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3 minutes read

[Sept. RECAP] Women2.0, Partnering with WeWork, Anniversary Note, and Product Tips

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
3 minutes read

September has been a great month for us. It’s led up even more so for the first couple of weeks in October as we finish up the quarter and get to celebrate our 7 year anniversary October 8th. We took a look at the numbers and can you believe we’ve built more than 200 apps across 5 continents since we started? It’s amazing how much we’ve done in such little time.

So what have we been up to this past September? We’ve had our VP of PM Ellie Cachette in San Francisco attending a conference like Women 2.0’s Howto, And we even secured a workshop on an Introduction to Software Agreements sponsored by WeWork that you can book for October 28th here. We had Erick Tarud and Nicolas Costa traveling throughout Latin America at the AndiCom Conference 2014 and Jonathan Tarud in San Francisco checking in with some of our clients.

Since this past quarter has been so great and was filled with SO much content, we wanted to give you the wrap-up and try something a little different. The amount of content we produced for you this month has been extraordinary and we want to make sure you get the low down.

We had our Growth Marketer, Kate Swanberg working with InVision on a guest blog post on 5 App Prototyping Tips for Project Managers and Growth Marketing on Women 2.0.

An Inc. article from Ellie Cachette on 5 Steps to Scale for Success giving a taste of advice from our CEO Jonathan Tarud on how to maximize your business and grow as fast as possible.

Along with our Guest postings, we’ve been delivering amazing articles for product managers weekly, and you’re going to want to subscribe for some more great stuff:

  • How to Plan for the Future, Even if You’re Using Agile talking about the common misconceptions of agile like it avoids long-term planning in favor of only planning a few weeks out…
  • Is a Scrum Development Process Right for You? Giving a bit of Scrum hilarious history outtake and how the elements of scrum actually help your business.
  • How to Make Your App Irresistible Through User Testing. This one was highly requested by our community, and we definitely delivered providing you with A/B testing, concept testing, and visual layout techniques.

How is your October rolling along? Looking for any other type of content? Or have any conferences you think we should be at? Send us an email at [email protected] and subscribe below for MVP, app, and agile updates bi-monthly!

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