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Why Small Is Big In Wearable Technology And Capitalizing On The Latest Trends

Earlier considered to be the prerogative of the nerdy population, wearable technology in present times has caught the fancy of one and all as it has something to offer for every demographic group out there.

It has already been touted as the next big revolution after smartphones, which will transform the way we live.

Wearable fitness technology and more are working at being as personal as can be… where you can wear it in your clothing, jewelry, accessories, glasses, when you sleep, watches and even your skin.

The evolution of wearables especially in the health and fitness domain has been tremendous, with the devices getting smaller, faster, cheaper and more powerful every day.

Coming to think of it, this evolution has been following a definite pattern. Computing technology is becoming 100 times smaller each decade.

Remember the ENIAC computer which filled an entire room back in 1956 to the personal computers fired by micro chips; followed by smart phones in pockets which rule the roost with the power they bring to the consumer.

And now, innovation has taken a huge leap by packing the capabilities of smart phones and tablets into your daily wearable tech gear like watches, health monitors, fitness trackers (think Fitbit), and far, far more.

The Trends You Need To Know About

A whole crop of new trends have been influencing the kind of wearable technology that’s coming to the market and taking consumers by the masses. The key ones include:

  • Symbiotic relationship with Cloud Technology
    The increased focus on “small” has been further driven by the cloud technology, the combination of which has generated mind-blowing results.For instance, wearable device SIGMO is a language translator that can be clipped on shirt or worn on wrist, a size which is very convenient to manage and roam around with. By connecting with cloud, it provides real-time voice translation of 25 languages. Who wouldn’t like to buy this amusing petite product at a cool affordable price of $50?Another interesting invention which is categorized under health domain wearables are the smart and stamp sized electronic “tattoos”. These enable continuous fetal monitoring including hydration levels, muscle activity heart rate and body temperature. Not bad at all for a device which is as small as a stamp.
  • New wave of embedded and implanted wearables
    Companies that create products around the “small/micro size” as the design mainstay have been generating more funds from crowdsourcing units and angel investors than all others in the wearable tech field.The demand for these compact products speaks for itself. Further along the wearable continuum will be the “embeddables” which may be placed under the skin or swallowed.A classic example is the Proteus smart pill that triggers text to the doctor or relative, once the medication is consumed by the patient.The future holds promise in terms of wearable technology that can take pictures of the GI tract or limbs thus reducing the dependency of prosthetics or invasive diagnostic procedures.It may seem as a sci-fi movie in action when we talk about implanted microchips and processors. However, as the consumer wants more of tiny technology, the sci-fi experience will become a reality.The principle of “Portability” has made the size to matter. Devices with the mini mold concept are smaller hardware wise and faster software wise.
  • Power of prediction
    Immediate information is just not enough for today’s consumer. Wearable devices over set time period s and offer information accordingly. Portable devices plan and prepare for the future.A great example of this feature is smart cars with intuitive GPS. This GPS tells you what roads to avoid due to traffic or it can tell you quickly where fuel stations in the vicinity are at.
  • Design centered on productivity and business application
    Giants in the tech industry who work on wearable technologies are manufacturing products to increase workplace efficiencies. Devices used for viewing the inside a patient’s vein are now being adopted by construction workers to identify defects in piping and walls.Wireless headsets, wrist displays and tech lanyards are helping the retail employees to access information on the go.PayPal on the other hand is soon launching app for Samsung Gear watches using which the customers can easily make payments right from their wristwatch.
  • Adopt a personalized approach for market share
    An object worn on the body is a personal thing of choice. Experimentation with different looks is part of the deal. Companies like Cuff and Misfit have tapped on this ideology by offering personalized approach to wearable tech. Their technology nests inside a system of jewelry that a person can select from an array of options. Tech gadget and fashion statement at once.
  • Efficient and accurate
    Alternative forms of energy to power wearables are on the rise. Famous apparel brand launched clothing line . This disruptive technology when combined with commercial viability will be a real breakthrough to look out for.Companies are also investing in research to make their wearables more accurate in their numbers in order to guarantee its effectiveness to the consumers.
  • Sentient and seamless
    Real win of the wearable technology lies in the fact that it is able to gauge mood and interest of the person wearing it and give suggestions/ads based on the data collected.Superior inventions like wireless bracelets , earplugs to automatically play the next song basis the wearer’s mood, responsive bracelets with thermoelectric pulses for heating/cooling your body are the type of inventions that is waiting to lure mainstream public and make them part of everyday living.

Where The Trends Are Pointing

Collectively these trends in wearable technology are moving towards the Internet of Everything, providing rich and valuable connections among people, business, and data. It’s exciting to see this progress, and we can bet on seeing more and more of wearable technology as the weeks pass.

What do you think the potential uses of wearable technology?

How do you feel about “augmented reality” and embedding technology on your body?

Have you got some creative marketing ideas in mind about how you could use wearable technology in your business? Or maybe you are excited about current wearable trends being talked about.

The potential with wearable tech is yet untapped. There are some companies that are doing interesting things, but perhaps your company will come up with something creative and extraordinary. If the only barrier was creativity and you had unlimited resources, what would you do?

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