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App Development
5 minutes read

Get Inspired With Our Favorite App and Website Projects

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
5 minutes read

Any new or rebuilt website is going to need some major inspiration before it gets started. Design, user experience, new  technological advances…keeping up with all the best practices and latest technologies takes a lot of work, but you can’t afford to develop a new website without that. Sometimes, the best way to keep up on the best ideas for your site is to check out what the leading development partners have been doing recently. Here’s a quick summary of how Koombea has been providing solutions. 

LINC: LINC is a company that specializes in community development and school transformation, and their LINCSPRING internal system helps them manage their internal operations. Their Learning Management System (LMS) was decently serving their existing client base, yet it was taking a huge toll on their operations team. It was also resulting in a below average user experience (UX) for the current users, restricting their ability to automate some of their simpler processes, which made it almost impossible to take on new clients and expand their business. While LINC was aware of the limitations they had, the off-the-shelf application that LMS ran on wasn’t able to accommodate their needs sufficiently, and their lack of an internal IT team stifled their need to service and scale LMS.

When Koombea stepped in, they worked closely with LINC to assess and diagnose the existing issues. Current solutions on the market didn’t supply the customizable UX LINC wanted to train and educate the teachers and administrators in a flexible way, so the developers at Koombea began re-developing the system according to LINC’s vision. Within months, they were able to present a product that not only allowed them to scale up for new business, but gave them the intuitive UX and expanded features that gave users the ultimate experience they were  looking for. Koombea also stayed on as the IT support team, and with no extra hardware or software to purchase, it saved them significant future costs.

Key Takeaway: Yes, you should include a scalable and flexible component when developing a new app or website, but, as this rescue mission proves, it’s never too late to have a skillful development partner step in and optimize your project to your perfect state. 

Do It Center: This home improvement and hardware retailer was stuck in the crack between their brick-and-mortar stores and their online eCommerce app. Both the website and the app suffered from poor UX and clunky design, and they relied on a third-party service to make any significant changes to their products or pricing; this resulted in their inability to take advantage of flash sales, new inventory, or traditional big buying days like Black Friday. The CIO of Do It Center knew early on that the online presence was subpar, and the ideas he had to drive sales (a subscription service and a gift table for wedding registries) was currently being developed by their largest competitor. They needed a solution, and they needed it fast.

When they started collaborating with Koombea, the urgent need to beat out the competition with those two features was top priority. Within 48 hours, these were both up and running, beating the competition handily. They have incorporated the Shopify eCommerce platform which has helped them run everything on one unified platform, including inventory, accounting, and more. The slick UX and all-inclusive power of the new platform helped Do It Center increase online sales by ten times their previous level.

Key Takeaway: Now more than ever, retailers need to make their physical stores and online presence one and the same. Seamless integration helps both parts of the business thrive and support each other. In addition, the ability to rapidly get an amazing concept live and functioning in a matter of a few days indicates the importance of accepting qualified help when you need it. 

Luna: This is a perfect example of an underserved niche, and how developing the right product that’s scalable and flexible should always be the goal. Luna disrupted the enormous outpatient physical therapy industry by establishing a revolutionary platform where therapists and patients can schedule and manage in-home visits in an on-demand model. They initially wanted a web-based booking system, but, looking forward, they decided a native mobile app would serve the on-the-go therapist lifestyle they were targeting. When they went to find an app development partner, they not only needed a tech-savvy powerhouse, they also needed an agency that understood the complexities of the MedTech world.

Koombea soon came aboard, and together they developed an app with amazing and intuitive UX that served both therapist and patient, slashed unnecessary overhead costs, and had secure data encryption standards for HIPAA and other information security needs. They got the app on the market in three months…but, due to their agile approach and comprehensive testing protocol, it was bug-free and ready to absorb the massive popularity that followed. Forward-thinking project managers and ambitious developer teams have propelled Luna to the forefront of the industry.

Key Takeaway: By teaming with a talented and progressive app development partner from the start, Luna was prepared from the start to handle both explosive growth and the tricky-to-navigate MedTech landscape throughout. 

Virtual PBX: Koombea ideated and developed a cloud-based alternative to land-line based phone systems that helps organize and optimize all incoming communications to any given enterprise. It’s a mobile and flexible application that presents you with an intuitive dashboard that can help create business strategies based on the origin and duration of any inbound communications.

Key Takeaway: Virtual PBX is the first step that young enterprises can take towards adapting to a cloud-based communications system. Easy to understand UX helps ease the onboarding process, while mobile technology cuts the last tether to earthbound communications.

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