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App Development Rescue Projects

App Development Rescue Projects

Is your organization frustrated with the progress of its software development project? Have issues popped up with the code, design, or development team that show no signs of being improved or resolved?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it might be time to take a new development approach. At Koombea, we are experienced stepping into software development projects at the 11th hour to get them back on their ideal track.

Many things can go wrong during app development, and if you don’t have a skilled and experienced development partner, navigating through the complexities and potential pitfalls can be nearly impossible.

At Koombea, we understand how frustrating it is for your business when a software development project gets stuck or goes off the rails. However, without experience, getting your project back on track can be difficult. Koombea is here to step in and help rescue your development project.

Poject Common Signs

Common Signs Your Development Project Is in Trouble

According to a report by the Standish Group, software development projects fail almost 50 percent of the time. That’s an alarmingly high rate of failure, and that figure doesn’t account for projects that get completed past the expected deadline or over the allotted budget.

Developing software is a complex task, and without the right development partner from the outset, chances are good that your project will fail. However, just because your project is moving in the wrong direction doesn’t mean it is too late to successfully complete your project.

Koombea can help your organization save its development project. The sooner you recognize your project is headed in the wrong direction and get an experienced development partner like Koombea to correct course, the easier it will be to rescue your app development project.

Here are some common signs that your development project is in trouble:

Poor Communication

When it comes to developing any digital product, communication is critical. You should be concerned if your organization is experiencing difficulties communicating with its app development partner.

Poor communication does not always mean a lack of communication. Lack of communication is a significant issue that must be addressed, but there are other signs of poor communication that are sometimes overlooked.

For example, the most troubling sign that your development project is in bad shape is when your development partner doesn’t understand the requests you are making. If your developers don’t understand what you want, it is highly unlikely that your development project will meet your organization's goals.

An experienced development team like Koombea will work closely with your business to understand its goals and objectives. This ensures that your development requests are understood and fulfilled.

Another common communication issue you should look out for is long response times. Your development team should respond to inquiries and requests in a reasonable time frame. If this is not occurring, your business should be concerned.

Questionable Results

Are the results of your development project living up to your organization’s expectations and standards? Poor quality is frustrating, especially when your business invests time and money in developing a digital product.

If early returns are of poor quality, the project will unlikely improve as time passes. Hopefully, your business will be able to review project progress and track quality from the very beginning. If this is the case, you can closely monitor quality and make a change if it becomes apparent that the quality is below expectations and standards.

Unfortunately, too many organizations are left in the dark until the project is nearing completion. At this point, when they realize that the quality of development is lacking, they might feel like there are no good options available to them.

Koombea is here to help your organization rescue its project, no matter what state it is in. If you are unhappy with the quality of work being done for your organization, halt development and make a change. Results do not magically improve over time.

Poject Common problems Signs

Excessive Delays

Excessive delays in project delivery should set off alarm bells for your business. Delays not only affect your organization’s ability to get its digital product and services to market, but they can also affect the budget and drive up the development cost.

Your development team should be delivering regular updates and demonstrating progress. At the beginning of the project, they should have provided your business with a schedule of deliverables.

If your project is way behind schedule, it will likely have significant issues. Finding a development partner like Koombea to rescue your project will help it get back on schedule. The sooner you address the delays in project development, the sooner your business can complete its project and get it to market.

Users Don’t Enjoy Using Your Product

This issue is more common than you might think. Maybe you have a digital product that functions the way your business wants and offers the services you want to sell, but you’re puzzled about why users don’t like it.

Poor UX/UI design can drive users away from your application and limit the enjoyment and engagement they have with your product. Even if the foundational code of your digital product is sound, design issues could be holding it back.

At Koombea, we have a skilled team of design experts. We can give your product a complete facelift without touching the underlying functionality of your software. Don’t underestimate the value of quality design. If your product functions as expected but users don’t like it, poor design is the most likely culprit.

Koombea’s Approach to Project Rescue

At Koombea, we employ a simple three-step approach to project rescue. No matter what issues your organization is facing, our three-step approach will help address the root problem and rescue your failing development project.

Approach to Project Rescue

First, our team will perform a thorough code quality review. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the code. Only after we have done our due diligence and reviewed all the code will we begin to chart a path forward.

Next, we will calculate the assumptions, dependencies, and risks associated with your project and clearly communicate them with your organization. At Koombea, we document all of these facets so that we can work closely with your organization to determine what the next steps will be.

Finally, we’ll choose a development methodology that best suits the needs of your project. At Koombea, we typically use a unique form of Agile development to quickly turn your project from a rescue to a success.

Ultimately, our goal is to establish our team as your company’s development partner. We know that successful projects require collaboration. At Koombea, we will work closely with your business to turn your software development vision into a reality.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007. We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as an industry leader and top application development and design company.

If you want to discuss any aspect of your organization’s software development project with an experienced app development team and business analyst, schedule a free consultation with one of our app development experts. We would love to learn more about your business and walk you through our wide range of app development services.