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App Development
7 minutes read

How to Find An App Developer for Your App Development Project 

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
7 minutes read

Finding app development talent can seem daunting, especially with the recent hiring run on app developers. The right web or mobile app developers can make or break your app development project.

As a result, most organizations want to know how to find an app developer they can rely on. You could hire mobile app developers and other professionals and build an internal team. Hiring app developers in this manner is straightforward.

This post will explain how to find an app developer partner company that provides and manages every aspect of the development process. 

Instead of trying to hire app developers, hire an entire app development team to build websites, software, or web and mobile apps. 

How to Find the Best App Development Partner 

There are several ways to find an app developer for your software development project. 

However, if you want to find talented software developers that will take the time to fully understand your business needs and how they align with key project details, consider the following steps for finding app developers:

  • Use a search engine 
  • Review relevant directories 
  • Examine their website
  • Examine social media profiles 
  • Review partnerships and industry recognitions
  • Talk to promising app developers

Use a Search Engine 

The best way to find an app developer is to start on Google or another search engine. Using a search engine is a great way to begin narrowing down your search for an app developer. 

For example, if you know mobile app development is your primary goal, your company can search for the best mobile app developers and review local and national results. 

Since mobile app development is a competitive industry, the companies that rank near the top of the results page for this query are worth looking at in more detail. 

Spend some time reviewing the app developer search results. In addition, your company should try a few variations of its query to see how that affects the app development search results it is shown. 

If you want to find an app developer that best fits your organization’s needs, you should choose a handful of app developers from the search results to review in greater detail. 

Review Relevant Directories 

After you have reviewed the app developer search results, the next thing your company should do is check app development industry directories such as Clutch. You could skip the search engine and go straight to the industry directory websites.

However, Google rank is a good indication of how established an app developer is. Therefore, the most effective way to find an app developer that best fits your company’s needs is to use search results in tandem with relevant directories

For example, once you search for top mobile app developers and build a list of mobile app development companies to research further, go to a directory like Clutch and see if the top mobile app development results match the information you already have. 

Directories will give your organization detailed insight into the services offered by an app developer. For example, your organization can see if a mobile app developer offers iOS app development, Android app development, or both.

In addition, directories like Clutch include verified customer reviews. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust online reviews. They are easy to manipulate and can paint an inaccurate picture of the services or quality of the work. 

That is why an app developer directory like Clutch is so valuable. All reviews on Clutch are verified so your organization can feel confident about the information they provide. 

Examine Their Website

After you have searched the Internet and reviewed app developer directories, it is critical to examine the website of the app developers your organization is interested in

Before reviewing the content of the website, look closely at the quality of the website’s design. Does it look good and work well? Why would you hire an app developer that can’t even design and build a good website for their business? 

The quality of the website will help separate a good app developer from mediocre app developers. After navigating through the website and reviewing its design and UI mechanics, take a closer look at the content on the website. 

If your business is looking for an iOS developer, does the website mention this service? Just because a company claims to be a mobile app developer does not mean they have the skills to be an iOS developer. 

Check to see what programming languages the app developer lists on their website. You can tell a lot about what type of software projects an app developer takes on based on the programming languages they list on their website. 

In addition to the technologies highlighted by the app developer, review their website’s content to see if they discuss their project management or development process. Again, this is important information that you should be able to review on their website. 

App developer websites without many details or content should raise red flags for your organization. On the other hand, established app programmers should have a rich website full of valuable and informative content. 

Examine Social Media Profiles 

In addition to an app developer’s website, you should review their social media profiles and presence. How many people are interacting with the app developer online? Do they interact with their online audience? 

Social media might not be the end-all-be-all, but the way an app developer presents themselves online to their audience can tell you a lot about how communicative they will be with your organization. 

In addition, it is helpful to see what ordinary people think about the app developer. Companies with a large and active following are likely offering their users informative content and value. This bodes well for your company should you choose them.

Review Partnerships and Recognitions 

It is important to review the partnerships and recognitions an app developer receives. Young companies might not have a lot of industry experience, partnerships, or recognition. This doesn’t always mean they are incapable of producing great results.

However, if you want to be confident in the app developer your organization chooses, look for industry recognition and partnerships. When publications, organizations, or other businesses are pleased enough to publicize their recognition or business relationship, this is a good sign. 

Your organization should be concerned by an app developer that has no business partnerships or industry recognition unless the business is brand new. In that case, you will likely want to look elsewhere for services anyways. 

Talk to Promising App Developers

The best way to find app developers that fit your business well is to talk to them directly. The previous steps in this list are designed to help your organization narrow down the number of developers it talks to. 

Ask prospective developers what their areas of expertise are, what industries they have experience in, what technologies they use, etc. For example, some companies may be experts in frontend development but not excel at backend development. 

These companies should be open and eager to talk with your organization about their work, your project’s requirements, and any other relevant topics that your business wants to discuss. 

App developers that offer vague answers, are unwilling to answer specific questions, or won’t share examples of their work should raise red flags with your company.

Final Thoughts

Finding skilled app developers does not need to be difficult. The Internet is a rich resource full of talented developers and IT services. If you want to learn more about what to look for in an app development partner, reach out to a skilled development company like Koombea.

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