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Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

Many businesses use dedicated development teams for their projects because this model produces great results and works autonomously. Of course, the dedicated development team model is predicated on regular communication and status updates. However, your company does not have to worry about managing a dedicated development team or finding individual talent to staff the development team.

Dedicated software development teams are self-managed and fully dedicated to one project at a time. As a result, your business can hire a dedicated team with confidence knowing that your project is the only one they will be working on.

If you want to hire a team of dedicated software developers, you need to find a software development partner. At Koombea, we can provide your company with a dedicated development team among a wide range of other software development services.

The dedicated team model has become a popular option in the software development industry, and at Koombea, our dedicated teams employ our unique Agile development process on all development projects. So if you want to secure a world-class software development team, the dedicated team model is your best option.

Learn more about the benefits of the dedicated team model and how it compares to other popular software development models before you decide if a dedicated team is the right choice for your business.

Koombea: Your Dedicated Software Development Team

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At Koombea, we have been building custom software for over a decade. In addition to our impressive portfolio of software development projects, we also provide dedicated software development teams that can work on any development project your business needs.

Every software developer on our dedicated teams passes our rigorous quality standards. We don’t offer dedicated software developers for a client’s project that we wouldn’t employ ourselves on internal projects. At Koombea, we hire the best software development talent in Latin America. Our driving principle is to hire the most talented software developers, engineers, project managers, etc.

If you hire a dedicated development team from Koombea, you know you are getting some of the best development professionals in the world. Our dedicated teams all use our proven Agile development methodology. In addition, at Koombea, we are proud to maintain a wide variety of software development knowledge and technical skill. As a result, we have a robust tech stack that is always growing as our development team grows and technology improves.

Suppose you want a world-class development team dedicated to your business and project. In that case, Koombea can offer your company a dedicated development team built with all the skills and knowledge your project requires. Even if you are unsure of the specific capabilities your project will require, our skilled team of business analysts can help your company determine what the ideal dedicated development team for your business looks like.

If you’re ready to start your project, it is time to hire a skilled, dedicated software development team. At Koombea, we will use our industry experience and technical expertise to ensure your company gets the development team it needs to meet its goals and objectives.

The Structure of a Dedicated Team

Every development project is different and has unique requirements and needs. As a result, the specific composition of your dedicated development team might vary from other projects. At Koombea, we ensure that your project has the proper remote team of software developers, engineers, designers, and analysts to achieve your goals and objectives. Typically, a dedicated development team is made up of the following roles:


Project Managers

The project manager is the leader of the dedicated team. Sometimes, a development project could have multiple project managers depending on the project scope and size. A project manager is responsible for initiating, planning, designing, monitoring, and executing the development process. In most cases, when your business communicates with its dedicated development team, it will be with the project manager.

Developer Working

Business Analysts

A good business analyst serves as a bridge between the company and the software developers. Business analysts ensure that the development project accounts for current business processes and other requirements such as industry regulations and laws. Additionally, a business analyst will create detailed reports and offer suggestions to key stakeholders in the development process.

UX Design

User Experience/
Interface Designers

UX/UI designers are responsible for creating a simple, intuitive User Interface and delivering a seamless User Experience. UI/UX design is one of the most crucial aspects of any software. If your custom software does not have an engaging User Experience, your product will fail to satisfy users in a way that benefits your business. Designers ensure that your app or website pleases users.

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Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are the professionals that bring what the designers do to life. These developers are responsible for writing the code that powers the functionality of the User Interface. Beyond writing the code, frontend developers test the functionality of the User Interface to ensure that it is operating as expected.

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Backend Developers

In addition to frontend developers, a dedicated development team also needs backend developers. Backend developers write the code that powers the logic of the software and other background functionality. Of course, these developers look for bugs or other faults in the logic of the backend code.


Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers

QA engineers oversee the quality of the entire software development life cycle. Yes, backend and frontend developers are testing their components while they are coding elements of the software. However, every project needs engineers who oversee the quality of the entire product. QA engineers do more than ensure that a software product is free from bugs. QA engineers are also responsible for ensuring that optimal processes are used to develop the product in the first place.

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DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers bridge the gaps between development, operations, and testing. These professionals ensure that building and testing a software product is efficient. DevOps is a big part of our identity at Koombea and is built into our custom Agile methodology. Of course, every dedicated development team won’t prioritize DevOps. However, at Koombea, we believe DevOps is the best way to build world-class software efficiently.

These positions are the most common professionals that typically make up a dedicated team. But, as we said, your dedicated development team might not look exactly like the one we just listed out, depending on the nature of your development project. At Koombea, we never cut corners with our partners. If your project requires a certain number of team members with specific skills, we ensure that you have what you need to succeed. Our goal is to build the perfect dedicated development team to create the digital solution your business is seeking.

