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5 minutes read

Front-end Development Services

By Jose Gomez
A developer working on her computer on a front-end project.
By Jose Gomez
App Development
5 minutes read

Front-end development services are essential if you want your company’s digital products to achieve their goals, whatever they are. Front-end development isn’t just something you need to make your website look pretty. Any Front-end development project is tightly related to the User Experience (UX). As such, it plays a critical role in helping your users perform the actions they need.

Whether your digital products are websites, web apps, or mobile apps, you ought to make sure that your Front-end development team takes many different elements into account. Failing to do so may impact how your users perceive your brand, and this may ultimately lead to reduced profitability.

Front-end development has come to matter a lot for all sorts of software development projects, thanks in part to the rise of JavaScript development. No matter the development services you are looking for, the use of JavaScript frameworks together with other Front-end elements will surely be an important aspect to consider. This holds true for general web development as well as mobile app development.

This post discusses the importance of Front-end development services. We will discuss why it matters and the main aspects to consider when working on any software development project.

What Are Front-end Development Services?

Software development is usually divided into two broad categories: Back-end and Front-end. The former refers to everything that happens on the server-side, whereas the latter covers everything that happens on the user-facing side. Together, these development services encompass an important part of any mobile or web development project.

Front-end development is the part of software development projects that deals with all the components facing the user. This means that a Front-end development team makes sure that everything is displayed correctly, helping ensure the right UX.

Front-end Developers

Any experienced Front-end development company should be capable of providing a dedicated development team of Front-end developers with the right skills to meet the requirements of each specific project. Most Front-end developers tend to specialize in web development, although they are not limited to it. Full-stack Front-end developers are more expensive, but they know their way around different tools. This adds a lot of value throughout the development process.

Ideally, your project should have Front-end developers who are familiar with core JavaScript development, HTML, and CSS, as well as other development services and technologies based on your specific requirements.

JavaScript Development

Because JavaScript frameworks have become essential to Front-end development, Front-end developers tend to be knowledgeable about the JavaScript programming language. However, Front-end developers are not limited to JavaScript development. The best Front-end developers tend to be familiar with other technologies that are also useful for anything related to what users see. Some popular JavaScript frameworks include Node.js and React.

Other Front-end Development Technologies

JavaScript is not the only alternative when it comes to Front-end development. These are other technologies commonly used by Front-end developers:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Vue
  • Swift
  • jQuery

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Front-end Developer?

When it comes to hiring a team of Front-end developers, there isn’t a magic formula. The cost of digital products ultimately depends on several factors like the complexity of the project, the necessary development hours, and the technologies being used, among others. A great alternative is to hire staff augmentation services to fill in the capabilities needed for your project. 

Front-end Development: Mobile Apps and Web Apps

Front-end developers usually specialize in building either mobile apps or web apps. These are some aspects to consider for each alternative:

Front-end Development for Mobile Apps

These development services focus on apps for mobile devices. Mobile is one of the most common Front-end development services requested by companies. In this sense, what matters the most for users is the User Interface (UI).

Aside from building fully functional UIs for mobile apps, the main challenge that Front-end developers have when working on mobile app development is to make sure that your app displays the many different screen sizes of mobile devices correctly.

Front-end Development for Web Apps

Front-end development services for any web product, whether an app or a website, are commonly referred to as web development. Front-end developers who specialize in web development have strong skills that help build products like a Progressive Web App (PWA) or any other idea dependent on web technologies.

Front-end Development Solutions

The search for top-quality Front-end development services for your project should start by looking for a Front-end development company. If this goes wrong, everything else will have a high probability of not working out as you expect it to.

Make sure to look for a software development partner with the right experience. They should be able to provide you with experienced Front-end developers and guide you through the intricacies of software development.

Many companies offer Front-end development services, but few of them have what it takes to build a world-class product.

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