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App Development
7 minutes read

Custom Web App Development Techniques

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
App Development
7 minutes read

The most effective custom web app development techniques are primarily powered by frontend and backend development frameworks. Not only do frameworks simplify the web app development process, but they also serve as the foundation for web applications. You would be hard-pressed to find a great web application that was not built with frameworks. 

You must use development frameworks to build a website or a web application. However, there are several different frameworks that you could use to build your web application. So how do you know which frameworks best suit your web app? Choosing the right technologies separates great web developers from decent web developers. 

This post will highlight a few of the most popular frontend and backend web app development frameworks, so you can better understand which web technologies are best suited for your web application. 

Custom Web App Development: Frameworks

Much like custom mobile app development, in web applications, you have a frontend and backend. The backend of a web application describes the functions that go on behind the scenes out of view from users. But, conversely, a web application’s frontend describes what users see and interact with. 

Development frameworks simplify complex integrations, communications, and features to provide users with a seamless, cohesive web app experience. Typically, web developers will use one framework on the backend and another on the frontend. In many cases, you will have web developers specializing in backend or frontend web development and separate teams working on each aspect of the web application. 

Popular Backend Web App Development Frameworks 

The backend of a web application is the engine that powers the entire app. Therefore, web app developers must choose the backend framework most aligned with the needs of the web application. There are several remarkable backend frameworks that developers can choose from. The most popular options are:

  • Ruby on Rails 
  • Laravel 
  • Django 

Ruby on Rails 

Ruby on Rails is a backend framework best suited for creating database-backed web applications using the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Ruby on Rails, or Rails as many developers call it, is best known for its readability and expressiveness. However, one of the biggest strengths of Rails is that it is easy to learn, especially if you already know a little about the programming language Ruby. 

Ruby on Rails allows developers to seamlessly create database tables, handle migrations, and use scaffolding views for more efficient web development. Developers love Ruby on Rails because it allows them to accomplish more while writing less code. The driving philosophy behind Ruby on Rails is convention over configuration. 

In addition to being easily readable and expressive, Rails boasts many plugins, extensive documentation, a big online support community, and an abundance of additional resources for developers. If you’re looking for an example of Ruby on Rails being used in a popular web application, you need to look no further than Airbnb. Airbnb uses Ruby on Rails to power the backend of their web and mobile applications


Laravel is a backend development framework based on the language PHP. Laravel also uses a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It also boasts its own database migration and command line interface, Artisan Console. The driving principle behind Laravel is making common web app tasks such as caching, routing, and authentication as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality. 

Laravel has several advantages, including an elegant syntax, a comprehensive modern toolkit, a large ecosystem, extensive documentation, excellent community support, and the ability to accommodate large development teams. For example, while you might not be familiar with the Pfizer web application, this pharmaceutical giant uses Laravel to power the backend of its application. 


Django is a model-view-template (MVT) development framework for rapid app customization with minimal coding. Much like Ruby on Rails, Django is a very easy language for developers to learn. In addition, Django is highly scalable and customizable, so it is often used on large, complex web app development projects. 

One thing that web developers love about Django is its security. Django has several built-in safety features, such as user authentication systems, protection from SQL injection attacks, clickjacking attacks, and cross-site scripting. Developers can also decouple major features on Django, which means they can choose only the functionalities they need to deliver a more streamlined code with improved performance. 

A great example of a company that utilized Django effectively to grow and scale is Spotify. Spotify is now the world’s largest music streaming service, and its web application is powered on the backend by the Django framework. 

Popular Frontend Web App Development Frameworks 

The frontend of a web application is everything that users see and interact with. Therefore, web app developers must choose a frontend framework that helps them create the most seamless User Experience. Two things that developers must keep in mind at all times are responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. People access web apps from a variety of different devices with differing screen sizes. While there are several remarkable frontend frameworks, the most popular options are:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js


Many web developers consider React one of the most accessible frontend frameworks to learn. However, this does not mean that React’s offerings are basic or simple. React was initially developed by Facebook to address issues with code maintainability as they added new features to their web application. Since then, React has become an open-source framework popular with web developers who anticipate their web app will have a heavy amount of traffic and require a stable platform. 

React offers reusable components, which make collaboration easier. Many developers believe this framework is the best solution for single-page web applications. The best example of React being used by a major technology company is Facebook. Facebook uses React to power one of the largest platforms in the world. The company also uses React Native, a frontend mobile app development framework, on their mobile offerings. 


Angular is one of the most flexible frontend development frameworks. Although, many developers consider Angular to be more difficult than other options to learn. Google created Angular to bridge the gap between growing technology demands and development best practices.

Angular can be used on various frontend development projects for web, mobile, multi-page applications, and Progressive Web Apps. While Angular might be more difficult to learn, features like two-way data binding and its ability to drastically reduce the amount of code needed to make it a popular choice. One of the best examples of Angular is PayPal. PayPal uses Angular to deliver a seamless User Experience to its huge audience. 


At the moment, Vue.js might be the most popular frontend development framework. Vue.js is simple to learn, and use and it is very straightforward. The framework’s two-way data binding features give it the advantage of being a component-based visual DOM. Vue.js is a popular option for all applications, including web, mobile, and Progressive Web Apps. Developers love Vue.js’s simple syntax and transcript support features. 

One of the best examples of Vue.js adoption is Nintendo. No, the gaming giant does not use Vue.js to develop their hit games, but they use Vue.js to power their official company website, member loyalty app, and other digital assets. 

Final Thoughts 

Building custom web applications is a complex process. However, web app development frameworks make the process simpler while improving functionality. If you need help determining which frameworks best suit your project, reach out to an experienced web app development partner. A skilled partner will utilize the most effective custom web app development techniques to help your company build a world-class product.

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