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IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Koombea’s IT staff augmentation services offer a strategic advantage, seamlessly filling the skill gaps in your existing teams with a highly skilled and talented workforce.

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the agility and success of your projects are fundamentally linked to the expertise within your teams, powered by a talented workforce from a premier staff augmentation company like Koombea. As one of the top staff augmentation companies, we excel in enhancing your in-house development team with a global talent pool, ensuring your projects are driven by innovation and executed with precision. Unlike other staff augmentation companies, our approach is uniquely tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

Koombea: Your Staff Augmentation Partner

Navigating the IT talent-hiring landscape requires a reliable partner, especially when seeking a project manager proficient in project management to fill specific skill gaps. Koombea, your dedicated staff augmentation company, has a decade-long track record of connecting businesses with specialized talent. Our IT augmentation services are tailored for rapid deployment, aligning perfectly with your software development teams' project goals, from enhancing your existing team with specific skills to empowering your projects with developers and comprehensive technology teams of software development professionals.

Our staff augmentation model facilitates direct communication and efficient integration, ensuring each staff augmentation service propels your project forward with the right talent. This includes providing project managers proficient in project management tools and developers ready to fill specific skill gaps. Koombea is distinguished among staff augmentation companies for its commitment to fostering successful collaboration between our augmented staff and your internal teams.

Advantages of Partnering with Koombea

Partnering with Koombea for your staff augmentation needs ensures access to top-tier tech talent, high-quality services, and a partnership that aligns with your strategic business objectives. Our staff augmentation services are designed to seamlessly integrate skilled developers and tech professionals into your teams, facilitating project success and driving innovation.

Furthermore, our unparalleled staff augmentation services underscore our staff augmentation strategy, which is tailored for flexibility and scalability. This is crucial for adapting to project dynamics and market demands. With Koombea’s managed services, you gain a partner committed to enhancing your IT capabilities.

As a top tech service provider, we ensure that every aspect of your technology strategy is optimized for success, offering comprehensive solutions that cover everything from project inception to delivery. Partnering with us means investing in a relationship that prioritizes innovation, accelerates development, and ensures the right expertise at the right time propels your projects.

Access to Skilled Technical Resources

Access to Skilled Technical Resources

Koombea’s staff augmentation services connect you with a diverse pool of tech talent ready to address your software development challenges head-on. From developers with specific skills and programming languages to QA engineers, we ensure your project benefits from seamlessly integrating full-time employees and temporary workers, closing critical skill gaps.

Scalable Solutions for Every Need

Scalable Solutions for Every Need

Koombea’s team augmentation services are about meeting immediate needs and providing scalable solutions that grow with your project. Whether you need a single developer to bridge a gap in your existing team, remote developers to support your project from anywhere in the world, or an entire squad for a significant venture, we ensure you have access to the right resources at the right time.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Streamlined Hiring Process

Our model simplifies the process by efficiently connecting you with prime candidates. As a service provider committed to excellence, we provide continuous support throughout your project's lifecycle. This approach showcases the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff augmentation service and underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions that meet your project's unique demands.

Seamless Team Integration

Seamless Team Integration

The cornerstone of our staff augmentation solutions ensures that our external team of tech talent integrates seamlessly with your existing teams, enhancing the efficacy of staff augmentation in fostering harmony and productivity. This process underscores our commitment to making our augmented team a true extension of your team, solidifying the role of staff augmentation in achieving project success. The swift and efficient process of onboarding the team emphasizes a seamless transition, ensuring that our augmented staff melds with your team dynamics from day one.

Our Comprehensive Staffing Services

Koombea transcends traditional staff augmentation solutions, addressing the unique challenges of your software development projects, including supporting the dynamic needs of projects that may require involvement in short-term job positions through comprehensive staffing services. Whether infusing your team with specialized skills or assembling a group capable of overcoming complex tasks, our staff augmentation services are poised for your success.

Staff Team

Individual Developer Augmentation

Koombea’s staff augmentation approach for individual developer augmentation is designed to ensure not just a match of skills but a seamless integration into your existing in-house team. We focus on aligning dedicated senior developers with your project's unique requirements, facilitating a smooth transition and immediate productivity boost.

This service is about more than filling a vacancy; it's a strategic placement of professionals who close the skill gaps and seamlessly meld with your project's rhythm and culture. Managed by experienced project managers, our developer augmentation guarantees that every project phase is underpinned by expert knowledge and integrated teamwork, driving your projects toward successful completion with the added value of seamless integration into your operational flow.

