Here at Koombea, we take standards seriously. Our web development team uses internationally recognized standards for the world wide web (also known as W3C), as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. We use their rulebook to define if our markup (code) is well-written or poorly written.

We write our HTML5, CSS and Javascript making sure the code we write and websites we build will pass W3C validation tests without errors, and our syntax and “grammar” is correct.

Why is this so important? If the code is low quality, the chances of a website breaking as browsers update are higher. Also in many cases, the load-speed could increase. We believe in providing value to our clients, and what good is a website that breaks a few months later or takes too long to load?

Javascript Experts

With more than a decade of experience building apps, we have learned how to skillfully use the latest technologies (React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Ionic, Redux, Node JS, D3), mixed with tools such as Preload, Prefetch and Web Workers, to be able to build web applications that feel native.

We are going one step further by using technologies that help us code better, even if they are not supported by some browsers. In those cases, we use Babel and Webpack to translate the new code.

Nothing can stop us when quality is our mantra.