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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business intelligence consulting services help you unleash the power of data science and deliver actionable insights to make smarter decisions and achieve your business goals. Just because you have data analytics tools doesn’t mean you create value for your business.

Our consultants can help your organization create value from all of your data sources. Industry leaders worldwide are learning how valuable business intelligence (BI) services are to their data management efforts. However, developing and designing a powerful BI solution on your own is difficult.

Look for skilled and passionate experts that will work closely with your company to create a custom BI solution that will meet your data needs and drive value. Koombea has a dedicated team of business intelligence consultants that can help transform your data collection efforts and generate actionable insights.

Koombea: A Business Intelligence Consulting Company

At Koombea, we are proud to offer BI consulting services. However, we are more than just expert BI consultants. Koombea is a full-service software development company that works with large enterprises, early-stage startups, and companies of all sizes. We believe that our software development experience and technical expertise add value to our BI consulting services.

For one, we have a team of skilled development professionals that can build custom BI solutions using the latest technologies and tools. Additionally, our experience designing and developing software requires close collaboration with businesses to create solutions that meet their unique needs. At Koombea, we value collaboration, and we strive to create solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our partners.

Delivering quality BI strategies requires collaboration and, most importantly, the ability to listen and understand business partners' needs. For over a decade, we have been honing and developing our technical and soft skills to deliver value to our business partners. Business intelligence consulting is a newer service born out of the rapid evolution of data analysis tools.

However, we have a lot of experience designing and building high-end data analytics solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. This experience is a natural fit for the emerging demand for business intelligence.

If your business is ready to fully unleash the potential and power of your data, it is time to consider business intelligence. With a dedicated team of developers and consultants, Koombea can help your company design and develop a powerful BI solution that offers customized BI dashboards, delivers actionable insights, and helps drive your company’s profits.

The world is rapidly changing, and data analytics is at the forefront of the digital revolution helping companies make smarter, more strategic, and sustainable decisions. Don’t get left behind by your competitors. Instead, invest in business intelligence and transform your data.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions

At Koombea, we offer a large selection of business intelligence consulting services and solutions. Our skilled consultants will work closely with your business to guide you through any questions or concerns you may have and help you develop a powerful business intelligence solution for your processes. Our business intelligence services include:

Data Analytics for Business

Most businesses collect a lot of data from several different sources. To gain valuable insights, companies have to collect data from a collection of tools and systems. However, many businesses run into issues because their data sources are siloed. To get full insights, your company must be able to view all of its data in one place.

At Koombea, we can help you integrate your disparate data sources into a single stream. Possessing a single, cohesive data source will make your teams more efficient. For example, instead of piecing together reports from multiple tools and systems, your decision-makers can view key data in one place and generate key insights into your operations and processes.

To truly leverage the power of your data and gain insights that give your business the ability to make strategic, competitive decisions, you need a custom BI solution. Koombea can help your organization create a solution built to deliver valuable data insights.

Mobile Intelligence

We live in a mobile-first world. Modern businesses operate on the go, and workforces are dispersed or even remote. If you want to keep up in a fast-paced environment, your company needs to harness the power of mobile intelligence solutions. Decision-makers might not always have access to a computer, but if they can access the Internet, they can still view important business information and analytic tools.

At Koombea, we can help your business build a mobile intelligence solution that gives your team access to data even when they are out of the office or away from their computer. We combine our business intelligence services with our world-class mobile app development team to deliver custom mobile BI solutions that any device can access through a web browser.

Harness the power of mobile, and make sure that you always have critical information at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Customized Power BI Dashboards

Different members of your team will benefit from seeing different data displays. Most off-the-shelf solutions offer a one-size-fits-all dashboard view, but these dashboards can be difficult to navigate and may lead to important insights being missed. Instead, Koombea can develop custom dashboards for each line of your business, each key decision-maker, and more.

Large enterprises with multiple departments and teams will benefit from having dedicated dashboard views to focus on the metrics that matter most to them. We can also create cockpit views for executives and other business leaders so they can get an overview of everything in one place.

Most importantly, our design and development team will create a user-friendly dashboard that is simple to navigate and intuitive. So don’t get lost looking for key data points. Instead, create intuitive custom dashboards that put your key performance indicators at the forefront.

Stunning Data Reporting

Data collection and analytics do your business little good if you need a Ph.D. to understand the data or need to piece together insights. Data reporting takes data and expresses it in a manner that is easy to understand, such as a chart or a graph. The ideal type of data reporting will depend on the data being presented and the user’s preferences.

Koombea can build your company a business intelligence solution that automatically creates stunning reports based on your preferences and settings. Our tools also allow users to create their own reports for meetings, presentations, or general information purposes.

Data reporting is a crucial component of decision-making. It is difficult to make strategic decisions without a visual representation of your key data points. Koombea can help your organization harness the power of business intelligence tools that create stunning data reports for any occasion.

Predictive Analytics

The primary benefit of creating a cohesive data source is using advanced analytics tools to analyze your data and generate actionable insights. HiTech tools like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will do your company little to no good if they are not being fed complete data.

If you want to be more competitive, make better strategic decisions, and gain insights into your complex data that you never would have found otherwise, implement predictive analytics. Koombea has an experienced development team that can add Artificial Intelligence features and write custom Machine Learning algorithms for your business intelligence goals. Predictive analytics can also help your business forecast demand, view historical data trends, and optimize your operations.

Predictive analytics play a significant role in business intelligence. Make sure that your company invests in a solution that will yield real results and insights. Partner with a business intelligence consulting company like Koombea to develop a custom BI solution that uses predictive analytics.

Our Business Intelligence Process

Every business has unique challenges and needs. However, our tried and true business intelligence consulting process can be applied in any situation. Our typical consulting process looks something like this:

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Discovery and Ideation

Our skilled business intelligence team will meet with your key stakeholders. We will discuss the challenges you face, your goals, and the expectations you need to meet. During this process, we will begin brainstorming solutions that fit your needs. At Koombea, we like to work closely with our partners to ensure that their ideas, goals, and expectations are being met.


Review Proposed Solutions

After our initial meeting, our business intelligence team will work to create a thorough proposal that meets the needs we identified and discussed in our discovery and ideation conversations. We will review every proposal with you to find the one you like the best.

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Once a course of action has been agreed upon, our dedicated development team will get to work creating the business intelligence solution we discussed. We will share regular updates, mock-ups, and sometimes prototypes throughout the development process to ensure that we are on the same page. It is important to have clarity during the development process. Many companies won’t be able to give you clear updates or status reports. At Koombea, we believe your business should be an integral part of development.

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Training and Support

After development, our business intelligence consultants will help train your teams on using your new, custom BI solution. Plus, our team will be there for support if you need any additional help or if issues arise that need to be fixed.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites, apps, and other digital solutions since 2007. We have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Business intelligence is an important tool for modern businesses, and we are proud to offer our insights and development expertise.

We would love to learn more about your business, operations, and current business intelligence needs. Contact us today to speak with an experienced app developer about your vision and needs. Koombea wants to be your business intelligence consulting services partner.