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NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT marketplace development services can help your business take advantage of rising consumer interest in NFTs and position your business for the future. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have captured consumer interest and have generated billions of dollars in revenue. Yet, the NFT market has not hit its peak. Interest in NFTs is still growing as more major brands and artists participate in NFT development. Now is the time to partner with an NFT marketplace development company.

NFTs are often associated with digital collectibles, but there are many other practical use cases for them, including licensing and real-world asset management. If you want to build your own NFT marketplace, Koombea can help you build a robust NFT platform. Non-fungible tokens represent the bright future of blockchain asset management.

Build an NFT marketplace platform while the competition is manageable, and be a first-mover in your industry. Koombea can help you create an NFT marketplace that enhances your brand and delights users. Our development team takes a holistic approach to software development. We take the time to understand your business, industry, customers, and goals to deliver a world-class digital product that meets your organization’s needs.

NFT Marketplace Development Ideas

NFT marketplaces are often associated with digital art or collectibles. However, there are several other types of NFT marketplace that your business could decide to develop. NFTs are being used to tokenize a wide range of different assets. Like any other online marketplace, choosing the right niche for your NFT marketplace will be critical for your long-term success. Here are some NFT marketplace ideas to consider beyond digital art:


Software Licenses

Software licensing is an obvious application for NFTs. It is simple, secure, and software purchasers don’t have to hold onto a lengthy key code and enter it on all of their devices. In terms of an NFT marketplace, this could be a profitable option for businesses that already sell software. Not only does tokenizing software keys make things easier for consumers and businesses, but it also makes piracy more difficult and ensures that software developers are paid for their work.


In-Game Items

One of the most popular types of NFT besides digital art is in-game items. Several NFT marketplaces sell collectible items that can be used in popular video games. Despite a higher level of competition, the popularity of these NFTs gives your business more opportunities to find a specific niche. For example, your marketplace could be aimed at one or two specific video games.

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Content Subscription

Consumers are willing to pay a premium for unique, exclusive content. Creating an NFT marketplace that sells subscriptions to premium content is a great idea. Content creators tokenize their content and sell it to interested buyers. The major challenge in creating a content subscription marketplace is finding creators to populate the platform and attract buyers. However, if your business can confidently recruit creators or generate great content, this is a great NFT marketplace opportunity.


Asset Trading

When people think of digital assets, cryptocurrency quickly comes to mind. However, unlike other assets, there is not an easy way to trade or transfer ownership of a portfolio of digital currencies and assets. NFTs allow people to tokenize their entire portfolio or specific groups of assets. Your business could create an NFT marketplace that allows people to sell their asset groups to others. An NFT platform like this would give buyers and sellers more trading capabilities than are currently offered by other decentralized finance options.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

NFT marketplace development is an emerging service for many development companies. At Koombea, our skilled developers and designers regularly keep up with the latest innovations and industry trends to deliver world-class service to our partners. When it comes to building an NFT marketplace, our team can offer the following:

NFT Marketplace Development

Is your business ready to enter the booming NFT market? NFT marketplace development offers a great way to participate in NFTs without creating NFTs of your own. The development and design teams at Koombea can help your business create an NFT marketplace that looks great and performs at a high level. We take a holistic approach to NFT marketplace development to ensure the product we create fits your business operations and helps you meet your goals.

Shopify Plus NFT Marketplaces

Shopify recently announced that it would allow Shopify Plus members to sell NFTs. Koombea is an experienced Shopify Plus Partner. We have worked extensively on Shopify, and we are excited to merge our NFT marketplace development service with our experience on Shopify. If you want to create a comprehensive NFT marketplace that is easy to manage and looks great, Shopify is a great option for your business.

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NFT Smart Contracts Audit

Coded smart contracts power NFT development. If you want to ensure that your NFT’s underlying code is sound, you should have the code audited by an experienced team of developers. Smart contract audits carefully test the code to find bugs and other vulnerabilities. At Koombea, we take code quality and security seriously. If there are any issues in the code of your smart contracts, our team can help you find them before they become a problem for your business.

NFT Marketplace Support and Maintenance

NFT marketplaces, like all software, require ongoing support and maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly. Koombea can offer your business valuable ongoing support services that will help you manage third-party updates, new operating system releases, and more.

Our team can also monitor your NFT marketplace to ensure that its nodes are always running smoothly. If your NFT marketplace development project is successful, support and maintenance will be the largest portion of its life cycle. So make sure you have the support you need to ensure continued success for years to come.

Some of the Brands that Trust Us

About Koombea

We have been designing and developing world-class websites and apps since 2007. We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team has been recognized as an industry leader and top software development and design company. While we are new to NFT marketplace development like everyone else in the industry, our team has an extensive eCommerce background, and we have been recognized as a Shopify Plus Partner.

If you want to discuss your idea for an NFT marketplace with an experienced developer, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. We would love to learn more about your project and walk you through our NFT development services. We are also happy to elaborate on our budding NFT marketplace development services and related app development offerings.