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Product Ideation for Digital Solutions

Product Ideation for Digital Solutions

Product Ideation can help you evaluate creative ideas for your app or any other digital product. Although a good app starts with new ideas, these aren’t enough to bring it to life.

With Koombea’s Product Ideation process, you can be confident that your digital product’s value proposition will survive the ups and downs of Agile development.

Start With Product Ideation

In the software world, most product ideas don’t make it to the market. Even worse, most fail once they reach an audience. Through our Ideation workshops, we minimize these risks by gathering user feedback and reviewing proposed ideas before you move forward.

By doing so, you will be able to establish a clear and robust customer feedback workflow to test fresh ideas through a structured process. That way, any new idea will be tested by experts.

We are not just savvy app developers and designers. As your development partners, we will help you identify good ideas by sharing our honest opinion on what best suits your needs. Only through multiple product iterations and a clear product roadmap can we deliver world-class products.

What Is Ideation?

Creating ideas

Whether you want to develop an app, a website, or any other software-related project, you will first need to undergo an idea generation process. You will also need to refine and validate existing assumptions. Otherwise, you run the risk of using false premises to develop your project.

Product Ideation can help a product manager, product owner, or other team members work with the right premises. At Koombea, we use our very own Agile-based approach specifically thought out for software development. Using design thinking and other practices, we iterate to refine and explore ideas so that you can succeed.

This allows you not only to create ideas but also to analyze and evaluate proposed ideas based on their viability and feasibility. At the same time, it helps you prioritize user feedback based on usage patterns to build a clear product roadmap. In the short and long term, this is exactly what your product needs to guarantee high customer retention.

Koombea's Proven Product Ideation Process

Our Product Ideation Approach

It’s alright if you do not have the technical expertise to undergo a full-fledged development process. We got your back for anything product management and technology-related. Our team members are experts in building robust and scalable products that deliver great UX by carefully implementing user feedback.

Koombea’s successful product ideation methods are more than market research or a brainstorming session. They test your basic business assumptions and feature requests to see what works and what doesn’t, from a business perspective. Understand industry trends, your problem statement, and how to solve challenges in a strategic way with our unique approach.

Build great wireframes, epics, and user stories to develop a magnificent Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and start testing your product’s User Experience (UX). Use your resources wisely and maximize your output.

Our Ideation Workshops

Find out how to bring your creative ideas to life through our knowledge immersion workshops together with Koombea’s team and define your company’s goals and audience. Put into practice our Ideation techniques and implement design thinking best practices. Our facilitators are highly qualified to guide your workshop. We prioritize both hard and soft skills to make the most out of each workshop.

Workshops + Koombea =
Smart Ideation

Schedule Checked

What’s the agenda?

Our Ideation sessions are scheduled to last 1 day, and in some exceptional cases, they can last up to 2 days. Ideally, workshops require the physical presence of the entire team, although they can also be done remotely. We are available to travel to your location.

Schedule Checked

Who can join?

We recommend your team is made up of no more than 8 participants, preferably people who have the authority to make decisions and the vision to disrupt the status quo of the market you are targeting. Koombea is usually represented by a Level 10 team member and 1 or 2 ideation experts. This can be defined prior to the workshop.

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Deliverables & Goals What will you get?

You will receive a work breakdown structure (WBS) with epics, user stories, assumptions, high-level architecture, service blueprint, sitemap, wireframes, prototype (high level/detail views), and cost and man-hours estimations. These documents will help you translate your app’s requirements into actionable items. Our team will explain these deliverables so you can make sense of them.

Got any questions regarding our product ideation workshops? Contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

About Koombea

Since 2007 we have been building superb apps and other tech-related products across a number of industries for some of the world’s most innovative brands. This has allowed us to gain valuable insights into what works when working with technology.

Our technical skills and expertise are at your disposal when working with us. We make sure that every aspect of your project is taken into account in our Product Ideation workshops in order to maximize your possibilities of success.

Some of the Brands that Trust Us

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Tiffany Wycoff loves Koombea

Tiffany Wycoff

“From the very beginning, Koombea forced us to consider precisely which aspects of our MVP would be critical to our success -- and we were able to launch a new solution quickly thanks to that critical analysis.”

Tiffany Wycoff

Co-founder of LINC