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The digital product design process is vital to the ultimate success of your development project. At Koombea, we understand the critical value design provides to innovative solutions. We are more than a digital product design agency.

We employ user and market research combined with robust business analysis to inform the entire design process. Without in-depth user research, you can't hope to design a product that will delight your audience.

Tackle your design, development problems, and strategy systematically through our digital product design services. Build more than usable digital products. Build well-designed products that give your business a competitive advantage and improve market position.

What is Digital Product Design?

Product Design is the intersection of various UI/UX design disciplines that help create modern digital products and drive digital transformation. The combination of these disciplines, together with a service strategy, helps us create modern digital products that users love. Product market fit is great, but your product needs human-centered design to succeed.

If your digital product has a poor or even average UI design, it will be difficult to keep users interested and engaged with your digital product. When product development represents a significant investment of time and financial resources, you can't afford to overlook the digital product design process.

Product Design Mobile Product Design

Digital Product Design Services

Digital products fail at the product development stage without a great design. We offer different digital product design services to satisfy even the most demanding users. Our Design Thinking and User-Centered Design solutions ensure that elements of your web, mobile, or hybrid app, like its usability and accessibility, are considered.

These are some of the design services we provide:

These are some of the design services we provide:

Design a Complete Digital Product Experience

Unlike traditional software development companies, our team of professional designers solves problems in a systematic and disciplined way that considers different aspects of your business. Through our approach, we consider the entire experience, not just individual pieces of it. We do this always, keeping in mind your target audience.

Digital Product Design

CX Customer experience

SD Service Design

UX User Experience

UI User Interface

The Koombea Product Design Way

Design Thinking and User-Centered Design allow us to identify and understand the problem that must be solved. Once this is done, we can design your product, always with your target audience at the center of every iteration or feature you wish to add. Human-centered design is the driving force behind all design decisions.

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This means our product designers are not only responsible for designing a beautiful product. They also think about all the different business aspects of your product. To do this, we make sure to use the right project management tool for your project based on your specific business needs.

Web and Mobile App Design Services

Code moves your web, mobile, or hybrid app, and design moves your users. Our unique UI/UX design services increase user engagement, improve user behavior for both web and mobile devices, drive digital transformation, and strengthen your brand with our team by your side.

We aren't just a top custom mobile app development company. We are also an expert digital product and web development company. This benefits you throughout the entire product design process, as we follow an analytical project management approach and use the latest design tools. That way, you always keep in sight your company and user goals.goals.

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Responsive Web Design Services

As a mobile app design company, we understand that having a responsive website or web application is necessary to achieve your specific business requirements. Therefore, our web design services are specially built to reach your audience through the right mobility solutions.

Through our proven website design process, you can fulfill various goals. These are some of the many advantages of our responsive web design approach:

Mobile Design Services

Building mobile apps through traditional iOS and Android app development processes can be tricky. Keep in mind that nothing beats an innovative custom mobile design. Understanding your business objectives is crucial to building an engaging product with the right UI/UX design. With our mobile design services, it isn't only about following design trends. We make the best of each device's native capabilities.

Our design team knows how to make the best of iOS and Android devices through an integral mobile app development process that considers cross-platform design services. That way, we ensure that your digital product's design features seamlessly integrate with your code.

Website Redesign Services

Few things are as painful as redesigning your company's app or website. Therefore, we will assign you a dedicated project manager and a team of professional designers fully prepared to take on even the most challenging app or website redesign projects through our different mobile and web design services.

We make sure to craft a:

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UX Design

Years as a mobile app design company have taught us some valuable lessons: having a great User Interface is good, and having a strong User Experience (UX) is even better.

Through our app design systems, we consider the different strategic aspects necessary to build a user-friendly digital product.

UI Design
Mobile with UX app

UX Services

Whether you are building a mobile or web application, our team of experts is ready to take on the challenge of your specific business. We rigorously understand user needs to deliver a frictionless User Experience. So whether you want to design your app's UX from scratch or improve and test your current one, we have what it takes to build a user-friendly modern design.


