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Augment Your Staff With Our Team

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We understand that sometimes your project requires people with specific skills. With Koombea’s staff augmentation services, you can be sure that you’ll find a flexible solution to what you need.

Flexibility Is Key

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Most tech companies only offer full-time equivalents for staff augmentation services. This is not the case with Koombea. We want your project to hire only what it needs.

Through our discovery process, we help you determine if your project has the right time estimations at no additional cost. That way you can be sure you’ll hire only what’s needed.

Koombea’s Staff Augmentation Services

Most companies looking to augment their staff want to accelerate their pace, round out teams, or rescue a troubled project. Whatever your situation is, making the right decision is crucial. With Koombea you can be sure that you’ll pick the best choice.

Discover Your Real Needs

Our discovery process is led by a team of highly experienced business analysts. They can help you determine with great precision what your project’s needs are. This will help you hire only what you need, saving lots of money along the way.

Experience Guaranteed

Staffing agencies hire professionals based on what a client needs. This often ends in problems due to poor work references.

At Koombea you can be sure that our tech experts have the right skills and experience. We only suggest professionals from our team who have been working with us for a considerable amount of time and whose work has been validated.

Your Goal Is Our Goal

We understand the importance of completing your project. That’s why our goal is for you to get work done with the right amount of people and hours. Our team of senior engineers is there to support you.

Why Koombea?

At Koombea we have over 14 years of experience building great software products for all sorts of clients. We understand the importance of having the right people work on the right tasks. Through our custom Agile development, our team members have been highly trained to perfectly integrate within any team.

Some of the Brands that Trust Us

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