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Big Data Services

Big Data Services

Big Data services are vital to the success of modern enterprises. Data analytics are the driving force behind major strategic decisions made by the world’s most successful companies. If you want to gain an edge in the market, your organization needs to harness the power of Big Data.

Your business is likely already generating and gathering large amounts of data. If you don’t put that data to use using Big Data services, there is little point to data collection. At Koombea, we know how transformative Big Data analytics can be to businesses because we have helped implement Big Data processes in large and small organizations.

For over a decade, we have provided innovative data solutions to our partners. We are a proud AWS partner company committed to providing a wide range of data solutions. Our team is here for your business to be your Big Data experts. Take advantage of all the data your organization collects and generates by crafting and implementing a data strategy aligned with your objectives.

Koombea is here to help your organization navigate all the complexities of Big Data strategy, design, and implementation. If your business is ready to be more competitive, it is time to implement Big Data tools and processes. Transform your organization and make data-driven decisions powered by Big Data analytics.

Use Cases for Big Data

Big Data goes beyond simple data analytics, but you might think that your enterprise wouldn’t realize significant benefits from implementing Big Data tools and services. However, Big Data has several critical use cases that you might be overlooking. The truth is every company could benefit from the adoption of Big Data in the following ways:


Accurate forecasting is an invaluable tool for businesses. Big Data forecasting goes beyond simple consumer demand and market conditions, although both of these factors are critical to the success of your business. Forecasting becomes truly vital to your business when you can combine consumer demand and broader market conditions with your capacity and inventory levels.

With the power of Big Data forecasting, your organization can ensure that it is positioned for success no matter what the market conditions look like. Sometimes the most successful businesses are just the ones that respond to changing market conditions the quickest. Big Data can help your organization prepare for the future while maximizing its potential in the present.

Scenario Modeling

What happens if a natural disaster knocks out your business operations or damages your products? What happens if there is a major product defect and you need to do a recall? What-if scenarios are important to discuss and plan for. However, it can be hard to accurately assess your operational risks without real data-driven figures.

Big Data can help your company model an infinite number of what-if scenarios so your team can accurately assess operational risks and create a disaster management strategy. The worst disasters are the ones that your business is not prepared for. No amount of data analytics will allow you to see the future, but they can help your organization identify risks that you might have previously overlooked and plan to address them.

Operational Analytics

Ensuring that your operations run efficiently is not as simple as it might sound on the surface. Sure, you would notice major disruptions to your business operations, but how would you be able to notice deviations and emerging patterns that are negatively impacting your operations without Big Data analytics? Furthermore, if negative deviations are allowed to fester and grow into negative patterns, your operations might be adversely impacted, which could negatively affect your relationships with consumers, vendors, and industry partners.

Big Data gives your organization the ability to track and analyze your business operations in real-time. With the power of Big Data, your leadership teams can remedy issues in operations before they negatively impact your business. When issues do arise, your organization can use Big Data analytics to follow a cause and effect analysis and trace the root cause of an issue back to the source.

Additional Use Cases

The above are just some of the generic use cases associated with Big Data. However, every industry has industry-specific use cases for Big Data. For example, in healthcare, Big Data is used to monitor patient health in real-time and chart health trends. In the transportation sector, Big Data is used to monitor driver behavior, track shipments, analyze vehicle conditions, and dynamically optimize routes.

Of course, there are several specific ways Big Data can be utilized in your industry too. The data experts at Koombea can help your business identify the key ways Big Data can be used in your industry and develop a data strategy based on their findings and your business’s operations and needs.

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Our Big Data Services

Koombea is proud to offer a robust selection of Big Data services. Our team is here to help your organization improve its data management practices and strategize for the future. We take the time to understand your business, operations, market, target customers, and more so we can implement a holistic data strategy that will address your organization's needs.

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Sometimes, you need a trusted expert to help guide you through the decision-making process. Koombea offers Big Data consulting services to help your business create a detailed Big Data roadmap from implementation through evolution. In addition, our team can help you determine the architecture you will use for your Big Data solutions and make tech stack and data processes recommendations.

There is a lot of information to sift through, but your business doesn’t have to go it alone. Koombea is here to help your business make the right data decisions for your goals with our Big Data consulting services.

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Implementing Big Data systems can be a complicated process, but Koombea is here to help your organization simplify it. Our team will thoroughly analyze your needs, design the data architecture your solutions will run on, and develop any additional solutions or models your project requires.

If your organization wants to take advantage of Machine Learning (ML) models and Artificial Intelligence, you will need a Big Data expert like Koombea to guide you through implementation.

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Data Security

Keeping data secure is vital for your business. Data breaches not only lead to financial loss, but they can also irreparably damage your brand’s image. Koombea can help your business secure its data from the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Take security seriously, and work with a security partner that can ensure you are protected.

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Support and Maintenance

Implementation is not the end of the road for Big Data solutions. These tools must be regularly maintained and supported to ensure that they continue to function properly and deliver business value.

Koombea offers a full suite of support and maintenance services to keep your data services running at their optimal levels. Our team can help you update user permissions, keep software updated, clean and backup your data, and monitor the ongoing performance of your Big Data solution.

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Big Data Analytics

Collecting and storing data is one thing, but understanding how to use the right tools and infrastructure to analyze it is another important facet of Big Data. Our team will help you handle data management and extraction. In addition, our data solutions team can help your organization generate reports and gain valuable insights from your data.

Over time as your needs evolve, we can help your business fine-tune your Big Data solutions to keep pace. Plus, our development team will help fine-tune your Machine Learning models as they gather more data and we begin to see how they function with real-world data and the insights they provide.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007. We have proudly worked with and developed data solutions for some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as an industry leader and top software development and design company. Plus, we are also proud to be AWS partners.

If you want to discuss Big Data and its associated services in relation to your organization’s needs and goals in greater detail with an experienced Big Data professional, schedule a free consultation with one of our data experts. We would love to learn more about your business processes and walk you through our wide range of services. When looking to implement Big Data solutions in your processes, don’t settle for any team of developers. Instead, work with an experienced partner that has experience designing and implementing custom Big Data services.