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Quality Assurance & User Testing

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At Koombea we are committed to ensuring software quality and usability with the use of QA and testing services. Our QA Engineers are ready to perform Functional, Automation, and Performance Tests.

Our comprehensive testing methodology guarantees that all functional and design elements are thoroughly examined throughout the development process. We make sure that defects, anomalies, and bugs are addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why QA Matters

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Defect Injection
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Detecting bugs and defects at an early stage of your project helps avoid rework and reduces costs. Not doing so may compromise your app’s engagement and can result in expensive fixes.

Our QA Approach

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We resume our QA philosophy in one word: Prevention

Thanks to our commitment to Continous Integration and Continous Deployment, we can efficiently track your project and identify potential improvements.

How We Guarantee Quality

We conduct extensive QA tests on all platforms and devices, including functionality and performance tests, as well as risk analysis. Every detail of your app’s future is meticulously examined with customized cross-browsing and mobile API testing. This guarantees the scalability and longevity of your app.

Our Agile Testing Strategy

Obsession With Detail + Powerful QA Tools = Engaging App

About Koombea

Since 2007 we have been effectively testing products for multiple companies who have adopted an Agile methodology. If you have recently started with Agile, you’ll need a hand in a variety of processes, including velocity, QA measures, metrics, and more. It doesn’t matter what you need, our expert team of QA engineers can help you.

Why Trust Us

Show Those Bugs Who’s The Boss

Check out Koombea’s Quality Assurance guide and identify potential threats before they occur.


Some of the Brands that Trust Us

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