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Colombian Startup Koombea Answers Demand to Simplify Shopify

by Guest Author

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from an article originally published by Gedalyah Reback on Geektime.

Colombia unfortunately gets bogged down in international headlines. Its rather successful efforts to tend its crop of startups are obscured by decades of conflict with the FARC rebel group. Yet its government is progressive when it comes to developing that ecosystem. As a hub of South American innovation, it deserves a lot more international investor attention in its own right among economic powerhouses like Brazil and Argentina.

Koombea, a development company specializing in web application framework Ruby on Rails (“Ruby” or “Rails” for short) and Ruby-based selling platform Shopify, exemplifies Colombia’s startup potential. After years of building custom webstores for clients, Koombea just released its new app Rilo to streamline new templates and store customization. But besides becoming a specialist brand for Rails, it has also taken on a leadership role in the emerging local hub of Barranquilla and for Colombia at large.

“Shopify offers a very simple page editor and rich editor that allows embedding and HTML coding. But it doesn’t allow you to handle the layout of the pages,” CEO Jonathan Tarud told Geektime. “Rilo allows you to insert columns and more complex layouts and easily add media in an intuitive way.”

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by Guest Author

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