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Shopify Development Services

Shopify Development Services

Shopify development services can help your business take advantage of everything one of the leading eCommerce platforms has to offer. If you want to build an online store for your business that truly shines and reaches the largest possible audience, Shopify is one of the most popular options.

At Koombea, we are proud to be Shopify Plus Partners. Our shopify web development services extend way beyond Shopify store setup. As a leading shopify development company, we can help you build custom solutions that combine all of the benefits of custom software development and the power of the Shopify platform.

If you want to outpace your competition and provide real value to your customers, your organization should consider custom Shopify development seriously. Work with an experienced development partner to bring your Shopify ecommerce store to life in ways you never imagined.

A Shopify eCommerce Development Company

Koombea is proud to be a Shopify Plus Partner. Our team has been building world-class Shopify stores and eCommerce solutions for over a decade. What makes us unique is we are more than just a Shopify development company. Koombea is a full-service software development company with experience building websites, web apps, native mobile apps, cross-platform apps, and so much more.

We believe our experience and wealth of development knowledge make our team the perfect partner to help you build the Shopify store of your dreams. Shopify is a great platform with many built-in capabilities that make creating an online store easy for just about anyone. However, to truly realize the potential of everything this platform has to offer your business, you need expert Shopify developers to help you create custom themes, apps, integrations, and more.

Our team of developers and designers does more than just help you build custom Shopify ecommerce solutions that match your brand identity. We help you build an eCommerce solution that meets the needs of your business, we ensure that your Shopify website looks great on every platform and device from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones, and we ensure that your Shopify store seamlessly integrates with your business operations and tools.

If you’re ready to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded eCommerce market, get custom Shopify development from a leading Shopify web development company. At Koombea, we work hard to get to know what makes your business unique, who your target audience is, and how the top companies in your industry perform. We take a holistic approach to development to set our partners up for long-term success.

Our Shopify Development Services

If you’re familiar with the Shopify platform, you might think that Shopify development services refer to building an online store or customizing elements of the theme. While these development services are important, they are far from the only Shopify services that we offer at Koombea. We pride ourselves on offering full-service Shopify development. What does that mean? At Koombea, that means no matter what challenge, issue, or desire you have with your Shopify store, our team of developers will be there to provide the service you require.

Whether you want to build a new store, update your current store, migrate from or to another platform, the Shopify team at Koombea is here to help your business accomplish that and so much more. Take a look at some of our most popular Shopify services below.

Shopify Website Development

Does your business need to build an eCommerce store to sell your products online? Our team of Shopify developers can build your business a first-class online store using the feature-rich Shopify platform. Combine the expertise of our web development team with the intuitive interface of the Shopify platform to create a website that looks great and is easy to manage.

Our Shopify website development services will take your store from initial concept to finished product in a collaborative environment that allows your organization to share input and ensure that your online store matches your brand identity. If you want your Shopify store to stand out from the competition, work with a Shopify web development company with experience building more than just Shopify websites.

Shopify Theme Development

Your Shopify theme is the design and interface of your online store. Businesses that want to stand out and deliver a great User Experience choose custom Shopify theme development. Shopify offers users several free and premium themes to choose from for their store. However, even if you pay for a premium theme, you won’t get the level of customization that comes with working with a Shopify developer.

Pre-built themes are like a one-size-fits-all solution, whereas custom theme development is like a finely tailored suit built to fit your business perfectly. At Koombea, our team of developers can build a Shopify theme for your business that captures your brand identity and delivers a User Experience that impresses and delights your shoppers.

At Koombea, we have a world-class design and development team. Put our team's vast knowledge and experience to good use and build a custom Shopify theme that will leave your competition behind.

Shopify Theme Customization

Do you want to customize the current Shopify theme you are using? Even if your business didn’t choose to build a custom theme when you launched your ecommerce store, you could still customize your current theme to improve your eCommerce store's design and User Interface. Koombea has a dedicated team of Shopify developers ready to help your business customize your theme.

As businesses grow, needs change. When you first started selling products using Shopify, building a custom theme might not have been in the budget or even on your radar. However, now you are ready to invest in custom theme development, but you don’t want to start from scratch or make large, drastic changes to your store. Our Shopify theme customization service can help your business improve the look and feel of your store and add new features and functionalities.

If you want to improve your existing Shopify theme, work with developers who know how to build custom themes. Koombea will help your organization improve your current theme to match your current needs.

Shopify App Development

Many of the high-end features available on Shopify are powered by Shopify apps. For example, there are apps for SEO, easy product uploading, blog posts, website page management, and so much more. Just like themes, Shopify offers businesses a myriad of free and premium apps to download and purchase on their store. However, if you have specific needs for your business processes, you might have difficulty finding Shopify apps on the store that meet your needs.

