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Agile Project Management Services

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We draw on our Project Management experience to ensure that your project reaches its greatest potential and efficiency. Our experienced project managers keep a close eye on critical details — and the big thinking behind them — so you can focus on your business success.

Why Agile Methodology for Mobile & Web Development?

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Software development projects change constantly, as an early adopter of agile project management processes, Koombea can respond to change swiftly and produce results that regularly exceed our clients’ expectations.

We understand that change happens and we focus on an agile approach to development. We are your partner for high-quality app development. We produce features with priority business value up front while using on-going, real-time data to efficiently manage scope, time frame, and budget.

Agile Manifesto

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Valued Interactions with Individuals

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Operational Software over Excessive Documentation

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Collaborating with Customers over negotiating contracts

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Responding and Reacting to Change over sticking to the plan

Agile Benefits

The Timeline

Our sprint-based agile development approach reduces project risks. This collaborative approach allows you to give feedback and input that will shape future iterations and will ultimately lead to the best solution for your business.

Agile Transformation

Your enterprise needs high-end deliverables, a streamlined timeline to market, and predictable outcomes. Our innovative scrum master team helps you adopt and integrate Agile, leading to satisfied clients, higher revenue, and an increased ‘agile’ approach to future projects.

Project/Program Management Advisory

We assess your project and recommend improvements. Our team can apply our proven processes, methodologies, best practices and tools.

Scrum Masters

At the center of Agile Release is the scrum master, in charge of training, coaching, and optimizing every individual throughout the process. Our expert scrum masters are well-versed in the art of constructing Agile teams and seamlessly installing them into your company.

Technical Solutions & Experienced Project Management

Project implementation is about much more than technical know-how.

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Strategic Mindset

We know that every project is different. Our project managers will have deep understanding of your business and will lead the team to maximize the capability and prioritize the work to achieve the right goals.

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Agile Experts

We have used SCRUM in more than 500 projects. Our experienced Project Managers are here to help you get to a timely and on budget release of useable product.

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Effective Communication

Our project managers will go over the details of your strategy in a transparent and comprehensive manner before the project ever starts. Once you know the plan and how it’s progressing, you can own the process and manage and track the work as needed.

About Koombea

We offer custom software solutions and consulting services to help you streamline your business process and improve efficiency. Our team has the technological prowess to help you every step of the way from conception to ongoing post-launch optimization.

Some of the Brands that Trust Us

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