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EdTech App Development

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EdTech App Development has the power to change the education system.
Now, more than ever, the education market is ready for new learning tools.

Build an Engaging EdTech App

Whether you are targeting toddlers, adolescents, college students, or adults, web and mobile apps have the power to produce amazing results. Thanks to innovative business models, EdTech apps are redefining the education system and disrupting the education industry.

To succeed in the education sector you will require strategic app development services. Most importantly, you will need an experienced app development company that can help you:

The Right EdTech App Development Partner

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Choosing the right web and mobile app development company can determine your project’s success. We understand this, that’s why our development services are especially thought out to satisfy each of your needs.

Our team of developers, designers, and business analysts is ready to help you deliver a digital product that the EdTech market will love. With us by your side, you can be confident that your project will successfully face whatever challenges may come.

We take on your project as if it were our own. That’s why we share our honest thoughts on what’s best for you.

Agile EdTech App Development Services

Building world-class EdTech apps is one of our strengths. Through our custom Agile software development methodology, we make sure that every aspect of your EdTech app is considered. We use state of the art technology, always keeping your budget in mind.

We understand that an EdTech app development project involves considerable effort, but don’t worry. We work next to you to ensure that the process is fun and always up to your expectations, focusing always on delivering a powerful User Experience.

The Right Features for the EdTech Industry

A world-class EdTech app involves considerable knowledge of development, design, and business elements. Choosing the right features for your app is essential to success.

The following are key features and characteristics in some of the world’s best EdTech apps:

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Intuitive learning experience


Easy to navigate learning content

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Video streaming & messaging

Accesibility Mobile and Desktop

Accessible learning platform

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Friendly UI design


Top notch learning tools

Brain conections

Artificial Intelligence

EdTech App Development Costs

Estimating the precise cost of an EdTech app can be hard because it depends on the amount and complexity of the features that you want to include, but keep in mind that it is never cheap. Our team of experts will help you determine your software development project’s needs and break it down into user stories and epics. This way, you can understand transparently and clearly what your costs are.

In case you need more information, check out our article on the costs of developing an app. If you’ve already started your project, let’s talk! We can help you figure out your next steps.

About Koombea

At Koombea, we share with all our clients our honest and trustworthy advice about the best alternatives for your education app development project. We put the best EdTech app development technologies available to you so that you can implement the most suitable ones. Our understanding of EdTech tools and the EdTech industry ensures your project will meet your users’ expectations.

What Our Customers Say

Tiffany Wycoff Message

Tiffany Wycoff

"Working with Koombea was a fun process where both teams actively participated. Koombea’s team was very creative and responsive to our needs. They were able to adapt to our company’s realities and were always willing to learn."

Tiffany Wycoff

Co-founder LINC

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