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4 minutes read

How to Create a Bulletproof Marketing Strategy Centered Around Wearable Technology

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
4 minutes read

Let’s make it clear – in the war of wearables, the biggest battle is finding the right audience for your innovation.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Google Glasses, or what about wearing a Fitbit?

Well, we have come to a point where wearable technology has impacted the everyday life of fitness tracking people. But is not just about fitness, you have also smartwatches, industrial display systems, the well-known Google Glass, and many others that are still in progress.

IMS and Deloitte, in their recent research studies have predicted the numbers to reach around 100 million devices by 2016, making the overall market of wearable technology exceed $6B mark.

(yes, what are you waiting for?)

An this is just a conservative forecast; which means there are more reasons for marketing professionals to revisit their game plan and double down on what’s working now.

So, don’t wait until the next big idea, these are the bulletproof strategies you need to focus-on to make your business grow:

4 Bulletproof Tech Marketing Strategies

Take Advantage from your proximity to the customers

Marketing is all about connecting and making “that” lasting impression. However, with wearables this concept can go even further, now that you are capable of delivering “just in time” nuggets and notifications – timing matters – there is no excuse.

Apple’s iBeacon technology has already created foothold with this high proximity concept whereby the consumers walking through a store will receive product information, reviews and promotional coupons.

For the health and fitness wearables, your marketing strategy can explore possibilities to give alerts about nearest fitness centres, refreshment kiosks, stores selling nutrition supplements. You should always remember that proximity is not only location based but also mood and emotion based.

‘Data’ is the word

Real-time feedback? The fitness wearables may provide loads of data about the user. Making sense of this data i.e. analytics for some actionable insight will give advantage to an organization over its competitors. This will further help your business to come closer to the customer by creating personalized profiles. Security and privacy of the user data is another aspect that should be covered by the health app on the wearable.

Save some budget for Tests

In order to innovate and give something really unique to early adopters, marketers need to save some budget for micro experiments to understand what works in short term and long term. This is especially important if you want to maintain the leadership position, always ahead.

Integration is the Key

Health wearables must interact and integrate consistently with other smart devices that the user may have. The pathways to push and pull information should be easily established. The Nike FuelBand is a very good example of how a fitness band syncs all the data into the Iphone, making it trendy and useful to track activity progress. Another must have feature these days is the ability to share information socially. Marketing plan needs to have clear information categories that can be made public by the user on platforms like Snapchat, Vine, Facebook or Twitter.

You can read more about integration in How To Be An Effective Product Manager and see the 5 Ways to Prepare Your Biz For The Mobile Year.

It’s Still Early, But Get Ready For A Revolution

The health and fitness wearable segment, though miles ahead of other wearable technology, is still in its nascent stages (Don’t miss the opportunity). It is on the cusp of a health and data revolution.

This leaves a gaping hole open for organizations to come up with bulletproof marketing strategies that combine imagination, experiments and data to create and further progress wearable tech, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Is your company ready for this revolution? How are you taking advantage of wearable technology? Join the trend!

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