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Koombea Culture
3 minutes read

7 Years later… A letter from Jonathan Tarud

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
Koombea Culture
3 minutes read

Dear family and friends,

This week, Koombea turns seven years old and on one hand, it has certainly been a lot of work. On the other, the time has passed by quickly. In our earliest days, I remember working with startups in their beginning stages to figure out product-market fit and now many of these “startups” have been acquired, merged or even grown to be much larger businesses themselves.

When we think about the success we often look on the outside at companies who appeared to “come out of nowhere” but really all great ideas take lots of dedicated work. Reflecting on our milestones at Koombea, I see a series of decisions we made as a team (more accurately family) that has brought us to where we are. Today we have over eighty team members and several offices all over the world and I take pride in watching our clients enjoy and maximize success by knowing we can handle almost anything needed on the technology and product development side.

Back in January we launched several helpful tools for early MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), kicked off a webinar series dedicated to developers and designers, and began collecting our research for our Whitepaper on How to Monetize Mobile Apps. We’ve released over 11 Slideshares that have reached over 42,000 readers worldwide and will be soon publishing webinars in four languages: English, Spanish, German and Russian. Our next webinar is with Nginx, a hosting company that I not only admire but powers over 30% of the internet.

Back in 2007, I had a vision of helping founders execute and build things they needed to get their businesses off the ground. I did not realize in the years that followed that I would also have the pleasure of watching our team members get married, raise families and grow personally as well as professionally with the company. At Koombea, we are lucky to have such talented team members as well as amazing clients who let us experiment and dig down to the core of what their business needs to succeed and assist them.

My goal years ago was to help builders and build. I did not realize that we would in fact as a company build alongside them. Its been a remarkable seven years evolving in our space and I can’t imagine how much more we will accomplish in the next seven to come.

Happy Birthday Koombea and special thanks to all Koombea customers for your loyalty,

Jonathan Tarud

CEO & Founder

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