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Top Nearshore Software Development Company

Top Nearshore Software Development Company

Our nearshore software development company helps companies access world-class development talent at more affordable costs. Companies have long demonstrated a willingness to outsource software development services but have been reluctant to employ offshore development teams due to language, time, and cultural barriers.

Nearshore software outsourcing can help your organization reduce development costs without sacrificing the quality of the software development process. If your business wants the best software development talent, it won't find it in a single city or country. Today, cost-conscious American companies are turning to nearshore software companies based in Latin America for the best results and prices.

Nearshore outsourcing to Latin America is an excellent choice for American businesses that want to work in the same time zone, share a common culture, and speak the same language. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the recent tech talent shortage. Nearshore software outsourcing is excellent for finding additional talent for open roles.

Don't let your software development project stagnate because your business can't find the right talent. Nearshore software developers can help your business finish projects on time and under budget. Koombea is a nearshore software development company, and we couldn't be prouder of the fact.

Koombea: A Nearshore Software Development Company

At Koombea, we are proud to provide world-class nearshore development services. We employ a diverse and talented team of software engineers from all over Latin America, including Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, to name a few.

Latin America is rich with quality software development talent. Koombea can help your company tap into this talent pool with our nearshore software development services.

We understand how important collaboration and communication are to a project's overall success. Unfortunately, it is difficult to collaborate or communicate with software engineers more than one or two time zones away.

As a result, many companies shy away from outsourcing software development in favor of an in-house team. However, building a fully staffed software development team in-house can be expensive and difficult due to a lack of available talent.

The nearshore software development model we use at Koombea works so well because we have software engineers in your time zone. Therefore, when you need to communicate or collaborate with our teams, you know that the time difference is non-existent or minimal (in most cases, two hours or less).

The Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

There are several reasons why businesses choose to employ nearshore software developers. Typically, companies choose nearshore software development when they have limited budget resources, a lack of development talent, or plans for the future that don't include multiple development projects.

The truth is a nearshore software company, like Koombea, can easily build and maintain an application for your business. Many businesses find there is no need to hire development talent, pay for office space, and maintain salaried employees for a single project. If you're unsure if nearshore software outsourcing is right for your business, check out the benefits of nearshore software development below.

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Cost Savings

It is no secret that outsourcing can help businesses cut costs. For example, hiring a nearshore software team is significantly cheaper than hiring a comparable team in the United States. However, nearshore software outsourcing helps businesses save more than the cost of labor. For example, when your company outsources software development, it doesn't pay for office space, hardware, software, human resources efforts to hire and retain talent, and the typical benefits associated with full-time employment like healthcare and retirement matching.

Software development is not a cheap service. Outsourcing a development project to a nearshore software company will still cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the unique nature of your company's custom software development project. Nevertheless, nearshore outsourcing is often chosen by businesses to control their costs. Compare the costs of nearshore software development to onshore development and see how much your business can save working with a skilled development company like Koombea.


English Proficiency

Communication is an essential part of collaboration. Many businesses choose nearshore software outsourcing because it is easy to communicate with nearshore developers versus offshore software development. However, your business cannot be sure it will be able to clearly communicate with offshore developers in India, China, or other popular offshore development countries.

Nearshore software development companies should be proficient in English. At Koombea, our teams and project managers speak English fluently. As a result, you will never have communication issues with our development, design, and project management teams. This ensures that your custom software development project is collaborative and that your goals and objectives are clearly understood.

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Time Zone Proximity

Beyond English fluency, time zone proximity is vital to collaboration, communication, and timely results. Nearshore software development companies operate within one or two time zones from your business. This proximity in time facilitates timely communications and helps projects move faster. However, regular communication will be difficult to maintain if you work with an offshore developer due to the large time difference.

At Koombea, the bulk of our software development team is located in the Central time zone. However, for the most part, Latin America does not observe daylight savings time. Therefore, during daylight savings time in the United States, most of our Latin American developers will be working in the Eastern time zone.

We pride ourselves on availability. At Koombea, we believe that collaboration and communication are essential to developing world-class software. As a nearshore development team, we can guarantee regular communications because we are at work when your company is at work.

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Access to More Development Talent

Physical proximity can limit the amount of talent your business has access to. For example, if your business doesn't operate in a large metropolitan area, it might have difficulty finding all the development talent it needs.

