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6 minutes read

Top Shopify Plugins for eCommerce Businesses

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
6 minutes read

In case you missed the memo, Koombea has joined forces with Shopify Plus. There are plenty of reasons why this makes a powerful team, and we’d love to chat with you about that. That said, there are also plenty of excellent plugins that can instantly optimize your eCommerce marketplace. These are all low cost and high reward options that can make an instant impact for you, so let’s check them out. 

Free Shipping Bar

Never underestimate the power of free or discounted shipping. In fact, surprise shipping costs or delays are a leading reason for abandoning full shopping carts, and free shipping is a big incentive for consumers to reach a certain spending amount in any particular shopping binge. This handy tool can customize a free shipping button to appear on various pages, and can be adjustable for different countries, currencies, items, or time periods. It can even recommend targeted complementary items to help consumers to reach the spending threshold, so it can help conversions multiply.

HubSpot CRM

Now, this is a powerhouse of a plugin. HubSpot is a very effective marketing and customer relations management (CRM) tool, and this plugin lets Shopify and HubSpot share and organize customer data for all sorts of uses. For example, if there’s an abandoned shopping cart out there, HubSpot will help you automate email responses to encourage the buyer towards a conversion. It’ll also help you aggregate data regarding individual consumer behavior and predicting future purchases, while creating reports for sales, marketing, and buying departments to analyze for days. Automating your marketing and CRM takes a tremendous load of your hard-working employees, and ensures consistency and targeted messaging throughout. 


Rilo was created here at Koombea and allows brands to reach their consumers in a more engaging way. Rilo improves the look of a Shopify site with easy-to-use tools and drag and drop features. The best part? No coding is required! Pages created with Rilo look great on both desktop and mobile. Telling your brand’s story on your site can be difficult if you don’t know much about coding. But with Rilo, you can increase the visual appeal of your user experience.

Wishlist Plus

We all made wish lists around the holidays when we were kids, and it was undoubtedly a tremendous help to our parents during the shopping frenzy. Well, online shopping sites are no different, and having a wish list option on your website or app keeps desired items lined up for future purchase, as well as informing your friends and family about what you’re hoping for. More importantly to you, it gives you data about how and when to target this consumer with discounts and similar items that are in stock. The Wishlist Plus plugin lets you install wish lists anywhere, and gives you an easy to navigate dashboard to check and analyze the customer metrics, even when they’re offline. This is a great example of setting the consumer up to willingly volunteer their information to better serve their needs. 

Social Photos

If you’re in the online marketing business, you know how important social media exposure is. If people like your product and want to post pictures with it, they’ll usually tag your brand automatically. This is amazing exposure and social proof…but only if you are able to track down all these images and organize them for optimal exposure. This plugin automatically finds these images and puts them into a gallery, where you can then sort them by individual product or line to drive more conversions. It will even sort out poor quality images that wouldn’t show the product to its best advantage.

This is one less task that your marketing team has to tackle, so consider the sum of all these plugins working together to free up countless hours and resources. 

Plug In SEO

Keeping up with SEO, with constantly changing algorithms and formulas, can be a very stressful and labor-intensive process. And we all know how important it is to stay on top of the search engine list…your business might literally depend on it. This Shopify plugin constantly analyzes and reports on how your various aspects (blog, upload speed, bad links, keywords, etc.) are performing in the current SEO space. Yes, there are other tools to aid you in this process, but this lets you integrate your Shopify data with all your other metrics to figure out the best way to optimize your site. This is an aspect of your digital business that you can’t afford to ignore, so get all the help you can. 

Smile. io

Here’s a well-known secret: keeping and satisfying existing customers is far easier and more cost effective than trying to get new ones. Now, continuing the battle to bring new consumers in is one you can’t ever give up. That said, this plugin helps you focus on customer retention, which brings expected revenue and acts as a potential advocate for your brand.

Enter loyalty and rewards programs. These seem simple, but truly do work to retain and build loyalty with your existing customers. Offer perks like free shipping, exclusive deals, and reward points to customers that stick with your brand. This plugin syncs up with all of your commerce and social channels, and lets you carefully craft the optimal program that works for you. You can also build VIP levels and referral programs that reward both your customers and your brand, so it’s worth checking out. 


Obviously, you don’t want anybody leaving your app or site without buying something. Well, it happens. But you certainly don’t need anyone just popping off elsewhere without any input from you. OptiMonk lets you send all sorts of messages to those folks who are on their way off your page. With fully customizable popups, you can subtly remind your visitors what they’re missing out on. Texts, videos, discounts…you can make this messaging however you like, including what action triggers the popup and the option to enter feedback so you can understand why they’re leaving. All in easy to use templates that match your branding and design perfectly. 


As we mentioned above, social media exposure is crucial, and paid social ads are essential to getting your brand in front of the right eyeballs. So, why not pick a plugin that helps you create these ads and help you monitor their progress?

Kit does all of that, getting your brand on targeted Facebook and Instagram pages to ensure the optimal response. It can also generate reports, send automated thank you and discount notifications, and SMS message you when it needs your attention. Again, handling social media accounts is hard work, so get all the help you can.

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