Why UX Is Important

By focusing on building the right User Experience for your mobile or web app, you will be able to strengthen important aspects like accessibility, usability, user behavior, and more. Strengthening these aspects of your app will help reduce pain points and achieve your business goals.

We understand that platforms like iOS and Android work in different ways, and so do websites. That's why we work with a tailor-made user journey based on your needs. At Koombea, we have platform-specific development and design professionals that understand the intricacies and best practices of each platform.

No matter what type of digital product your business wants to create. Koombea has a robust team of developers and designers that will bring your project to life and deliver an unforgettable User Experience that delights your audience and drives business goals.

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Brand Identity

Establishing a solid brand identity is a critical part of business development. Most web and mobile app developers fail to find the right balance between a successful User Experience and keeping the brand at the forefront of the digital product. Through our design services, you will rest assured that both objectives will be achieved.

We don't begin design without doing a thorough business analysis. Not only does this help us understand your organization's target audience and competition, but it also helps us understand your company's brand identity. At Koombea, we will help your business develop and design a digital product that reflects the identity of your organization.

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Customer Experience Consulting

The right Customer Experience (CX) is essential for any business, not just for eCommerce design requirements. Make use of our expertise as an app design company and go beyond the traditional but limited design agency approach used by many top software development companies. Engage your customers with the right user journey and design elements.


Nab had a limited budget and a strong vision. They wanted to build a great sense of community with a pleasant UI. With a clear long-term strategy, they aimed to create a Minimum Lovable Experience that would make any end-user fall in love with their platform.

UI Design

User Interfaces (UI) have become the simplest way for apps to interact with users. No matter if you are building an app for Android or iPhone, or even a hybrid app, User Interface design can help you build a digital product your audience will love, making your digital product stand out.

Our UI approach focuses on:

UI Design
Mobile with UX app

Customized UI

No two User Interfaces are the same. We understand the importance of using unique design elements; that's why we first get to know your project before analyzing and deconstructing it in detail. We can help you build a powerful UI from scratch, or we can improve what you already have through usability testing.


Why a UI Is worth Investing In

There is much more to mobile apps than the UI, but having one that users love can benefit you in several ways. Above all, it can help you increase user engagement and prevent your app from being deleted.

Although design ROI is hard to measure, having the right UI mobile experience is always a smart decision. Our user-centered design approach will help you make better strategic business decisions that can save you time and money in the long term.

Devices with Doit Center App

Do It Center

Do It Center faced technological limitations throughout its platform. This affected the customer and user experience. They contacted Koombea looking for a solution that would improve their customer experience and, at the same time, would allow them to improve their financial metrics.

Partnerships and Certifications

One of Our Partnerships and Certifications, CAT

One of Our Partnerships and Certifications, Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster

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One of Our Partnerships and Certifications, Power Partner

Our Design Awards

Gold Indigo Design Award
Silver Indigo Design Award
Bronze Indigo Design Award
Bronze Indigo Design Award
Silver Indigo Design Award
Gold Indigo Design Award
Silver Indigo Design Award
Bronze indigo design award
Bronze Indigo Design Award
Silver Indigo Design Award
Gold Indigo Design Award
Silver indigo design award
Bronze indigo design award
Silver indigo design award
Bronze indigo design award
Gold Indigo Design Award
Silver Indigo Design Award
Indigo design award

About Koombea

We have been designing and building world-class apps, websites, and software for over a decade. At Koombea, design is central to our development process. We use market research to drive every design decision we make.

We know that business success is predicated on quality design and development. Your product can improve significantly with professional product design services. We're far more than a digital product design agency. We offer full-service software development, IT consulting, staffing solutions, and much more.

However, we do have an impressive digital product design portfolio. You can explore a few of these projects on this page and view the impressive range of design awards we have won.

If you're interested in learning more about our digital product design and related services or our in-house team of designers, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to view our portfolio of world-class design work.

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