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Liz Caplan Vocal Coach

Empowering Singers Everywhere

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Front-end, UX/UI

The Vocal Coach mobile app is the result of an idea from the renowned vocal coach Liz Caplan.

Liz Caplan is one of the world’s pre-eminent vocal coaches, consultants, and teachers. With a career spanning over 30 years, her list of clients includes the Talking Head’s David Byrne, Hugh Jackman, as well as the renowned singer and composer Randy Newman. She’s also the vocal consultant for numerous film, TV, and Broadway productions.

Her ambitious project involved adapting her vocal techniques to a user-friendly app format, allowing people everywhere to supplement their vocal training.

This might sound like something minor, but it is a revolutionary idea that is helping thousands access world-class vocal training directly from their devices. Thanks to its scalable service model, Vocal Coach delivers a unique user experience for anyone wanting to learn, train, or strengthen their vocal skills.

The Desire to Empower Students

When Liz and her team reached out to Koombea, they had a clear idea of what they wanted to accomplish: empower students by giving them access to Liz’s proprietary vocal training techniques via an app They were aware that they lacked the technical expertise to execute such a project and were going to need help translating Liz’s professional skills into an app-friendly format that everyone could use.

Her passion pushed her team to find a way to solve the challenges related to adapting and scaling her services. Although they did not know what they had to do to achieve their goals, they had the drive to make it work. The Koombea team was glad to lend them a hand.

Being a single person in a global economy has certain limitations. After all, no individual who provides such a service can be everywhere. As you might have guessed, this did not stop Liz from moving forward.

Liz Caplan Vocal Coach President Message One

Vocal Coach President

“It was so long ago now that we’ve been working with Koombea that I can’t recall if it was a colleague who put me in touch, but I think it is one of the blessings in life you look back on, just like you might have met your significant other or anyone special in your life.”

Doug Maxwell

President of Media Right Productions and Liz Caplan Vocal Studios Creative Team

The Challenge: Scalability

Man over a Mountain

The main challenge that the Vocal Coach team faced was translating Liz’s expertise into a scalable service without losing her unique professional touch. They had very clear expectations of what they wanted to achieve, but they lacked the technical knowledge to make it scalable.

Many people find the idea of building an app very attractive, even when they don’t know the difficulties involved. This comes as no surprise. Apps have the power to transform a real-life experience into something that is very intuitive and easy to manage. However, doing so requires understanding the intricacies of the app development process and the technologies involved.

Liz and her team knew that an app could help them address their needs, but they weren’t sure how to do it or what the process required. They knew they needed a partner who could understand what they wanted to do without sacrificing her magic.

Liz Caplan Vocal Coach President Message Two

Vocal Coach President

“Every great teacher has to update their means of communication as the times change. Plato would take his students on a walk through Athens and teach them. Today we have an app.”

Doug Maxwell

President of Media Right Productions and Liz Caplan Vocal Studios Creative Team

To their delight, the Koombea team was able to address their needs, making the app development process enjoyable for everyone, and maintaining Liz’s touch. The key to doing so was focusing on a collaborative experience based on constant communication and honest feedback.

Solving Problems Through Collaboration

Team developing apps

There are many apps out there, and most of them never achieve the level of success that their creators want. Building a successful app requires considering many different factors, like the proper development technologies or a user-centered approach, and the process can sometimes be very demanding. Luckily, this wasn’t the case with the Vocal Coach app.

The Vocal Coach team and their app benefitted from a previous product developed by the team at Koombea. Developed for another project, the Vocal Coach app was developed using a white label solution for musical instruments. Although this was a different type of project, the same technologies and similar user personas were used. This helped develop the Vocal Coach app faster, reducing costs, and at the same time, taking advantage of already field-tested technologies and product specifications. The process became leaner, leapfrogging some time-demanding tasks and issues that had already been solved.

When building the app, collaboration was present with every single step. Both parties continuously kept an open communication, helping ideas flow freely. Most importantly, they allowed feedback to be honest and constructive. The process and the result ended up surpassing everyone’s expectations.

The Vocal Coach team found out that they were working with artists. This made the process feel like a concert. The Vocal Coach team brought the score, while Koombea made improvisation possible. The result ended up being a great jam where both parts displayed their talents doing what they do best. This approach resulted in a fluid collaboration where simplicity and directness guided every step of the process.

Liz Caplan Vocal Coach President Message Three

Vocal Coach President

“The mark of a successful collaboration is if the end result is greater than what you could have achieved on your own. With Koombea, there is no needless drama.”

Doug Maxwell

President of Media Right Productions and Liz Caplan Vocal Studios Creative Team

The Result

Vocal Coach App

Building a digital experience that competes with a real-world one is an art form. Koombea was able to transform a real-life situation into a digital one without losing its beauty in the process.

The result was a beautiful iOS app with a clean UI and a powerful learning experience that reflected Liz’s personality. It satisfied everyone’s expectations and most importantly, it was able to capture the magic of Liz’s techniques and empower her students.

Vocal Coach has gained 100,000 users since its inception, and it plans to keep on reaching many more people who want to experience Liz’s unique vocal training methods. The Vocal Coach app will continue to add specialized in-depth content to address the requests of its users.

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