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Luna’s Physical Therapy Mobile App is Redefining Modern Care

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Meet Luna

Mobile health, otherwise known as mHealth, is changing the way healthcare is both provided and received. Luna is at the forefront of this transformation.

Traditional outpatient physical therapy is evolving. It leaves more than 50% of therapists suffering from work-related pain, and 70% of patients failing to complete their courses of care.

Luna has addressed this problem by designing a mobile app-centered practice that gives therapists and patients the independence, control, and motivation they need to feel meaningful relief.

Therapists who practice with Luna get equitable compensation and the freedom to make their own schedules. They can focus their energy on their patients, as the Luna team handles all billing and patient marketing.

Patients in need are then able to receive care from specialized physical therapy professionals from the comfort of their own homes.

Luna is constantly leveraging technology to redefine every aspect of the clinical relationship, and they’re finding ways for their service team to remove the overhead. Their app helps therapists and patients stay informed and committed, and they’re disrupting the physical therapy industry as we know it.

The company impacted its stakeholders with an mHealth solution

The world of mHealth — or the use of smartphones, patient monitoring equipment, gaming, and other mobile technologies to support medical care and public health — is just now blooming.

However, the team at Luna has had their finger on the pulse of this industry-wide evolution for some time now. They maintained the goal of being an early adopter by building and deploying transformative technologies from the very early stages of the company.

LunaCare's worker

“In essence, our goal was to become the Lyft of physical therapy. We wanted to change the traditional patient-provider relationship by enabling physical therapists to provide targeted care, and by empowering patients to become more engaged.”

Ryan Gaffney

LunaCare Co-founder

Gaffney and his team also had the goal of bringing their service to the market as soon as possible, so they carefully began brainstorming what their mobile solution would look like.

Initially, Luna considered building a web booking system via their in-house backend engineering team. But research showed that a native mobile app was their best option since physical therapists are always on the go, and Luna wanted to leverage mobile features such as GPS tracking. This presented a challenge, as building seamless frontend experiences was not at the core of their team’s skillset.

Luna came to the conclusion that they needed an app development partner who not only specialized in optimizing frontend experiences and building unparalleled UX/UIs, but who understood how to improve the quality of patient outcomes through mHealth app development.

LunaCare's worker

Luna needed a development partner with the right expertise

The medical sector is one of the most underserved industries that exists today.

Luna needed a team with deep mobile app development knowledge and experience with healthcare data encryption to help them shape their vision. They required a partner who would integrate into their existing teams and systems, and who would treat the project as if it were their own.

The company selected Koombea due to their dedicated, secure, and consultative approach to app development.

Additionally, the Luna and Koombea team members determined a clear product roadmap, and set an aggressive goal of launching a fully functional digital solution into the market in just three months time.

After the meeting, Gaffney knew that Koombea was the perfect fit:

“Koombea ultimately won our business because they are so much more than an outsourced development team — they are a true partner. From the very first conversation, I could tell that they were going to treat this project as if it were their own, and do everything in their power to make sure that we succeeded.”

Our medical guiding exercises

Luna’s benefits from partnering with an experienced MedTech developer:

Additionally, Luna is able to leverage the following features in their app:

“To us, working with Koombea isn’t considered outsourcing. It’s about extending our embedded team, and the results that that can drive,” explains Gaffney.

The company’s game-changing mobile app is the cornerstone of the business

Efficient collaboration between Koombea and Luna resulted in Luna’s being able to hit their goal of releasing their app to the market in just three month’s time.

Early market penetration enabled Luna to establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty before competitors entered the arena.

“Our entire product IS the mobile experience for our users,” claims Gaffney. “Without the mobile app, we wouldn’t have a business!”

The market responded so positively to Luna’s apps that there are no current plans to invest in web features — they are only leaning further into mobile, and it’s working.

Luna has impacted to the industry

Today, Luna’s app provides value to thousands of therapists, and tens of thousands of patients. And with the feedback they’re receiving, and the traction they’re gaining, it’s safe to say that Gaffney has achieved his goal of building a game-changing application.

Luna has accomplished disruptive innovation in a heavily regulated market.

In the past, patients used to visit outpatient clinics. They fought through obstacles like traffic, waitlists, waiting rooms, and more — all while in pain.

Therapists who wanted to provide in-home care had to work tirelessly to find qualifying patients, and manage their scheduling.

Luna has solved these pain points, and by doing so they are changing the industry.

The sky's the limit for Luna

LunaCare's worker

To this day, Luna and Koombea work in tandem to ideate, optimize, and maintain the physical therapy market’s most innovative digital solutions.

Gaffney has nothing but positive things to say about working with Koombea:

“Mario Tatis, our technical account manager, has almost become the Product Manager for Luna’s user- facing digital solutions. There have been several times where he’s the one to stand up and say ‘Let’s think about this feature some more,’ which has saved us endless headaches in the long run. That spirit emanates through the entirety of the Koombea team — each team member treats our success as if it were their own personal project.”

Need help building a game-changing native mobile app?

You’re in luck! Koombea is here to help.

Our team of experts leverages their profound UX expertise to create tools that provide seamless and enjoyable experiences that make your users more likely to convert.

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, Koombea has the team and MedTech knowledge needed to deliver a product that will boost your bottom line.