Staff Team

Full Team Augmentation

Koombea's full team staff augmentation service seamlessly integrates a comprehensive team of experienced developers and tech professionals with your internal team for complex projects. By offering a full spectrum of talent, we ensure your project benefits from our augmented team's diverse capabilities, fostering innovation and efficiency. Our approach extends beyond providing resources; it involves blending our team with yours to ensure seamless collaboration and shared success.

This service emphasizes strategic partnership, with a project manager working closely with your team to align goals and maintain clear communication. The result is a cohesive development process that leverages the strengths of both teams to deliver high-quality services and successful project outcomes. Koombea’s full team augmentation not only fills skill gaps but also introduces new perspectives, enhancing your project’s productivity and innovation capacity to meet development objectives with excellence.

Staff Team

Managed IT Services

Koombea’s managed IT services go beyond the traditional scope of staff augmentation, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a reliable outsourcing vendor alongside strategic IT oversight. This service is specially tailored for organizations keen on streamlining their development process with an eye on efficiency and innovation. Our managed services are designed to seamlessly extend your operations, providing technological support and strategic guidance to ensure your initiatives align with your business goals.

With Koombea’s managed services, you gain a partner committed to enhancing your IT capabilities, ensuring that every aspect of your technology strategy is optimized for success. By entrusting us to manage your IT needs, you benefit from a holistic approach that covers everything from project inception to delivery, enabling your internal teams to focus on their core functions. At the same time, we handle the complexities and challenges of modern technology management.

Scalable Staffing Models Regardless of Size

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, Koombea employs flexible staffing models to cater to both small and large-scale project demands. Whether augmenting existing teams with a handful of specialists or deploying a complete squad to tackle extensive software development challenges, our models are designed to offer efficiency, scalability, and alignment with your specific project needs.

Scalable Staffing Models Regardless of Size

Small Staffing Model

We use our small staffing model for companies seeking to hire one or two new employees. We can apply our small staffing model to projects looking for up to five or six skilled employees, but if it stretches further than this, the model will start to break down and cause inefficiencies. Koombea’s small staffing model is the traditional outsourcing company model. It looks like this:

Our small staffing model is the same model that staffing services will use for all requests, large or small. We know this model is tried and true, but issues arise when you want to hire a large extended team.

It is important to understand that staffing companies do not have skilled tech talent waiting for work to pop up. These jobs are too valuable, and these professionals are too skilled to sit idly by. The small staffing model breaks down when you need to hire a large team because recruiters find it tough to find the necessary talent to fill the request.

Remember, recruiters need to spend money to find talent. When a large staffing request is made, there is almost no incentive for a staffing service to pay the financial resources necessary to try to fill it. Therefore, the staffing model they use is inefficient. However, instead of turning away business, these companies will subcontract the work and hope for the best.

Ultimately, this practice leads to long waits for talent and an influx of low-quality candidates. At Koombea, we have a better, more scalable, and practical approach to large team staffing.

Staffing Model

Large Staffing Model

At Koombea, we understand that the traditional staffing model is ineffective for large team requests. We have seen it time and time again. As a result, we have developed a scalable large staffing model to help fill staffing requests and build large, dedicated teams. Here is what our staffing model looks like for large staffing requests:

Trust is the primary difference between the traditional staffing model and our large staffing model. Instead of selling you candidates, we are selling you Koombea. Typically, companies don’t spend money on staffing until they choose a candidate and create a contract. This works well when you only need a few people. However, when you want to build a sizeable remote team to supplement your in-house development team, agreeing to a contract upfront is far more effective and efficient.

We believe in the quality of our staffing services and development processes. At Koombea, we will illustrate how we operate and introduce you to our business leaders so that you feel fully confident partnering with us for your staffing needs.

We know that you want to control the talent you hire to augment your team. In our large staffing model, you still control every candidate you bring on. Plus, by agreeing to a contract upfront, every candidate you like will immediately be committed to your company.

At Koombea, we understand that upfront contracts are rare in the staff augmentation industry. However, we do this to guarantee the quality of every candidate we present to your business. We don’t work with hiring subcontractors because we can’t guarantee the quality of their candidates. So, instead of focusing on every position you need to fill, find a recruitment partner like Koombea who can send you quality resumes and the top development talent to fill your company’s open positions.

Transforming Staff Augmentation

Koombea redefines staff augmentation, emphasizing the value of individual contributors within the broader context of team and project success. Our approach addresses the challenges of the traditional outsourcing model, providing a more efficient, effective, and collaborative way to enhance your development capabilities.

