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How a Great Mobile App Can Skyrocket Your Business

Back in the 1990s, the question on everyone’s mind was: “Why do I need to build a website for my business?” Two decades later, the answer to that question is clear. And many of the businesses who refused to build websites back then don’t exist.

But now, there’s a new trend, followed by another compelling question…

“Should I build a mobile app for my business?”

Sure, your business can survive without a mobile app—but for how long? And can it really thrive and reach its potential? The odds are not in your favor.

With more and more businesses building digital products and mobile apps, the playing field has changed. If you want to grow your business to the next level, you need a great mobile app to get there. At the very least, you will void falling behind the competition.

Here’s the thing: like all businesses, your business is faced with a common challenge: how to build a business that customers love and will come back to over and over again.

There are several ways to earn their loyalty, and you’ve probably tried them all (or, almost all).

Improving your products or services, expanding marketing, reducing prices…

…they work okay, but your business still hasn’t hit that next level.

That’s where a great mobile app can help you. It could be the missing piece between you and your long-term business objectives.

Here are some ways that a great mobile app can skyrocket your business.

Increases your customer engagement

A mobile app allows you to build relationships with your audience. It’s a different experience than email and social media can offer, so it helps you stand out in the mind of your customers. You can bypass email spam and junk folders, and send notifications directly to the app.

It provides a new medium for you to connect with customers—through your app, they can send you praise and give valuable feedback, and you can quickly respond to their needs.

When you sync your app with social media, your customers can easily share content and promote your business to their friends.

Put simply, customers can actually connect with your business on a personal level when they interact with your app on their mobile phones. The app enables your business to be available at all times and offers on-the-go access.

Boosts your brand and mobile traffic

Your company’s logo will always be available on your customers’ mobile screens. This is a tremendously valuable real estate. It allows you to stay in your customers’ minds—just one click away at any time. In fact, according to a recent report, 61% of people have a better opinion of a brand when it offers a good mobile experience. With a mobile app, you pave the way for increasing your brand recognition.

Adds to the bottom line

One of the greatest benefits of a mobile app is that it can generate revenue for your business. Do you have a retail store? Comscore found that 4 out of 5 smartphone users in the USA use their device to shop. But these users aren’t just using the mobile browser—app usage accounts for 80% of mobile usage.

With a mobile app, consumers can easily access your inventory and check if their desired product is in stock. You can also send them special notifications about discounts and promotions.

Even if you don’t have a retail store, there are plenty of ways you can monetize your mobile app—in-app advertising, in-app purchases, selling data, subscriptions, and more.

As your customer engagement increases and you boost your brand, you’ll have significant potential to generate more revenue and add to the bottom line.

Gives you a free marketing tool

Because business apps are uploaded to stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store (both of which have global distribution), your app expands the reach of your business. It immediately has the potential to be seen by millions of eyes across the world. Plus, using push notification, you can instantly send upcoming promotions and special events to your customers. And, as we mentioned before, when your app is on their home screen, it’s like a free advertisement every time they scroll through their mobile phones.

Acquires more users

Today’s users are constantly on the move, and they’re addicted to their mobile devices. Often times, websites can’t cut through the noise—but a great mobile app catches their attention. If you have a high-quality app that adds value to users, many will act as brand advocates and refer you to their friends and family.

Increase your employee engagement (internally)

Your mobile application doesn’t necessarily have to be for the consumer to have a huge effect on your business. You can also build internal apps for your employees to help increase efficiency and productivity, and improve overall employee satisfaction. You can use apps to track inventory, schedule staff, take payments, manage clients, and handle many other functions.


There’s a good chance mobile apps are the websites of this decade. If you don’t have one, you will fall behind the competition. But if you have a great mobile app, it can skyrocket your business.

It’s the best way to earn your customers’ loyalty and trust, so they come back again and again.

Not only does a great mobile app help you generate revenue, it also builds your brand, increases customer engagement, and allows you to easily market your products and services. It can also help you increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

The only real question left is, why haven’t you started building your mobile app? If you haven’t started yet, the best time is now.

Do you want to build a digital product and grow your business to the next level? What’s been holding you back?

Talk to me.

Or shoot me an email at [email protected] and let us know!

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Author: @keswanberg

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