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App Development
7 minutes read

Understanding the Dedicated Software Development Model

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
7 minutes read

The dedicated software development model is one of the most popular approaches to app development for businesses, both large and small. However, no matter what type of business you operate, it will likely require software development services at some point. Will your business hire an internal development team to build and maintain its software? Can you find the requisite software development talent in your locale to build the software solutions your business requires? 

Hiring and retaining skilled software developers is not an easy task. However, this is one of the many reasons businesses turn to the dedicated software development team model. If you are interested in learning about what a dedicated team is, why companies of all sizes choose this development approach, and the benefits associated with dedicated software development, this post will cover everything that you need to know. 

What Is a Dedicated Software Development Team? 

A dedicated software development team is a team of professionals hired by an organization to build, support, and maintain their applications and software solutions. The composition of the dedicated team will depend largely on the project at hand and the talent available from the outsourcing partner. 

For example, if you have a web development project, the dedicated team you hire won’t need to include iOS developers. Typically, the composition of a dedicated team includes project managers, front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI designers, QA testers, and whatever other skills are needed for your company’s development project. 

They are called dedicated teams because they only focus on one project at a time. So when you hire a dedicated development team, you can be assured that all their attention and time is focused on your project. Generally, dedicated teams are outsourced, which means they work remotely from regions like Latin America, Asia, or Eastern Europe. 

One thing your business should consider is the distance between your company and your dedicated team. For example, working with a dedicated team in Europe or Asia will be more difficult if your business is located in the United States due to the large time zone and language differences. This type of outsourcing is called offshore. 

On the other hand, working with nearshore outsourcing dedicated team options in Latin America is far easier for American companies because these dedicated development teams are located in a similar time zone, speak a similar language, and share a similar culture. Therefore, before you hire a dedicated software development team, consider how easy it will be to communicate with them based on time and language differences. 

The Top Reasons Companies Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams 

Several good reasons companies, both large and small, hire dedicated software development teams. The most obvious reason is cost savings. However, this is far from the only good reason to hire a dedicated software development team. Other reasons companies hire dedicated software development teams include:

  • Lack of local talent 
  • Complex, lengthy projects 
  • Projects that are likely to grow and evolve 
  • Lack of internal talent 
  • Murky project requirements 

Lack of Local Talent 

Finding and retaining skilled software developers is difficult, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the global run on technical development talent. Furthermore, if your business is located in a less densely populated region, you might not even be able to find the technical talent your project requires in your area. For this reason, many businesses choose to hire a dedicated software development team.

Complex, Lengthy Projects 

Software development projects that are complex with shifting priorities and requirements require a strong, stable software development team. Dedicated software development teams are well-positioned to handle these projects since they are built with experienced development professionals and project managers. In addition, dedicated teams stick with a project until it is complete, which makes them ideal for these types of projects. 

Projects That are Likely to Grow and Evolve 

Projects likely to grow will need new features and designs, making the dedicated development team model the most sensible solution. New technologies are being developed, adopted, and expected by users daily. A dedicated development team will be able to keep up with all of the latest HiTech advancements and features users will come to expect in your software. 

Lack of Internal Talent 

If you lack the internal software development talent to build your project, you have two options: hire or outsource. Since hiring new software developers for a project is difficult, time-consuming, and costly, many businesses opt to use the dedicated development team model. The dedicated software development team is a great alternative if your company doesn’t have the internal skills necessary to build the software you need.

Murky Project Requirements 

If you are unsure what your project requires or the best approach, a dedicated development team can provide the expertise you need to make the most advantageous decisions. Dedicated teams are built with high-level professionals, from software developers to project managers and business analysts. If you are not sure how to best reach your target audience or even how to identify your target market, a dedicated development team can help you figure out what your software development project requires to succeed. 

The Benefits of Dedicated Software Development 

Now that you know more about the situations that best suit the dedicated development team model, let’s review the top benefits of this development approach. They include:

  • Cost savings
  • Focus and dedication
  • Immediate access to talent
  • Faster time to market 

Cost Savings 

The primary benefit most companies associate with dedicated software development is cost savings. When you choose the dedicated software development approach, you no longer have to spend time and money on recruiting and retaining software developers. Hiring a single developer can cost thousands of dollars in recruitment efforts and take weeks. In addition, your organization will have to pay a salary and benefits and provide a workspace, computer, software, etc. While your company will still have to pay the cost of salary and benefits, the dedicated development team approach allows your organization to reduce costs in many other ways. 

Focus and Dedication 

Businesses enjoy the dedicated development team model because the team they hire is completely committed to their project. If you choose to hire a company instead of a dedicated team, you can’t guarantee that your project is getting all of the attention it deserves. Furthermore, the dedicated development team model gives your business managerial control over the team, which you won’t get unless you make full-time hires. 

Immediate Access to Talent 

Beyond cost, the significant problem with recruiting software developers is that it takes time to make the hire and bring them up to speed. The dedicated team model allows your business to access a fully formed development team and immediately get them started working on your project. Don’t wait around to make hires. The dedicated team approach allows your company to hire a skilled team of software developers that already have experience working with one another on development projects. 

Faster Time to Market 

Being the first company to market is a significant advantage. The dedicated software development model will help your business get its product to market faster. You don’t have to recruit and hire a team; the team is already formed and experienced. All you have to do is communicate your vision and requirements, and the dedicated team will develop your product. If you want to get your product out to market as fast as possible, the best option is dedicated software development. 

Final Thoughts 

Dedicated software development is one of the best approaches to product development a business can take. With a dedicated team, your company can reduce costs while maintaining managerial control with the assurance that your project is the only one being worked on. If you want to learn more about how your business can utilize dedicated software development, reach out to an app development partner.

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