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Koombea Culture
2 minutes read

9 Years and Counting: Koombea’s Anniversary

By Fabian Altahona
By Fabian Altahona
Koombea Culture
2 minutes read

October has been a very special month for us, as we celebrated Koombea’s anniversary. This year we turned nine and we couldn’t be happier to share this special time with everyone who’s helped us get where we are today.

Time is flying by, and a lot has happened in what seems like so little time. We wanted to take this opportunity to walk down memory lane and look back at Koombea’s (9) most memorable moments to date.

Remember that time when…

  1. We moved to our first “real” office. Funny story: when Koombea first started, we were working out of a garage. It wasn’t until after signed with us that we were able to rent an actual office space and start buying computers.
  2. We won our first Rails Rumble in 2009. It was our first time participating and we took top spot in three of the five categories: best design, most creative idea, and most complete application.
  3. We attended Future Insights Live Las Vegas in 2012. This was the first major international event that Koombea did not only sponsor, but also contributed to with two conference speakers.
  4. Our client, Badgeville, grew to become a pioneer in the “gamification” industry, obtaining a funding round of $40 million to continue growing their efforts.
  5. Skype acquired 3jam. This was a very exciting time for us, because for the first time one of our clients got acquired by a very well known company. This transaction gave us a lot more visibility in the industry.
  6. Our CEO, Jonathan Tarud, got nominated for Barranquilla’s “Businessman of the Year” in 2014. This was definitely a huge honor for him, and a great source of pride for the whole Koombea family.
  7. Motorola acquired Rhomobile. This gave us a chance to work with a great enterprise company for the first time.
  8. Our CEO was appointed to the Colombian TI selection, as a leader in the country’s technological revolution.
  9. Construction started on our new office building. The wait has been long, but move in day is finally around the corner.

However, it’s not all work and no play. We’ve had our fair share of fun over the years.

  • Soccer games at the office.
  • The Harlem Shake.
  • The first field trip with the whole team, paintball.

Thank you for being part of the Koombea family.

Here is to many more amazing years to come!


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