend Shopify Plus to high volume merchants and large businesses that require a global, scalable, and adaptable eCommerce platform.

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Why Work with Us?

Whether you’re upgrading to Shopify Plus, setting up an online store for the first time, or in need of new integrations with other technologies, Koombea is here to help!

We can help set up your first online store.

We enable integrations with custom-built or non-standard warehouse management software.

We create unique template designs.

We're adept at developing interconnected fabrics between disparate systems.

We facilitate deep integrations with existing ERP and CRM systems.

We have a proven track record of creating top notch eCommerce UX/UI.

We create native mobile experiences connected to your Shopify experience.

We build customized checkout experiences through our checkout.liquid template.

We enable integrations with a wide variety of innovative technologies.

We are bilingual! Our team speaks both English and Spanish!

Our Work

At Koombea, our priority is to understand our clients’ business needs, and to help them overcome their technical challenges so that they can succeed. We work with an Agile Methodology that allows us to be perfectly synced with our clients, and to deliver projects on time through effective development sprints.

We helped Do it Center boost revenue via a new eCommerce platform.

The eCommerce platform enabled Do it Center to modernize its business by seamlessly integrating online and offline retail experiences, and it has boosted their bottom line.


We performed an eCommerce website overhaul for EPK that led to increased sales and conversion rates.

With the new website came an updated, more intuitive UX/UI, a new payment gateway with an enhanced checkout experience, improved invoicing systems, and more.

We’ve developed successful applications for a variety of verticals including Retail.


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We develop unique, custom eCommerce platforms from scratch to meet your requirements.