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New Google Policy Update: Mandatory Account Deletion Features for Android Apps

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
2 minutes read


With Google’s latest policy update, Android app developers are now required to implement features that allow users to easily delete their accounts. This change aims to enhance user privacy and control over personal data. This blog post will guide you through the new requirements, their implications, and actionable compliance steps.

What is the New Policy?

The new policy mandates that any Android app allowing user account creation must include options for users to delete their accounts within the app and via an external webpage. This ensures that users can manage their accounts even if they no longer have the app installed on their devices.

When Does This Policy Take Effect?

Developers must comply with these requirements by updating their Data Safety Form by December 7, 2023. Google has indicated that apps failing to comply by May 31, 2024, may face significant consequences, including removal from the Google Play Store.

Impact on Developers:

This policy update requires the addition of new functionalities to apps, which might involve significant backend changes, user interface updates, and amendments to privacy policies.

Compliance Steps:

  1. In-App Account Deletion: Implement a direct and user-friendly way for users to delete their accounts within the app.
  2. External Account Deletion: Provide a secure and accessible webpage linked from the app that facilitates account deletion, ensuring user verification to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Update Privacy Policies: Enhance your privacy policies to include comprehensive details on user account deletion and data handling procedures post-deletion.

Non-Compliance Risks:

Apps not compliant by the deadline may be removed from the Google Play Store, drastically affecting your app’s distribution and revenue.

Need Help Implementing These Changes?

At Koombea, we craft seamless digital experiences that comply with the latest regulations. Our team is ready to assist whether you need a straightforward manual solution or a sophisticated automated system. Our expertise can help integrate these new requirements smoothly and efficiently into your app, ensuring you meet Google’s standards and enhance user trust.

Why Koombea?

Koombea has a proven track record in developing and updating apps to meet evolving digital standards. Partnering with us ensures your app complies with new regulations and offers a superior user experience. Reach out today to see how we can turn these new requirements into an opportunity for your app.

For detailed guidelines and further information, developers can refer to the Google Play Developer Policy Center.

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