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As a patient, dealing with the healthcare system can be difficult. The good thing is that a MedTech solution like Fashioned Health can help. The company is on a mission to reduce unequal access to healthcare and improve patients' health span through easy-to-use digital tools.

Medical Care for Everyone

Like other groundbreaking ideas, Fashioned Health was born from the personal experience of its founder. As a healthcare professional, Thomas Caraballo, founder of Fashioned Health, experienced some of the problems patients had to go through to access the health system. He realized many opportunities existed to improve patients' journeys and deliver a seamless medical experience. 

Although Thomas had no experience building digital products, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. For him, the goal was to reduce unequal access to healthcare and improve the service. With this in mind, he embarked on an adventure to create Fashioned Health, but first, he needed to find a development partner to help him structure and develop his idea.

The Right Mobile App Development Partner

The Right Mobile App Development Partner

Despite his medical expertise, Thomas lacked the knowledge to build a mobile app. He knew there is a significant difference between understanding the medical system and the technical knowledge to solve its problems using an app.

After some research, he stumbled upon Koombea. Our team's MedTech experience caught his attention. He knew this could help him develop Fashioned Health the way he envisioned it. 

Having had the first interaction, two crucial factors convinced him that Koombea was the right app development partner: the team’s proficiency in helping him conceptualize his idea, and the team's ability to translate the technical aspects and requirements of that exercise into a language he could easily understand. After this, he decided to move forward.

Tom Caraballo, Fashioned Health's Founder Message

Fashioned Health's Founder

“The team really believed in my mission and vision. They were so invested in it that they felt like part of my company.”

Tom Caraballo

Fashioned Health's Founder

Fashioned Health App Overview

Building a Healthcare App

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Building a mobile healthcare app poses specific challenges. For a start, it requires data to comply with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA requires healthcare providers to protect patients’ sensitive data by following specific laws and regulations.

The app's development process considered this aspect since day one. Knowing that the client lacked the technical knowledge necessary to build a HIPAA-compliant MedTech app, the Koombea team suggested addressing the issue. Koombea's GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) team implemented a rigorous data treatment to comply with the requirements. They were involved throughout the process, from early decisions to the final deployment of the app.

The design team also played an important role. Fashioned Health was new, so the company needed to establish their brand image from scratch to build their app. The design team delivered a custom look and feel that adequately reflected Fashioned Health's unique identity.

Technical Solutions and Frameworks Used

Some development challenges faced by the team included technical aspects like integrating a payment gateway and a messaging solution to notify patients and medical professionals. For the first case, the team used a Stripe-based payment solution while ensuring the app adhered to PCI compliance principles. For the second case, the team decided to use Sendbird, as it delivered the type of messaging the app needed. Another feature of the app was the possibility of performing video calls using Twilio. This has helped patients and medical professionals communicate without friction.

For the back-end, the team opted for Ruby on Rails as the main framework. On the front-end, the product was built using Swift and Kotlin to guarantee a top native mobile experience. These decisions helped develop the world-class product that Fashioned Health was expecting.

Keeping Users at the Center

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One major challenge that patients commonly face is understanding the results of their medical exams. Doing this requires advanced medical knowledge provided by specialists. The Koombea team understood this and saw it as an opportunity to improve the experience thanks to its user-centered approach.

To do this, the design team suggested displaying test results as a visualization that would help patients better comprehend the information without the help of a doctor. This was not intended to replace the thorough interpretation of results performed by doctors. Instead, it was a way to empower users over their results without going through the usual wait time. It ended up being one of the most attractive aspects of the Fashioned Health app. 

Aside from helping users make sense of the information, the app also provides a feature that helps users set their health goals on a case-by-case basis. In other words, the app allows users to address their specific concerns by focusing on customization.

The Next Step for Fashioned Health

The Fashioned Health mobile app has helped many users improve their journeys throughout the healthcare system. In the future, the company plans to keep growing its user base and reduce the inequalities that patients suffer when dealing with the healthcare system.

To achieve this, Fashioned Health will continue to work with Koombea. This will help guarantee that the app is always up to date and deliversthe best possible User Experience to patients.

Tom Caraballo, Fashioned Health's Founder second Message

Fashioned Health's Founder

“Our goal is to help advance healthcare. Koombea will help us do this with some really cool tools.”

Tom Caraballo

Fashioned Health's Founder

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