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Wordpress Tech Stack

What Is WordPress?

PHP Core

WordPress development is one of the most popular web development choices in the world. WordPress is an open-source website builder and content management system written in PHP. It was initially introduced in 2003 and gained popularity as a blog publishing system. Since these simple beginnings, WordPress websites have evolved to include many other types of web content, including membership websites, eCommerce stores, and more.

While there are other powerful, free website building packages such as Joomla and Drupal, they require technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. WordPress allows experienced web developers to write HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. It also allows beginners to build websites with little to no technical knowledge of programming languages or web development.

WordPress is flexible, powerful, and user-friendly which is why it is such a popular choice in web development. At Koombea, we have a team of expert WordPress developers who love to create websites using WordPress because:

Web development is an essential service modern businesses require. No matter what type of business you operate, a well-designed website can help you attract more customers and stay engaged with your target audience. WordPress websites are great because they can be anything that your business needs.

The Benefits of WordPress

The benefits of having a WordPress website are numerous. We use WordPress to create websites because it gives our WordPress developers the ability to create custom solutions for our partners. Additionally, WordPress sites are great for web developers and businesses alike because they are:

Wordpress is User-Friendly


WordPress allows web developers to flex their technical skills and build completely custom themes and plugins. It makes this process easy for expert WordPress developers, but what makes WordPress really stand out is that it can easily be used by someone with little or no technical knowledge.

This is an extremely important facet of WordPress. It gives businesses the ability to make their own additions or minor changes to the website without needing to be proficient in programming. For example, if you have an eCommerce website, you’ll likely want to be able to change pricing, add sales banners, add new items, add blogs, etc., without having to enlist the aid of WordPress development services every time you want to do so.

Wordpress is Flexible


Flexibility is always a valuable asset in the modern business world. Things change fast, and your business needs to be able to move quickly to meet modern demands and standards. WordPress websites are great because they are flexible. WordPress can be used to run any type of website you can imagine.

Plus, since there is a large community of WordPress developers and development services, there are a ton of different themes and plugins that you can quickly install to change layouts or add functionality to your website.

At Koombea, we know how quickly priorities can change. We use WordPress to create websites because flexibility is important to our partners and modern web development standards.

Wordpress is High-Ranking


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Besides having a good-looking and seamlessly functioning website you’ll also want a website that ranks well in search engines.

WordPress websites tend to rank well because there are a lot of trusted WordPress developers who create SEO friendly themes. Plus, WordPress makes it easy to optimize any website for SEO with a number of different tools and plugins that easily allow users to optimize individual pages for select keywords and more.

Mobile Responsive Wordpress

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive web design is crucial today because the majority of all Internet users are accessing websites through mobile browsers. Additionally, Google and other search engines have prioritized mobile in terms of search rank. If your website doesn’t function well on a mobile screen, you won’t rank well and your users will abandon your website in frustration.

At Koombea, we know how important mobile responsive web development is. WordPress themes and plugins help make any website look and perform great on a mobile device. You can’t afford to provide a poor mobile experience on your website. If you get a great theme, WordPress websites look great on all screen sizes and help ensure that you consistently deliver a high-quality User Experience.

Is WordPress Right for Your Next Project?

WordPress is a great option for any kind of website you could want to build. Whether you choose to work with a WordPress development company like us or try to make a website on your own, WordPress gives you the ability to be as complex as you want.

For more detailed web development projects you will likely need a team of expert WordPress developers in order to accomplish your goals and create a website that is secure and performs well.

When you choose to work with Koombea, you get a development partner who will take the time to understand your project, business, and industry. We will help you make the right development decisions based on your unique needs.

Contact our team to speak with an expert WordPress developer today about your WordPress website or idea. We are excited to learn more about your business and your project.

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