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App Development
4 minutes read

Why Your App Needs a DevOps Team

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
App Development
4 minutes read

Here at Koombea, we recently earned our AWS DevOps certification which means we can offer clients even more services than ever before with our DevOps team.  AWS certification demonstrates that our team members with these credentials can design and manage software solutions at a whole new level and this saves our clients time and money. Our Devops team is especially  handy when it comes to maintaining your app and keeping it running efficiently.

Before offering DevOps services, agencies often overlooked app maintenance and code quality. There were a lot of hang-ups and communication hiccups between developers and the ops departments.

With DevOps teams, apps are thoroughly tested through the following environments:

  • Dev environments
  • Test environments
  • QA environments
  • Production environments

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering philosophy that embraces communication and effectiveness between business analysts, project managers and operations team members which result in high quality apps. Having a DevOps team means that new practices are deployed that lessen costs for running apps and simultaneously increases the quality of those apps.

At Koombea, we have a DevOps team available for all of our projects. DevOps builds the infrastructure of apps so that the operations team can release a successful application. They monitor apps throughout the entire process to make sure any product that is launched continues to be successful and agile.

The Devops team reduces the amount of time it takes to get an app to market and oversees a successful release, launch and post-launch. The process and philosophy for the DevOps team is to produce and fix things quicker. They know everything there is to know about app development and security and can even get things scaled quicker.

The Role of The DevOps Team

The members of our DevOps team are busy with all things technical so let’s take a look at a few things they are in charge of:

  • App and/or website release management
  • Automation architecture
  • Software development
  • App and site testing
  • Experience assurance
  • Security engineering
  • In charge of utility technology

What DevOps Means for Koombea Clients

Having a DevOps member on your team for your next project means that apps are thoroughly vetted before they launch and the time to get your app on the market is shorter than before. Saving time means saving money and we pass these savings on to our clients.

If you have an existing app that you need analyzed, our DevOps team can monitor the health and performance of servers, key software infrastructure and applications. They also can inspect and integrate new code to power your app. Our DevOps team focuses on advancing our client’s business and product strategies to create a valuable app that runs smoothly and efficiently.

Example of What Our DevOps Team Can Do: Payix

Payix is a leading FinTech company that provides collections tools, payment processing resources and business intelligence solutions to US lenders and auto dealers.

Before coming to Koombea, Payix was paying a third-party development firm. With this third-party firm, Payix was experiencing a poor quality of work and issue resolution responsiveness had declined drastically. This impacted Payix’s ability to achieve strategic goals and keep their clients happy.

Luckily, Koombea was able to step in and rescue the project. Within hours of Payix’s relationship with Koombea, the DevOps team was able to and avoided disrupting business operations

Final Thoughts

Having a DevOps team on your app gives you the benefit of releasing and maintaining a great app at a reasonable price. Apps can now be released in a timely manner and bottlenecks between departments disappear with the adaptation of DevOps and apps can be maintained efficiently.

Are you ready to have Koombea’s DevOps team join the develop and deployment of your app? Contact us today to see how we can work together.

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