The Dedicated Team Model Vs. Other Popular Engagement Models

It should be no surprise that your business has other options beyond the dedicated team model. The most common engagement models businesses choose for their projects are the time and materials model and the fixed price model. However, no matter what choice you make, your engagement model should establish the needs of your business, set responsibilities, and ensure your business has control over the development process.

Since we have already covered some of the basics of dedicated teams, let’s look at the other two engagement models and see how they compare to the dedicated team model.

Time and Materials

In the time and materials model, your business only pays for the effort and time spent by the software development team working on your project. Generally, when businesses choose the time and materials model, they have specific features or functionalities they want the developers to work on. This model is very flexible, so many companies like to use it. In addition, it could be considered the most convenient cost since your business only pays for work performed.

In a time and materials model, your business has to provide a detailed project scope and oversee the project to ensure all work being performed is relevant to the scope. Furthermore, your business needs to be responsive and active in the decision-making process. The big draw of this engagement model for most businesses is cost control. The time and materials model also gives your organization flexibility to rapidly adapt to new needs as they arise.

However, taking an active part in decision-making can distract your business from its core operations. Since the engagement model is flexible, it can be difficult to establish a firm finish date. The time and materials model allows the development team to work on other projects concurrently. The software developers working on your project won’t necessarily only be working on your project. As a result, it can take longer for projects to get finished.

Fixed Price

A fixed price model occurs when your business pre-negotiates a total price for the entire project with a development team before the development begins. No matter how long the project takes or how many resources are used along the way, your business only pays the predetermined price. The fixed price model is typically used for small or medium-sized projects. Most software developers only agree to this engagement model when the project scope is tightly defined.

This model poses risks for the development team. Any issues or delays that arise in the development process eat into their profit margin for the project. However, there is risk for your business as well. Since there is less involvement or control on the company's part, you might not achieve your organization’s desired results. Additionally, the fixed price model leads to less communication between businesses and developers, which can cause issues down the road.

While there are no surprise costs associated with the fixed price engagement model, your business will have to take time to clearly define expectations, performance criteria, and project deadlines. This process can take a while and delay the start of work on the project. As with the time and materials model, there is also no guarantee that the software development team will only work on your project during this time.

While cost control greatly benefits businesses, the fixed price model removes most organizational control from the development process. Plus, since there is less communication between parties, there is little to no room for flexibility or adaptation if requirements change after the project begins.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team model is one of the best options for software development because this engagement model is best suited for long-term projects with shifting requirements and an unclear scope or when a business lacks specific skills. If you are building an app for your company, chances are things will change multiple times before deployment. This is a natural part of the app development process. Iterations help your business define core functions and features and make valuable improvements before deploying your app.

When you hire a dedicated development team, the dedicated team manages the entire development project. Still, there are several different ways your organization can provide feedback during the process. For example, this engagement model encourages close collaboration, and your company coordinates criteria and deadlines with the team. Plus, your company knows that the team you have hired is only working on your development project.

A dedicated development team is far more cost-efficient than hiring an internal team. Plus, these teams provide continuous development and delivery, which gives your organization more flexibility to change requirements, enhance certain aspects of its app or website, and scale when necessary. Dedicated teams are only suited for large projects. However, almost all app development projects are large. If you are building an app from scratch, there is a good chance your project is large enough to benefit from the dedicated team model.

At Koombea, we won’t force your business to choose one engagement model over another. Our team will clearly illustrate the benefits of each of our offerings and explain what we think the best option is for your business and project. We won’t ever pressure your company to choose a certain development strategy or engagement model.

The Benefits of Dedicated Development Teams

We briefly touched on some of the benefits associated with dedicated development teams as we compared the dedicated team model to other popular engagement models. However, now we will take an in-depth look at the top benefits companies can expect when they utilize a dedicated team. To fully reap all of the benefits associated with dedicated development, your business needs to choose a world-class partner like Koombea.

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Start Projects Immediately

Do you have time to wait for your development project to start? Businesses in competitive industries know that to outpace their competition, they need to hit the ground running. When your business chooses a dedicated development team, you can get to work on your project quickly.

At Koombea, we will quickly assemble a dedicated team carefully crafted to meet all of the objectives and goals of your development project. Once the team is assembled, they can immediately begin working on your project. Don’t waste time looking for internal hires or trying to build a well-rounded development team on your own. Trust the tech experts at Koombea to build your company a world-class dedicated development team and get your project started as soon as possible.

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Acquire the World’s Best Tech Talent

Does your local market have an abundance of world-class development talent? Is your business capable of vetting software developers to find the best talent for your projects? Most businesses don’t have access to quality software development talent in their local area. In addition, many businesses don’t have the expertise or time to fully vet applicants to find the best developers.

The dedicated team model gives businesses the ability to hire and assemble a team full of world-class software development talent. Talented developers can make a significant difference in the quality of the product your business develops. At Koombea, we only hire the best software developers to be part of our dedicated teams. Our hiring process is constantly active to ensure that we are providing our partners with the best software development talent Latin America has to offer.

