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6 minutes read

Koombea has Partnered with Shopify Plus – Why That Helps Your Business

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
6 minutes read

Sometimes, it helps to have friends in high places. The announcement that Koombea has formed a partnership with eCommerce giant Shopify Plus is big news indeed…and that means tremendous advantages for anyone who partners with Koombea for a new commerce-related app. Let’s take a look at why this is such a big deal. 

What is Shopify Plus?

Now, there are lots of eCommerce platforms out there to choose from. Problem is, it’s typically not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. Smaller startups and younger enterprises need an intuitive solution that helps them get started. Once success hits, it’ll need to scale up quickly to handle larger volume and other variables. And for larger businesses, they need the ability to handle enormous orders, plus massive technical support for such large amounts of commerce. That’s a lot for one platform to handle.

Yet that’s exactly what Shopify Plus does. Since its debut a few years ago, it has settled atop the list of eCommerce platforms as the go-to for almost every conceivable app or website. It offers a long list of benefits for every user, and has piled up awards and five-star reviews along the way. Let’s go over a few features that Shopify Plus offers that makes it a perfect partner for your business. 

Perks of Shopify Plus

Young startup businesses face a lot of challenges. Budgets are tight, deadlines are looming, and staff may not be familiar with all the ins and outs of various payment portals. Not to mention that inventory is still unpredictable, and technical bugs and glitches have the potential to derail your site at any time. If your retail mobile app starts with Shopify Plus, you can rest a bit easier knowing that a lot of these issues are covered from the beginning.

  • Cost: Due to its popularity and flexibility, Shopify Plus has a sliding scale type of pricing that can accommodate any size of business, based on the amount of sales and customization needed. This lets cash-strapped enterprises start affordably, and scale up as its popularity does.
  • Support: For relatively inexperienced workers, this platform offers intuitive design and constant support for the starting stages. The combination of Koombea’s development team and the ease of the platform lets you worry about other things besides the technical side.
  • Inventory: Koombea taps into the power of Shopify Plus to help enter, manage and control all the intricacies of your growing inventory, as well as notify you when shortages and returns start to become a problem.
  • Speed: Many enterprise-level apps and sites have a great idea that needs to beat the competition to the market. With so many features and superior UX  from the get-go, Koombea can get your app out and on the market fast. 

Shopify Plus Combined with Koombea

Whether you start big, are ramping up rapidly, or have a large business that isn’t operating as well as it should, Koombea and Shopify Plus together can provide instant solutions to big problems in a decisive and progressive way.

  • Bandwidth: With rapid growth comes stressed and overloaded systems. Between Koombea’s model of scalability and agile development and operations and Shopify Plus’ enormous bandwidth capability, expansion should be seamless. Plus, the solid and constant IT support provided assures downtime is virtually eliminated, keeping you open for business around the clock.
  • Payment Solutions: Often, businesses get forced into payment portals that are inefficient or not powerful enough for their growing needs. Shopify Plus gives a wealth of options, from over 70 payment gateways to international languages and currencies. Even businesses that use blockchain and Bitcoin technology will work, as Koombea has experience with implementing this technology. A safe and smooth payment portal on your app or site makes all the difference with user satisfaction.
  • Reports: Even while business is brisk, you need to be on top of trending topics, what’s working and what’s not, and all other profit and loss issues. Between Koombea and Shopify Plus, you can get real-time comprehensive reports anywhere and anytime on an easy-to-understand dashboard interface. With emerging artificial intelligence capabilities, you can even start to take advantage of predictive technology that can guide you towards your next big step.
  • Multichannel and Multiplatform: Competing in today’s market means you need the flexibility and adaptability to present your existing sales channels on every conceivable device and platform. Superior API capability means you can implement existing or future operations smoothly and quickly.
  • Security: Koombea has a long history of using the absolute best security measures on all their products, from end-to-end encryptions to the latest in authentication measures. Add in the fact that Shopify Plus is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, and you and your users can rest easy knowing their data and money is safe.

Simplify Your Process

There are several other considerations to take into account, if they haven’t been already been covered above. Expansion into wholesale/B2B areas can be lengthy and complicated, but Shopify Plus has simplified this process by introducing a separate platform that integrates with your existing account to do just that. Not only does Shopify Plus keep checkout processes smooth and uncomplicated, together with Koombea they can increase conversion rates by offering flash discounts and bundled items that might pair up with the existing items already in the cart. There are even automated processes that kick in near checkout that recognizes high-volume or return customers and rewards them with personalized emails, all while setting multiple handling and shipping actions in motion to ensure expedient shipping and proper inventory control.

Simply put, pairing the experience and agility of Koombea’s development agency with the world’s best eCommerce platform is a win-win for the client and their potential users. Expert UX creation, customizable features that put change in the hands of the business, and constant technical support are just a few of the many reasons this partnership can put all these advantages to work for you.

Do you want to explore how Koombea can utilize Shopify Plus for your brand? Get in touch with us for a free consultation!

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