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Debuting at the Samsung developers conference, this project inspired Samsung developers all over the world to create apps employing thoughtful multiscreen technology, building highly personal customer experiences.



My team at Samsung loves working with Koombea because their front and back end code is clean, UX designs are fresh, and they can take on whatever work that you need. I want them all to myself, but their amazing work ethic has earned my strongest recommendation. They have integrated backend technology that was super complex and in alpha states, made updates as technology evolved, and tested well. Koombea is my go to team for a home run on pretty much anything I need.

Summer Paul Product Manager, Samsung

Imagining a multiscreen world

Samsung’s ecosystem of devices, experiences, and applications needed a multiscreen solution. Koombea was tasked with imagining an immersive beta experience powered through Samsung mobile application technology. Koombea built a prototype controlling users’ navigation through a suite of content experiences. A multiscreen experience controlled in the palm of their hand.

The prototype premiered at the Samsung Developers Conference with the express hope it would inspire Samsung’s global network of engineers to imagine the next generation of multiscreen immersion.


The multiscreen experience is driven by the mobile application. Users control secondary screens, like smart TV, through the hand-held mobile app, while viewers enjoy onscreen content. Communication among the experiences drives connectivity.

Twitter feeds can be layered over program content. Live sports are augmented by trivia games and statistics. The user has total control over their multiscreen experience, tapping into the full potential of Samsung’s application ecosystem.


Driving innovation


Presented at Samsung’s Developers Conference, the project inspired Samsung’s global network of engineers, driving innovation and challenging convention.


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