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Agile Project Management Services

Agile Project Management Services

Through our Project Management services, we ensure the implementation of your project strategy is efficient and effective throughout the stages of software development.

Using a custom Agile software Project Management methodology

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Using a custom Agile software Project Management methodology, our experienced project managers keep a focus on critical details of your project so you can concentrate on the success of your business.

An Agile Methodology for Mobile & Web App Development

Our Agile Methodology

An IT Project Management consultant has the responsibility of helping plan the development of your digital product while meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

Because software development projects change constantly, you need someone flexible enough to adapt to the different stages of project management. Through our custom Agile development methodology, you will be able to easily adapt to the needs of your project.

Our Areas of Project Management Expertise

Unlike traditional project management consulting companies, we work side by side with you. That’s why we are considered a strategic partner for high-quality app development.

Using an Agile approach, we build digital products, prioritizing business value upfront while using on-going, real-time data to efficiently manage scope, time frame, and budget.

These are some of our areas of Project Management expertise:


Product Ideation

Validate your project strategy before going into full production of your product.


Product Design

Integrate powerful design elements like a User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).


Quality Assurance (QA)

Identify bugs and potential risks before hitting the market. Avoid headaches through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methods.

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Implement DevOps best practices throughout the development stages of your project.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Use real-time data to improve your decisions and optimize your app development process.

Staff People

IT Staff Augmentation

Prioritize flexibility and easily integrate into your project the talent and skills needed.

The Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto revolutionized the world of software development thanks to its hands-on approach. These are its core principles that we follow by heart:

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Interactions with individuals over processes and tools

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Operational software over excessive documentation

shake hands

Collaborating with customers over negotiating contracts

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Responding and reacting to change over sticking to the plan

Some Benefits of Our Agile Project Management Services

Our custom Agile Project Management methodology has been tested in 1000+ software development projects successfully. These are some of its Project Management use cases:

Reduce Timeline Risks

Our sprint-based Agile development approach reduces project timeline risks. This collaborative approach allows you to stay in the loop, giving feedback and input that will shape future iterations and will ultimately lead to the best solution for your business.

Agile Transformation

Your enterprise needs high-end deliverables, a streamlined time-to-market, and predictable outcomes. Our innovative Scrum Master team helps you adopt and integrate Agile, leading to your satisfaction, higher revenue, and an increased Agile approach to future projects.

Project Management Advisory

We assess your project and recommend improvements to optimize your productivity and achieve your goals. Our team can apply our proven processes, methodologies, best practices, and tools so that you can learn the principles of an Agile work methodology.

Scrum Masters

A scrum master is similar to a PMP consultant for software development. They train, coach, and optimize every individual throughout the project. Our project managers are certified Scrum Masters, versed in the art of constructing Agile teams and integrating them into your company.

Advanced Project Consulting for Software Development

Project implementation is about much more than technical know-how. It also requires a human-driven approach that guarantees a strong team dynamic through clear and defined goals. At Koombea we prioritize the following:

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Strategic Mindset

We understand that every app development project is different. Our project managers will focus on your business needs, helping the team maximize productivity and quality.

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Agile Experts

We have used Scrum successfully since 2007. Our experienced and certified Scrum Master Project Managers are available to help you get to a timely and on-budget release of a usable digital product.

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Effective Communication

Our project managers will go over the details of your project strategy in a transparent and comprehensive manner before the kickoff. You will own the process, managing and tracking the work as needed.

About Koombea

Since 2007, we offer custom software solutions and project management services to help you streamline your business processes and achieve your goals. Our team has the technological prowess to help you out through the stages of project management, from conception to ongoing post-launch optimization.

Partnerships and Certifications

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