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Koombea Retail Solutions

At Koombea, we understand that the experience a customer has with a retailer makes all the difference when it comes to that customer’s purchasing decision. For this reason, we focus on building flawless, omnichannel shopping experiences.

We also acknowledge how vital it is for our clients to be able to implement solutions that are precisely tailored to their unique needs, and that integrate smoothly with all of the other systems involved in their sales flow.

Below are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Unique design
  • Online store setup
  • Native mobile experiences
  • Virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • Integration with POS Software
  • Customized checkout experience
  • Deep integration with existing enterprise ERP and CRM systems
  • Integration with other innovative technologies
  • Integrations with custom built or non-standard warehouse inventory management systems

Committed to GDPR Compliance

Koombea takes the privacy and security of individuals and their personal information very seriously. Accordingly, we take every reasonable measure and precaution possible to help our clients protect and secure the data that they process.

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Strategy & Development

app development

Startup App Development

At Koombea, we have lots of experience with the unique issues that startup companies face. We use a comprehensive mix of traditional and cutting-edge tactics to produce a variety of top-notch apps geared towards the needs of startups.

enterprise app development

Enterprise App Development

We realize the needs of enterprise-level apps and know that store-bought software packages don’t cut it. Your needs are unique, and you need mobile and web-based solutions that are customized to your particular business model. Check out our portfolio to see all the innovative high-quality apps we’ve produced for this sector.

product planning

Product Strategy & App Development

Our strategy and planning team works closely with you to seize opportunities in the app market, ideate and execute a mobile app strategy, and accelerate your ROI by creating a mobile app roadmap that clearly shows your paths to success.

rescue project

Rescue Project Strategy

Our team specializes in rescuing mobile or web-based projects in distress. We combine our experience and expertise with a tried-and-true process to quickly identify development issues and user experience problems. We then get your project launched and running smoothly with a minimum of downtime or damage to your bottom line.

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Awards & Recognitions

Koombea has won a number of industry awards and is proud to be recognized for building top-notch web and mobile solutions.

Top Software Developers 2017-2019

Top Software Developers 2017-2019

Top Web Designers 2017-2019

Top Web Designers 2017-2019


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