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5 minutes read

All Team Staffing for Software Development

By Tony Meazell
By Tony Meazell
5 minutes read

Finding the right team members for your software project can be a hard task. Many staff augmentation companies offer very inconvenient services as they do not offer what works for you, but what works for them. 

This task becomes even harder when you need to hire an entire software development team. Whether you need to build an app, configure an IoT network, set up your cloud services, or any other IT project, you will need to hire the best talent available. You don’t want to leave these tasks in the hands of just anyone, as this might compromise your business performance. 

Choosing the right staff augmentation partner requires considering some important elements. In this post we share our advice on how to hire an all team staff for your software development project. 

The Right Team

Each software project is different. However, no matter what you are developing, your team will surely need one of the following:

  • Developers: these are the members of your team who make things happen. They make sure that your ideas become a reality through code. Ideally, it is best to have developers who are also engineers, as these skills grant them an extra edge when it comes to building products that excel. 
  • Designers: making sure your project is engaging, useful, and accessible are just some of the many things that designers do. They work to guarantee that users love your product, and they test what works from what doesn’t, always communicating your brand, even in the smallest details. 
  • Project Managers: every team needs a leader. Project managers make sure that every member of your all staff team is aligned with your goals. They are the ones responsible for the timely execution of your project. 

Additionally, depending on what the specific characteristics of your project are, you may also need to bring technologists onboard. In general, they have specialized knowledge on several topics.

  • Quality Assurance: guaranteeing the quality of your project is a must. Quality engineers work to detect potential risks and bugs that might affect your product’s performance. 
  • DevOps: setting up your cloud services is fundamental if you want the server-side of your project to work properly. A proper cloud configuration can make a difference in terms of scaling your business when the time to grow comes.
  • Machine Learning: using your data to deliver innovative features can help you automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Machine Learning experts like mathematicians can help you build the right MLOps pipeline. 

Lastly, you might also want to include some strategists within your team to make sure that everything is well planned from a business perspective.  

  • Business Analysts: it is important to make sure that your business model is properly laid out. Understanding your project in terms of users and epic stories is easy thanks to Business analysts. 
  • Service Designers: understanding the user journey for your project is essential to guarantee a great user experience. Service designers can help you identify pain points and reduce friction throughout the journey. 

How to Hire an All Team Staffing for Software Projects

One of the hardest things about hiring an all team staff is finding the right service provider. Many staff augmentation companies are willing to say yes to anything you want, but in reality, this does not occur. Sometimes employees don’t have the right credentials to work in your project, or staffing companies just hire them specifically for your project without validating the quality of their work. 

Here are some things to look for when hiring IT staff augmentation services

  1. Look for flexibility at the moment of choosing. Hiring what you really need is important. If you have the possibility to hire by the hour, that’s a good signal that you are working with someone who offers the right conditions for your project. 
  2. Make sure that the individual team members you are hiring have the right credentials. Experience and time working with the company are important factors. This indirectly speaks of the quality of someone’s work and the chance that they perform properly throughout your project. Scrum certifications and experience with Agile software development are a plus. 
  3. Prioritizing communication with your augmented development team is crucial. Only when everyone is on board and aligned with your goals can great things happen. IT staff service providers should be willing to guarantee you constant and clear communication. 

Wrapping It Up

Hiring an all team staff can be a great decision if you manage to find the right service provider. It is important to identify what you need as well as hiring under the right conditions. Consider prioritizing flexibility, the right credentials, and communication. 

If you want to see what an ideal all team staffing should look like, take a look at Koombea’s IT staff augmentation services. Our experience has taught us what our clients really need, and that’s why we value giving them the best hiring conditions to develop their software projects. Thanks to our years as an app development company, we’ve been able to build a strong multidisciplinary team that is ready to integrate into your project. 

Contact us for a free consultation and find out more about our staff augmentation services. 

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