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Koombea Invades Austin & SXSW 2012

by Robert Kazmi

Some of Koombea’s finest made their way to Austin, TX in early March for the annual South By South West (SXSW) Interactive Festival. Our CEO Jonathan Jonathan was accompanied by our business guys, Ben, Nicolas and Brad to enjoy everything SXSW 2012 offered for startups and the tech world a week before the festival turned its attention to music. It was a whirlwind of excitable techies, marketers and Austinites.

During our time in Austin, our group spent time at the Lean Startup Track where we enjoyed listening to different talks and meeting some other great startups. We especially loved the talk given by the new U.S. Chief Technology Office (yes, this is a real position), Todd Park (@todd_park).

Todd was incredibly enthusiastic and inspiring. Usually we hope to learn one or two good things from a single talk, take them back, sleep on them and then implement. After hearing Todd, we felt like that figurative fire under our rears was turned up several notches. We’re always doing as much as we can… Now we’re going to see if we can’t do even more.

But the trip wasn’t all business, we also had some fun when attending some unexpected events and experiencing what the city of Austin had to offer – like eating some Texas fare at Rudy’s BBQ and going to some SXSW 2012 night events.


We met up with our long time client, Rallyhood! Always nice to see them. We went to a MySpace party… guess they’re still around. We also spent a lot of our time with the nice folks from .CO. It’s a way better deal to buy .CO these days.

If you’d like to see more photos we took at SXSW 2012, please visit our Facebook page.

by Robert Kazmi

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