Don’t worry; your business can partner with a Shopify web development company, like Koombea, that can build you custom Shopify apps. First, our team of developers will work closely with your business to understand what functionalities and features your online store needs. Then, we can build Shopify apps with custom features tailored to fit your specific workflows.

Shopify is a powerful platform, but sometimes the exact functionality you need is unavailable. Custom Shopify app development allows businesses to create the custom functions they need to succeed.

Shopify Integrations

Most organizations use multiple software tools to track their tasks, manage costs, and execute their strategy. To be at your most efficient, your tools and systems must communicate with one another. At Koombea, we understand the importance of having a unified IT environment, especially when running an eCommerce store. Therefore, we offer Shopify integration services to help businesses integrate Shopify with other tools such as CRM, ERP, and payment gateways.

Your business can automate communications between Shopify and your other software with the proper integration. Ultimately, integration will drastically simplify order processing, inventory tracking, fulfillment, billing, refunds, and more. Shopify is a powerful platform, but your business will need to use other software tools, especially if you want to grow.

Shopify integration ensures that your software works seamlessly with your Shopify store. Save your business time and money by investing in integration services. At Koombea, we specialize in building turn-key integration solutions that simplify and automate several key business processes.

Shopify Migration

Is your business ready to move from your existing website or platform to Shopify? Does your business want to move off of Shopify and onto a custom eCommerce website? Migration is one of the trickiest tasks to accomplish on your own. You don’t want to lose important information or spend an inordinate amount of time manually moving every piece of data from one website to another. If you’re ready to make a change, your company needs migration services.

In our experience, most businesses realize they want to move to Shopify, but even if you want to move off Shopify, our team of Shopify experts is here to help your migration process go smoothly. eCommerce stores have a lot more content and pages than most websites, making migration difficult and time-consuming.

If you want to be confident that all of your pages, products, and data will be migrated, work with a team of Shopify experts. At Koombea, we have helped several businesses successfully migrate to Shopify. We know what goes into migration and what to expect throughout the process. The last thing your business needs is to lose vital information or have to recreate pages after an unsuccessful migration.

Shopify Store Maintenance and Support

A Shopify store, like any website or app, requires ongoing support and maintenance to ensure long-term health and success. Koombea is proud to offer Shopify support and maintenance services. We offer dedicated support for any issue your store might have. Not only will we be there the moment an issue arises, but we will also perform ongoing maintenance to limit the likelihood that any issues arise.

At Koombea, we take a partner approach to all of our Shopify development services. If you want to make changes to your store or an issue pops up that affects your operations, we want to be there to help. You’ll find there are a lot of different Shopify support services available. However, many of them won’t provide the level of attention and detail you will find when you partner with Koombea.

Koombea: Certified Shopify Plus Partner

Back in 2016, Shopify launched the Shopify Plus Partner program. Being recognized as a Shopify Plus Partner is a distinction that is respected globally in the eCommerce industry. Shopify doesn’t recognize every development company as a Shopify Plus Partner. Membership in this exclusive program is reserved for development companies that illustrate expertise using the platform to develop custom solutions for high-growth businesses.

Since 2018, Koombea has been recognized as a Shopify Plus Partner, and we could not be prouder. If your business wants to deliver a powerful online shopping experience through an easy-to-use sales channel, build a Shopify store and partner with an experienced development partner that has been recognized as a Shopify Plus Partner.

Shopify Plus Partner

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Why Koombea?

Besides being Shopify Plus Partners, there are several good reasons why your business should partner with Koombea for your Shopify development needs, including:


Dedicated Project Manager

Too many development companies complicate the communication process. When you partner with Koombea, you get a dedicated project manager that will act as a single point of contact for your business. Of course, you will also meet the development team working on your Shopify store, but when you have issues, concerns, or other important things to communicate, you have a dedicated project manager that you can contact.



eCommerce businesses know better than most that scalability is crucial to success. At Koombea, we will deliver a scalable Shopify store that is ready to meet the demands of your business. Failure to meet consumer demand can result in lost business and lost market share to your competitors. Build a scalable eCommerce store on Shopify with Koombea.

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Efficient Development

At Koombea, we understand time is of the essence. We help businesses build and launch Shopify stores in an efficient manner. We have years of Shopify development experience. Our team won’t rush through a project because this leads to mistakes, but we can promise that our development process is efficient. At Koombea, we practice DevOps combined with our own Agile methodology of software development. Our development team applies the same principles from our custom software development process to Shopify development to deliver efficient development services.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007. We have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as a Shopify Plus Partner and a top app development and design company.

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally. We have been building custom Shopify stores for over a decade, for high-growth eCommerce companies, startups, and everything in between. We would love to learn more about your business, operations, and current eCommerce needs. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Shopify developer about your vision and needs. Koombea wants to be your business’s Shopify development services partner.