The most significant benefit of nearshore outsourcing, beyond cost savings, is access to a greater talent pool. With nearshore software outsourcing, your business won't be limited to the development talent in its immediate vicinity. Instead, nearshore software development companies offer businesses access to a rich global talent pool.

At Koombea, we offer our partners access to the best software engineers in Latin America. Many companies are beginning to discover Latin America as a talent-rich development resource. No matter what custom software development project you have in mind, Koombea has the skilled software developers necessary to finish the project on time and within budget.

Don't worry about finding, hiring, and retaining the best development talent. Instead, find a nearshore software development partner like Koombea that you can trust with every aspect of your development project.

Our Nearshore Software Development Services

There are several different ways your business can approach nearshore outsourcing. If you are unfamiliar with the common options, it is helpful to learn more about what we offer at Koombea. If you are unsure which services are best suited for your budget, project, and business objectives, our team of skilled business analysts will work with you to help you understand which options best meet the needs of your organization. Learn more about our nearshore software development services below.

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Software Outsourcing

Our nearshore software outsourcing services handle custom software development throughout the entirety of the development life cycle, from design through support and maintenance. Outsourcing software development projects is the best option for businesses seeking an end-to-end development solution. This is the way for many businesses because they have little to no internal development experience.

At Koombea, we have a robust and proven process that we have successfully employed on thousands of projects over more than a decade of operations. If your business chooses software outsourcing, it will receive a dedicated project manager from Koombea to facilitate communication and collaboration between your leadership team and our developers.

Software outsourcing is the best way to efficiently develop a software product when you have little to no development talent on your staff. Our development and design teams can help you build:

Mobile Apps

Create a stunning mobile application using the latest programming languages and development frameworks. At Koombea, we have experience building native iOS and Android apps, cross-platform apps, and Progressive Web Apps. So no matter your mobile app development needs, our development team will build a mobile solution to fit them.

Web Apps

Modern web development demands innovative solutions. Every business needs a world-class website. At Koombea, our experienced web development and design teams will help your company build a web application that captures the tone of your brand and represents the best you have to offer to online audiences.


The SaaS business model has gotten popular with businesses of all sizes. We have extensive experience building and maintaining enterprise SaaS solutions. Expand your product portfolio by offering your valued customers SaaS to meet their needs. Whatever type of SaaS you want to build, our team can help you do it.

IT Consulting

Sometimes the best path forward is not immediately clear. Koombea is proud to offer IT consulting services to help your business determine which technologies are best suited for your business and which technical strategies are most aligned with your business objectives.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Nearshore outsourcing doesn't stop at full development. Many businesses looking to fill skill gaps on their development teams are turning to nearshore software developers because of their skill, availability, and affordability. Staff augmentation is the best development solution for businesses with established projects and development teams. In addition, businesses choose staff augmentation when they have difficulty finding or retaining certain skilled employees.

Staff augmentation is also used by businesses that want to reduce and control development costs. Koombea can help your business fill its staffing needs with the best software engineers Latin America has to offer. When you work with Koombea for staff augmentation, our internal team will provide your company with promising software development candidates to interview for your open positions. When you find the candidates you like, we will create a contract, and they will start working on your project immediately.

Finding the right talent can be difficult, especially with the ongoing shortage of technical development talent. Let us know what skills you need on your team, and we will provide you with top-tier candidates to interview.

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Dedicated Team

The dedicated team approach might seem similar to software outsourcing, but it is more similar to staff augmentation. For example, if your business has a large software development project, likely multiple teams are working on it. The dedicated team approach is like augmenting your staff with an entire team. However, dedicated teams work autonomously instead of being managed by your team leads.

Koombea can provide your business with a dedicated software development team to help speed up the development process and offer expert guidance and assistance in any area of need. Working with a dedicated team allows your business to access the precise expertise required to overcome challenges and meet the demands of ongoing software development projects.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites, apps, and other digital solutions since 2007. We have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to our nearshore software development services, we also provide nearshore staffing solutions like dedicated teams and staff augmentation.

We would love to learn more about your business, operations, and current software development needs. Contact us today to speak with an experienced app development partner about your vision and technical needs. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right software development company. At Koombea, we want to be your nearshore software development services partner.