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Maximize Internal Resources

Internal resources are critical to the core operations of your business. The less time and energy your company has to devote to core operations, the more your business will suffer. The dedicated team model is a great option because it allows businesses to free up their internal resources and focus on the core operations that are essential to the success of the organization.

With a dedicated team handling all aspects of management and development, your company can focus on innovation and operational excellence. Koombea can help your business maximize its internal resources by providing your company with a dedicated development team. By using one of our highly skilled, dedicated development teams, your business can focus on key growth drivers while maintaining control of the entire development project. If you are still uncertain, our team of business analysts can demonstrate how much time and energy your organization can save by hiring a dedicated team.

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Avoid Management Issues

Managing a remote team can be difficult for some businesses. When your business hires a dedicated team, it doesn’t have to worry about directly managing it. Dedicated development teams are autonomous and self-managed. Your company still has control over the product and regular communication and collaboration with the dedicated team, but your business doesn’t have to handle management and all of the complexities that it entails.

When you hire Koombea to provide a dedicated team, we take full responsibility for technical and team management. Your business will always be able to communicate and collaborate with the team you hire, but we promise that you won’t have to handle any of the duties associated with management. Focus on your business responsibilities and trust that you have a well-managed dedicated team working hard on your development project.

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Cost Savings

A significant benefit of the dedicated team model is the cost savings your business can realize. While you still pay for the talent on the team, the dedicated team model allows your business to avoid or eliminate several costs altogether. For example, you won’t be paying employee benefits to dedicated development team members. Some people argue that the cost of benefits is built into the cost of hiring a dedicated team, and they would not be wrong. However, when you make a full-time hire, you will pay benefits for the duration of employment, which will likely last more than one project.

In addition, it costs time and money to hire and onboard a new employee. These costs are completely avoided when you choose a dedicated team approach to development. Instead of spending a certain amount of money and time to recruit for one position, you pay a development partner to provide your business with a fully staffed, dedicated team. On top of HR and administrative savings, your business doesn’t have to provide a dedicated team with office space, hardware, or software.

All in all, the dedicated team model offers companies substantial cost savings. At Koombea, we understand how important it is to spend smartly, especially when your business is growing. The dedicated development team model is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a world-class software development team without having to hire several highly skilled internal employees.

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Full Technical Ownership

Many businesses might worry about technical ownership at the conclusion of a project. With the dedicated team model, your business retains full technical ownership over the project after completion. At Koombea, when we finish a dedicated development project, we pass on all of the knowledge and product artifacts created during the process to your internal team. Our team will even teach you our best practices and walk you through the technical aspects to ensure that your internal teams understand the technical details.

When Is the Dedicated Team Model The Right Choice?

The dedicated team approach to development is flexible and scalable, but that doesn’t mean that it is always the best choice for your business. A dedicated development team is best suited for businesses that have a complex, long-term project or have an idea that is yet to find a product-market fit that works. Dedicated development teams are perfect for:


The dedicated development team approach is perfect for startups because these businesses are often trying to grow and scale quickly. Instead of spending time and precious resources trying to hire and build an internal development team, startups benefit from dedicated development teams because they can help these businesses produce a product faster and save money.

Growing a startup is difficult. It requires dedication and a focused staff. Dedicated teams take a lot of pressure off startups and allow them to focus on the core business operations. If you are running a startup, you should strongly consider utilizing a dedicated development team before hiring a fully staffed internal development team.

Large Projects with Vague Requirements

If you think you have a great app idea but have yet to find a good product-market fit, the dedicated development model is the way to go. The discovery stage of the app development process provides the foundation for the entire project. It can take months to fully test and interview to find the right product-market fit.

In this situation, choosing the dedicated development team model is the best solution because it gives your business the time it needs to focus on discovery without the worry that it will overspend and drain precious financial resources.

Long-Term Projects

The dedicated development team approach is perfectly suited for long-term development projects that have the potential to expand and change as time passes. Other engagement models either break down or represent a prohibitive cost to accomplish large projects. Most software development projects have the capacity to expand and get more complicated as the development process unfolds.

If you have a big development project that is likely to evolve, hiring a dedicated team is one of the best ways to approach these projects.

In-House Team Is Busy or Lacks Expertise

Many businesses hire dedicated software development teams because their in-house teams are completely occupied, or they lack specific skills. If your business has a project that is too complex for your internal team or you just don’t have the internal resources necessary to devote to a project, the dedicated team model is a great alternative.

A dedicated team gives your internal team more time to focus on other projects, and they can pick up the technical slack where your internal team might be lacking.

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites, apps, and other digital solutions since 2007. We have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to providing dedicated teams, we also offer a host of other staff augmentation, IT consulting, and software development services.

We would love to learn more about your business, operations, and current software development needs. Contact us today to speak with an experienced app development partner about your vision and technical needs. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right software development company. At Koombea, we want to be your app development partner and help you build dedicated development teams to meet every technical challenge you face.