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What Is Node.js?

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Modern web development got a great tool back in 2009 when Node.js was initially released. Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is primarily used for server-side scripting and developing web applications. This tool is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, which makes building fast, scalable network applications easy.

Web applications that are built with Node.js are written in the programming language JavaScript. Since Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment, it functions well on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Our team of developers chooses Node.js for web application development for a number of different reasons. Here are a few of the main reasons we like using Node.js:

Node.js is a valuable web development tool because it is so powerful, free to use, and functions well across many different platforms. A custom-built web application could be a huge benefit for your organization and allow you to connect with your customers like never before. Node.js can help simplify the development process and create powerful web applications.

The Benefits of Node.js

Besides being open-source and cross-platform, which are two major benefits for any development technology, Node.js has a number of benefits that make it popular with web developers all over the world.

At Koombea, our web development team finds that these benefits greatly aid the development of stunning web applications:

Non-Blocking NodeJS


Modern app development relies heavily on APIs (Application Programming Interface) in order to deliver high-quality services and features to users. Node.js uses asynchronous APIs, also known as non-blocking.

When an API is called in a Node.js server, the server doesn’t wait for a response from the API before moving on to the next one. An easy way to visualize this is to think of a single file line. Synchronous APIs need to wait their turn, one after another, call and response before the server moves on. Non-blocking APIs don’t have to wait for a response which increases the performance capacity of the server.



Buffered data can cause a poor User Experience in your web application. One of the major upsides of using Node.js is that it never buffers data. Instead of buffering data, web applications built with Node.js release data in chunks.

Fast web applications with no buffering help retain users through a great User Experience. Our team takes great pride in delivering our partners web applications that provide users with a stunning User Experience and run fast. Node.js makes that mission easier since it doesn’t have to buffer data.

Node Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

At Koombea, we love scalability because we understand that needs can change, sometimes quite rapidly. Node.js is highly scalable, which makes it a great web development tool to use when building web applications.

The scalability of Node.js can be attributed to the single-threaded model with event looping it employs. Traditional web servers create a limited amount of threads to handle requests. Node.js has a single thread that allows it to handle a larger number of requests than a server like Apache HTTP.

Scalability is one of the most important things that businesses that are looking to grow need to consider. Node.js makes scaling vertically and horizontally as simple as adding new nodes and resources.

Speed NodeJS


Modern users expect and want speed out of all their applications. Node.js is built on one of the Internet's fastest engines, Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. When it comes to code execution, the Node.js library is extremely fast, and this helps web developers create powerful, useful web applications using Node.js.

Is Node.js Right for Your Next Project?

Node.js is very popular with web developers, but that doesn’t mean that Node.js is the right choice for your development project. We understand that there are a lot of choices when it comes to web development. At Koombea, we strive to help our partners understand what technologies are available and which ones are best suited for their business and project.

Node.js is best suited for a number of different development projects, including applications that need to stream data, real-time applications, single-page apps, JSON API-based applications, and I/O bound applications.

When you choose to partner with Koombea for your development project, you get a whole lot more than an experienced team of developers. You get a partner who takes a vested interest in your business, industry, concerns, and needs. We firmly believe that in order to create great technology solutions for our partners, we need to fully understand the things that inspire and drive them.

Contact our team today to speak with an experienced web developer about your application or idea. We are excited to learn more about your idea and your business.

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