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App Development
5 minutes read

5 Apps That We Are Proud of at Koombea

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
App Development
5 minutes read

Here at Koombea, we’ve been developing apps for 10 years and have a plethora of them in our portfolio. We pride ourselves in being agile and we deliver apps with streamlined UI/UX so that everything we release to marketplace is loved by consumers. We also have skilled team members who offer quality back end solutions such as DevOps services so that our apps are scalable and that the functionality is maintained.

We pride ourselves in offering a dynamic on-shore team that can give clients the full spectrum of app development and app maintaining services. From business analysts who identify pros and cons of app ideas to DevOps who can keep your app running efficiently—we have you covered.

So that you can get a feel for our work, we’ve put together this post on 5 of our apps that we are proud of. Enjoy! And if you have any questions,  you can contact us or find us on Twitter @Koombea.


Luna is a mobile physical therapist app that connects patients with therapists. Luna takes the pain out of physical therapy by allowing therapists to make their own schedules and gives patients the care they need from the comfort of their own homes.

When Luna was deciding how to disrupt the marketplace when it came to physical therapy, they were going to do a web-based platform via their in house team. But, research showed that to truly be innovative and reach their target consumers, a mobile app was necessary. They decided to leverage GPS functionality since their physical therapists are always on the go and to implement easy scheduling features on the app.

Luna had their choice of app development companies but picked Koombea because they felt Koombea’s team would treat the app as their own product and would do everything in our power to make the app succeed.

And succeed, it did. Thanks to Koombea, Luna is able to leverage a ton of functionality in their app such as:

  •         An intuitive UI
  •         Electronic health record integration
  •         Practice management systems
  •         Real time chat
  •         A 5 star review system
  •         Customized scheduling

Today, Luna is used by thousands of physical therapists and tens of thousands of patients.


FlightLogger offers real-time tracking for worry free traveling. They take the guesswork out of traveling by offering functionality that allows users to search and save upcoming flights, get up to the minute details on flights, arrange timely airport pickups and more. They also make it easy to track a friend of loved one’s flights so that everyone can be in the loop.

FlightLogger won the Indigo Award for great UX and a seamless interface which showcases how much work that Koombea puts into the apps we design and the clutter free interfaces that we value.


Payix is a leading FinTech company that provides collections tools, payment processing resources and business intelligence solutions to U.S lenders and auto dealers. Payix helps their clients connect with borrowers and improves payment collections.

Before partnering with Koombea, Payix found themselves in a complicated relationship with their app development partner. They were finding that their app development partner did a great job in launching the app but was showing signs of strain as the app scaled.

Payix was drawn to Koombea’s experience because of their verifiable years of experience and that Koombea was able to step in and rescue the app quickly.

Prior to using Koombea, Payix found that with their old app development partner, onboarding new clients was a lengthy process. Koombea put agile practices in place that has allowed Payix to scale their app and seamlessly onboard new clients.


With Faveable, users are able to rank products, share them with their friends and get product recommendations from the Faveable platform.

Faveable is a web-based app and connects users with retailers and does this with the latest gadgets, the highest rated products and the coolest gift ideas. Users can “fave products” and create and share lists.

Faveable has over 20 million users and counting which represents how strong Koombea is at developing the back end of an app so that it can scale.


VirtualPBX provides an alternative to the constraints of a business having a landline. They harness the power of a cloud-based solution and a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to place calls, send faxes and listen to voicemails.

With their VOIP plans, VirtualPBX offers 3 different plans that users can choose from that come with 2 free phone numbers for the fraction of the price of a landline, but, with more functionality.

VirtualPBX offers sophisticated business intelligence tools such as reports on call durations and inbound call sources and more—all of which inform business strategy.

Their inbox and mobile app functionality hooks to the cloud and allows users to access their voicemails and manage their accounts from anywhere.

Now that you have a feel for our work, you can learn more about our app development services here and feel free to get in touch!

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