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Laravel Tech Stack

What Is Laravel?


Laravel is an open-source PHP web application development framework initially developed by Taylor Otwell and released in 2011. The driving philosophy behind Laravel is to remove the common pain points associated with web development and ease common development tasks so that web development is an enjoyable, creative, and fulfilling experience for developers.

The Laravel team believes that happy developers write the best code. This philosophy is inspired by similar work done by another popular development framework called Ruby on Rails. Common web development tasks such as caching, routing, and authentication can cause developers a lot of frustration. These tasks are simpler to accomplish in Laravel without sacrificing the overall functionality of the web application.

Laravel takes pride in its expressive, elegant syntax. While this PHP framework is easily accessible for any developer with knowledge of PHP, it is also very powerful and more than capable of creating large, robust web applications.

At Koombea, we believe development must be done with passion and creativity in order to create the best possible products. Laravel is one of our development team’s favorite PHP frameworks because it actively encourages creativity and it offers powerful web development solutions.

A few of the other advantages of Laravel are:

Laravel can be used in a number of different web development projects. Thanks to the framework’s extensive libraries and support for a large number of advanced features, Laravel can be used to create just about any type of web application or website, from a large eCommerce website to a sleek, professional B2B website.

Web development is a very crucial part of modern business. At Koombea, we know how important it is for your business to have a quality web application or website. Our development team uses Laravel because it is effective at creating a wide variety of different web applications, and it makes the development process fun and more creative.

The Benefits of Laravel

There are a number of reasons why developers choose to use this web application framework. We can’t speak for everyone else, but at Koombea, our development team chooses to use Laravel because we value:

Good Performance Laravel


Laravel offers developers support for website caching without the need for additional tools or plugins. Most web application frameworks don’t support caching without the aid of additional tools. Caching is great for boosting the speed of your website, which is not only important for SEO, but it is also an important part of a good User Experience.

Besides support for caching, Laravel also makes database indexing and memory use reduction easy for developers to implement. All of these efforts increase the speed and performance of your website.

Our team has seen how important speed and performance can be to a website’s ultimate success. If your business can’t deliver the speedy online experience that users are expecting and are used to getting, you will likely lose users and potential customers.



Laravel is a great PHP framework for businesses that expect and want to grow their web traffic. Compared to other web application frameworks, Laravel is able to handle web requests much faster.

Laravel utilizes its own unique message queue system that allows certain web tasks to be put off until a later time in order to handle more pressing requests. Controlling the flow of time-consuming tasks allows Laravel to process requests quickly. This not only creates a great, fast User Experience on your website, but it can also help you potentially lower your server costs in the long run.

Laravel Security


Security is a major concern for businesses today. Laravel gives developers the ability to easily configure advanced security features to ensure that important data does not get compromised or fall into the wrong hands.

Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm, so no passwords are ever saved in the database of your website. Laravel also has an ORM called Eloquent which protects against SQL injections when used correctly. Plus, Laravel makes it easy to create high-level restricted access features on your website.

At Koombea, we put a high premium on security features. Laravel delivers powerful, easy to configure security tools that can be added to any web application.

Laravel Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations

Web development relies on third-party integrations, or APIs, in order to deliver the modern web experience users have grown accustomed to. Laravel makes integrating third-party apps and APIs very easy for developers. The odds are good that your website will require integration, so it is important to use a web application framework that makes integrating third-party tools easy.

Is Laravel Right for Your Next Project?

Laravel is a great web application framework, so if you are trying to build a website using PHP, this is a good option. There are instances where Laravel might not be the best technology choice for your web development project, and it is important to weigh your options and make a choice that best suits your needs.

When you partner with Koombea for your development project, you will get more than just a team of web developers. You get a partner who will take the time to understand your project, industry, and business and help you make the technology decisions that best suit your needs and goals.

Contact our team today to speak with a developer about your project. We are excited to learn more about your business and your ideas.

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