We invite you to experience the difference with Koombea’s staff augmentation services. Whether you're looking to close skill gaps temporarily, require extra resources for a critical project, or need specialized talent to enhance your software development teams, we support your journey toward innovation and success.

IT Staff Augmentation Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

If you’re reading about our IT staff augmentation services, chances are you are shopping around before you make a decision. Unfortunately, there are a lot of recruiters who utilize tactics that are less than reputable to secure business. At Koombea, we pride ourselves on offering quality staffing solutions transparently and collaboratively.

However, not all companies operate in the same way. Therefore, if you’re looking for IT staff augmentation and come across any warning signs, you should strongly reconsider the staffing company you are working with.

Yes Is the Only Answer

It is great when your needs can be met in minimal time, but unfortunately, things don’t always work out this way. If the staff augmentation provider you are speaking with answers all of your questions with yes, you should be concerned about the quality of the candidate they will provide you.

For example, suppose you ask for five Ruby on Rails developers who can start next month. If your staffing service partner says yes, they can deliver this, you should be skeptical. Yes, this company may know five Ruby on Rails developers that just became available, but no staffing service has talent sitting on the bench waiting for your call. Remember, talent does not sit on the sidelines.

In all likelihood, when you ask for five Ruby on Rails developers to start next month, the staffing company furiously starts contacting subcontractors to fill the role. Ultimately, this will lead to poor results. In almost every instance, you will need to recruit to fill a role, but this is why you choose a skilled staff augmentation partner like Koombea. We will handle the heavy lifting associated with recruiting and send you resumes for review.

Bait and Switch

The bait-and-switch staffing tactic is far too common in this industry. If you are unfamiliar with how this works, a staffing company will send you the resume of a highly skilled individual. Your company will review the resume, fall in love with the candidate, and you might even get to interview this person. However, when it comes time to ink a contract and hire, this person will have just been hired for another job.

In place of the candidate you liked, the unscrupulous staffer will send you another candidate with a similar skill set but less experience, fewer qualifications, etc. The replacement person might be skilled in their own right and might be an excellent fit for your project and team. However, the replacement candidate will never be as good as the candidate that initially got your attention.

Why would a staff augmentation company do this? Companies do this to get your attention and gain your trust. In all likelihood, the candidate with the resume that impressed you was probably never available. Yet, since you saw one quality candidate from this company, you think they will be able to deliver similar results even if the candidates they send to you never live up to this reality.

Lack of Understanding

If your company is augmenting its staff with technical talent, the recruitment partner presenting the candidates to your company should understand your needs better than you do. After all, if you had a firm understanding of the technical details, you wouldn’t need a partner to help you augment your staff with the right talent.

If your staffing partner doesn’t understand your needs or your project, they will never be able to deliver a candidate that meets them. We know how difficult it can be to interview and vet developers. How can you test their proficiency and development skills when you lack the skills you are hiring for?

Ensure that the IT staff augmentation services your company employs fully understand the needs of your project. If you feel like your staffing partner doesn’t understand your needs, they likely don’t.

IT staff augmentation services

Discover how Koombea’s IT staff augmentation services can empower business leaders to transform development capabilities, accelerate project progress, and drive their businesses forward.

Nab New's Ceo Message

Nab Ceo

“It is impossible for us to comprehend everything there is to know about developing a product like Nab. The Koombea Team had the technical knowledge for stuff like usability tests and design. They definitely helped us figure out what worked and what didn’t.”

Mike White


About Koombea

Since 2007, Koombea has been designing and developing world-class websites, apps, and digital solutions. Our journey has seen us partner with some of the most innovative brands globally, from nimble startups to established Fortune 500 companies. Beyond our core development services, we specialize in staff augmentation, leveraging our vast experience in various digital projects to enhance your team with the talent it needs to succeed.

Our staff augmentation services are crafted to fulfill your immediate staffing needs and significantly contribute to your project's success. We understand the challenges of assembling the right team—finding individuals who have the required technical skills, fit culturally, and can contribute to your project's objectives from day one. At Koombea, we're more than a service provider; we're your partner in navigating the complexities of modern project development, ensuring you have access to a pool of talent that can drive your business forward.

We want to understand your business, operations, and staffing challenges. Contact us today to engage with a team that prides itself on providing high-quality staff augmentation services. Discover how our tailored solutions can make a difference in your projects and help you achieve the success you're aiming for. At Koombea, we don’t just fill positions; our IT staff augmentation services propel your projects to new heights.