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3 minutes read

Navigating Apple’s New API Declaration Requirements for iOS Apps

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
3 minutes read


Starting May 1, 2024, Apple began implementing new privacy requirements for iOS app submissions. These changes are designed to enhance user privacy by ensuring that specific APIs, especially those that can potentially impact user privacy, are transparent and justified.

Understanding the New Policy

The new guidelines require developers to include a privacy manifest in their submissions detailing using APIs that require justification. This mandate extends to third-party SDKs, consisting of privacy manifests and signatures where necessary.

Impact on Developers

This policy impacts all iOS app developers:

  • Developers need to document how each API is used in their apps and provide a justified reason for each use.
  • Third-party SDKs included in the app must comply with these new privacy standards.

Step-by-Step Compliance Guide

  1. Review API Usage: Identify APIs in your app that require a declared reason for use.
  2. Draft Privacy Manifests: Prepare clear justifications for API usage and compile them into a privacy manifest.
  3. Ensure SDK Compliance: Verify that all third-party SDKs in your app meet the new requirements.
  4. Test Your App: Ensure your app complies with Apple’s privacy standards before submission.
  5. Submit via App Store Connect: Include your privacy manifest when submitting your app or update.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failing to meet Apple’s new API declaration requirements can have several significant impacts on app developers:

  1. App Rejection: Apps that do not comply will be rejected from the App Store. This prevents new users from downloading the app and existing users from receiving updates, potentially leading to a loss of revenue and user engagement.
  2. Reduced Functionality: Non-compliance may force developers to disable certain app features or remove third-party SDKs that are not adequately documented, which can diminish the app’s functionality and user experience.
  3. Damage to Reputation: In an era where digital privacy is a top concern for many users, failure to adhere to privacy standards can tarnish a developer’s reputation. Users may perceive non-compliant apps as less secure, impacting the developer’s brand and trustworthiness.
  4. Increased Scrutiny on Future Submissions: Developers who repeatedly fail to comply may face stricter reviews and longer approval times for future app submissions, complicating new releases and updates.

Need Help?

Complying with these new requirements can be complex, especially for apps with numerous APIs or third-party SDKs. If you need assistance adjusting your app to meet these new standards, Koombea is here to help. We specialize in ensuring apps comply with the latest regulations, offering peace of mind that your app remains on the right side of Apple’s policies.
Contact us at Koombea’s to get started.


Apple’s new API declaration requirements mark a significant move towards greater transparency and user privacy. Apple aims to promote a more secure app ecosystem by requiring developers to document sensitive APIs. Prepare now to ensure your app meets these new standards by May 2024.

For detailed guidelines and further information, developers can refer to the official Apple Developer documentation.

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