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Future Insights Live: Koombea’s Recap

by Jonathan Tarud

In late April, our Koombea team hit the skies and traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Future Insights Live conference. This year’s conference was held from April 30th through May 4th at the Vegas MGM Hotel.

All of our Project Managers: Jose, Alvaro, Mario; our Creative Director Diego; Jonathan our CEO and Ben our Biz Dev guy made the trip to check out the 8 workshops and over 100 sessions during the 5 days of Future Insights Live.

We all had a great time chatting with some of the conference organizers from Carsonified, who now run an online education site called Treehouse. We really like their service and imagine we’ll take some of the courses ourselves in the future. This conference really stood out to us because the community there was very strong. Everyone seemed really interested in what the other was working on. We had a lot of great conversations over the course of 5 days.

Jonathan represented Koombea well and presented during the conference. His talk was centered on how companies can launch a product quickly by getting external support. Obviously we’re biased since we are that external help. Jon basically pitched the value proposition of a development firm like ourselves.

Conference Recap
Other than spending almost our entire trip at Future Insights Live, we ventured out onto the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy the Wynn Buffet, tried our luck with a little innocent gambling, experienced the Cirque de Soleil show “Ka” and took the guys who had never had it to In n’ Out Burger and sank our teeth into those outstandingly delicious burgers.

Good news, we now have walking billboards for Koombea because we handed out virtually all of our 150 t-shirts emblazoned with our slogan – “Coding Apps and Taking Names.”

We had an awesome time enjoying the weather and meeting some great people! And, in the words of our friend Elvis, Viva Las Vegas!