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Nauty 360

Nauty 360: Set the Course and Set Sail

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Nauty 360 is an innovative company present in various countries in the Caribbean. Making use of the sharing economy, it offers a complete portfolio of services for sea lovers. Whether you want to hire a boat for a couple of hours or a day, coordinate a family trip at sea with a chef included, or even find an insurance policy for your sea adventure, Nauty has you covered. Their goal, after all, is to deliver memorable experiences at sea.

What Type of Company: Nautical or Tech?

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At a glance, you might think that they are a nautical company that offers technology services and solutions for sea-lovers, but it’s the other way around. In reality, they are a tech company that is in the nautical business.

That’s how Alberto Farah, Nauty 360’s CEO, describes the company. He knew from the start that if he wanted to build a successful business, technology had to be one of its pillars. “Most companies see technology as a strategic tool. For us, it is an essential part of who we are,” says Farah. That explains why Nauty was so determined to get its platform and apps right.

Nauty’s Business Challenge

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One of Nauty’s challenges was building a technological platform from scratch that would allow them to integrate various services. They wanted to assist customers in hiring the services they need, and at the same time, enable sellers to offer their services in a secure and fast way.

The other challenge was getting the app’s UI right. Nauty wanted it to reflect their brand clearly, and this was not an easy thing to do. There was a lot of information to communicate to users, so it was crucial to prevent this from distorting the brand’s look and feel.

Knowing that they lacked some of the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a world-class technology brand, Nauty set out on an exploration.

The Adventure of a Lifetime Starts with the Right Crew

Right Team

Finding a development partner was a challenging task. Nauty wasn’t just looking for a platform. They wanted an extended team with whom they could work side by side to structure their company.

Nauty’s team had already worked with other development companies and things had not cruised well. Luckily, in their search for the right app development partner, they got referred to Koombea, and the happy story started.

The Platform’s Development Process

Once Nauty’s team was on board, it was time to start working on the platform. A lot of learning took place throughout the process.

Nauty’s team had a clear concept of what they needed, but they lacked the technical know-how. The Koombea team was always willing to help find the best solutions to make the right choices that would align with Nauty’s long term business needs. Nauty’s vision integrated perfectly with Koombea’s custom Agile development methodology.

Nauty 360 CEO Message

Nauty 360 CEO

“The entire process was crucial for us. Before starting with Koombea we didn’t even know what a backend developer was. Now I feel that I’m the product owner. We learned a lot about User Experience and Interfaces.”

Alberto Farah

Nauty 360 CEO

Obstacles Ahead: Grab the Rudder and Steer Your Boat

Nauty Web App

Being Nauty a tech company, the development process required choosing the right payment gateway. It had to adapt to Nauty’s long-term expansion needs. However, at a point in the process, the company’s expansion plans changed. A new set of countries were introduced in Nauty’s strategic growth plans. This meant the original decision was no longer the appropriate one.

The team was able to pivot to meet this new requirement quickly. Thanks to a custom Agile methodology, adapting was no problem. It was possible to restructure the timeline to avoid any significant inconvenience. In the end, although changes were introduced, the product ended up being what Nauty needed.

Another obstacle solved was the need to develop a world-class app with a limited budget. Sacrificing quality or affecting the User Experience were not valid options. Therefore, the solution was to create a hybrid app using React Native. This solution could perform the most critical functions while emulating a purely native app. Nauty’s team was delighted with the final product.

A Treasure Full of Gold: Nauty 360’s Platform

Nauty Mobile app

Nauty’s platform is delighting sea lovers. These are some of its most essential features and services provided:

The Benefits of Working with Koombea

Nauty enjoyed the following benefits:

Nauty 360’s Next Adventure

Arrows flying to the sky

Nauty’s team dreams of a world where tourism is more responsible and tourists can fulfill their desires through high-quality service and attention to detail. The 2020 pandemic impacted their business, but it didn’t stop them from growing. They have reinvented themselves to offer better experiences.

Although many challenges are yet to come, they know they have taken the right steps. This has allowed them to withstand these troubling times. Thanks to their platform and strategic decisions, they are confident that they will come out stronger and continue doing what they do best: taking you on your next sea adventure.

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